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  1. Disclaimer: This is not an auction, you can drop an offer in a reply, but each will be considered separately. Selling a full set of custom colored scale armor (Green, Red, White, Black or Blue) imped to 90 quality. Offers can be in gold/silver, or a combination of funds and other likewise valuable items. Either send me a forum PM, or alternatively to discuss you can contact Mirowen or Grizwaldo in game.
  2. As my edit says, yes this is not a end all solution. The system itself needs changing at some point. But for now we have to work within the system we have. This makes things better both for public, and private without the major overhaul and complete change of concept that would be needed to "Fix" uniques. Just because you can't make a bad situation perfect doesn't mean that you should shrug your shoulders and just give up on making it better. Yes, you would probably have more private slayings and that too is a good thing. Why? Because people who actually want a set of scale or hide should be out there hunting uniques. But they don't and do you want to know why? Why on earth would anyone who actually wants a scale or hide set go out and spend hours upon hours day after day actually going out to hunt uniques when they are just going to either be crushed by guilt doing it privately, or do it publicly and end up paying multiple gold to get the same amount they could have done privately. So we end up with the same 10 people across two separate groups out hunting uniques, and the public dragons/drakes are the ones that happen to be found mostly by luck, by folks outside of those organizations. If those two groups were more active and their entire group actually hunted vigilantly, there would be far less dragons and drakes made public. Furthermore, those slayings that saw record numbers of players (Including one at near 600) were slayings where the blood had never been available before. The scale and hide do incentivize more people to attend, but not quite as many as you might think, with many of the extra count being additional alts. The usefulness of certain bloods is extremely limited. A troll king will be half the population of a goblin leader for example. Half of the already low number of humanoid uniques just happen to have blood that isn't as desired.
  3. For my background on this, I'm the tank for the (what I believe) most successful private hunting/slaying team on NFI, I realize things are a bit different at the moment on SFI generally. I also suspect unique changes to come eventually, maybe even with exploration update. But just in case nothing is yet planned, here is an idea that I believe benefits both the private slayers, and the public. ------------------------------------------- I've been thinking about this quite a bit for the last year or so. The current system we have always makes it so slaying a dragon or drake privately is beneficial to the finder, while humanoid uniques are always public. No one really -needs- scale or hide on pve, though it certainly is nice to have. However that blood, while also not necessary is generally far more useful to all players. Quite a good deal of drakes/dragons being privately slain reduces the amount of these bloods available to players quite a bit, even in some cases making it nearly unavailable (looking at you 1+ years till a red was done publicly) But what if we could have the best of both worlds? The situation is actually quite easy to fix, and the method already exists in game. Permissions. A permission could be added to deeds to allow for "Slayers". The people given this permission by the deed owner would be able to attack the unique, and would share in the scale/hide split, additionally there would be a cooldown time to turning this off, similar to disbanding a deed. Everyone present in local would still receive blood just as before. This changes the dynamic. Now there is no reason for a "Private" slay as it stands. Everyone can come and get blood, and if you are going to do a true "Public" slaying, you allow everyone from freedom isles the "Slayer" permission. If you are going to do it "privately", you simply add the people individually. This also largely alleviates the need for GM's to be called to deal with interlopers in private slayings, wasting everyones time. Why are only people given the slayer tag permission to attack? This is to prevent someone from making a "Public" slaying, and reaping the entire reward themselves through tricking everyone. If they want to do it privately, they still need to get enough friends, allies or hired help together to kill it. Unless you can actually solo a dragon or drake. In which case, go for it. Why the cooldown timer for turning this permission off? For the same reason as above. It would be entirely too easy for someone to turn off the status in the last few % of a uniques health and finish it off with 2-3 folks after having the public do the work. I'm not entirely sure its possible to easily do this, but if it is, this would be the safest. What if the unique runs off deed? Well that's your fault isn't it. But ideally this can be fixed by the slayers not being incompetent. Usage of a strong fence can slow it briefly, and pushing the deed size over its leash spot will solve the problem largely. Edit: Also, this isn't meant as "the solution". The current system needs a total rework, but this is a solution to the current systems largest weakness.
  4. To answer your question Zander, Uniques tunnel like players when trapped, searching for a way out. You aren't allowed to break them out directly, but there have been cases, even on NFI where someone facilitates the unique escaping on its own. It is then free game. You could also have the situation where the unique pen is not secure, it is at risk of breaking out on its own just as a nature of the area (lots of tunnels, etc). If it breaks out on its own, it is again free game. Maybe the folks around if you declared a week in advance will honor your claim, but maybe not.
  5. Yep. Though my post was inside sniper protection. So technically a few minutes left.
  6. QL Doesn't matter. Contact me here, or in game as Mirowen.
  7. Character is named Mirowen as well.