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  1. I sent a support and right away a mod appeared! Thank you Astarte! Other games you should have to wait for days in Wurm just a couple of secounds! You made my day, thanks!!
  2. Thank you both for the fast response will try them all!
  3. Hello all, when my game crashed my character died while riding a large cart. I logged back on immediately and went back to the spot. There I couldn't find my body. I'm on Xanadu btw, lost all my stuff.. Does someone have some tips to maybe retrieve my stuff or is this lost for ever? So sad.. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hey all, sorry for the absence the last couple off months had some real life ###### to deal with. Am I still welcome back to the acadamy?
  5. 783,5396 : Old Amsterdam Thank you very much!
  6. Why not start one for Xanadu yourself? Sounds like a fun project
  7. I use some items, like mushrooms and fruits, as decoration. On tables and bookcases for example. But every 2 days or so I have to replace them because they are decraded. Now maybe this would be a fun idea for some other players too. The abbility to put tar on an item to give it a longer lifespan, but after that its not edible anymore. That way we can use the item as decoration. It could even be made into a skill like something like taxadermy where in later level you can make animals into decorative pieces. Just an idea but could be fun! Thanks for reading and have a nice day.
  8. Hey all, As the title says I'm looking for a wagon on Xanadu (Located in The Lunar Academy) plus delivery, cause I don't have a boat yet. I love a darker colored wagon, but any color will do for me. If you have one for sale let me know the details of the wagon and how mutch you want for the wagon and the delivery. Thanks in advance and have a nice day!
  9. I started playing on the Steam release but I was lost and the Steam community wasn't friendly at all.. Couldn't find a nice place to settle so I quit playing after a week or so. I returned because I red so many nice things about the community. Decided to try out one of the old servers and thats how I was welcomed by the veteran players. Best community ever!! (Well on the old servers, not the new ones.) Now I can't leave I just can't!
  10. Wemp?

    Thanks Tristanc for the clarification! My apologies if I said something wrong, this wasn't what I was trying to do. Like Amata said I had a vague idea why it was but I had no idea the rating of a game went so deep. Now I totally understand, so thanks again!
  11. Wemp?

    Dear Wurmians , I was getting into farming this night and when I started a couple of days ago and started growing wemp I had no idea it was actually hemp. What is the reason for that namechange cause they even look like hemp plants? Sorry for the random question but I was curious.
  12. Haha I know the feeling^^ I'm asking around in the village so I can try it out.
  13. Xanadu marketplace?

    Will check them out, thank you!
  14. Xanadu marketplace?

    Is there still an active marketplace on Xanadu? I was asking around but no one seems to know. Thanks in advance!
  15. Thank you for the answer! Using big planters are you able to see them? Can this be done inside? Sorry for the newbie questions.
  16. Dear Wurmians, this is maybe a stupid question but I'm new to the game so I still have to learn alot. I love the look of the mushrooms in game. Now I want to use them as decoration but they keep degrading and then they are gone. Is there a way to stop them from degrading? Thanks in advance!
  17. I'm a new player and love to play on the old server (Xanadu). It's a more mature population, but I hope more new players will come and populate the old servers.
  18. Been in the academy for a couple of months now. It's so calm and beautifull! I would love a little more activity. I mostly play at night Maybe CU soon!
  19. Lunalong 2020

    Kinda new to Wurm, but looking forward to my first Lunalong!
  20. Hey hey, I tried contacting all three but without any succes. Just new in Xanadu, in the game in general.