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  1. WTS Rare sickle 37ql for 9s on Cadence. PM Shatality. UPD. Sold. Please, close topic.
  2. 3121, 3568 Cheeky-Breeky Town
  3. Hello. The most constructive comment in this topic from Javascript. He explains everything.
  4. I confirm the words of this author.
  5. Hello, Wurm Online team! I write it message behalf of a Russian language community. I want to thank you for creating Russian help channel on chat. But we faced a problem. Many members of Russian community want to communicate on distracted topics that are not related to the Wurm in game chat. But we are bound by the limitations of chat rules - "Only help and looking for group". Given the above, could you consider the chat mode and allow discussion of topics not directly related to the game in the indicated channel? We hope for understanding. Respectfully, Russian player of Wurm Online - Shatality.