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  1. Bring your FO priests to O19 for the grand opening of the Dunvegan Cathedral. The grand opening starts at 5 pm central time Hope to see ya!
  2. Hit me up in game Ruaridh is the name. We have a small regional alliance but with good people!
  3. Everyone is welcome. It’s a good place to meet new folks and help Melody grow to be even better!
  4. Good deal. And I’ll take any graduates that want to try village life
  5. Hi berms. While not in cadence I have a village on melody that is starting to grow. Have boat for pickups. If you want to know more, pm me in game. Ruaridh in melody
  6. Dunvegan is [1251, 1293]
  7. Dunvegan location O18-19. Edited to correct
  8. Are you tired of being alone? Are you tired of struggling to make it? Just the thought of going out and getting eaten by a troll again makes you sick doesn't it. Let me tell you a little bit about Dunvegan. We are a quiet little village, nestled in the mountains. We chose to keep our natural beauty rather then have our land look like a paved parking lot. Here, let me show you some pictures. And a few more here: Thats just a taste of what we have. Heck..we even have our own castle. Look and see! We also have access to the sea! We have every resource available you need... In fact ...the only thing you! Housing is available. PM me in game. Ruaridh is the name. Located at O19 and expands out from there.
  9. Kilts!!! and clothing options. Musical instruments maybe.
  10. Bump because we want kilts!!! and more clothing options!!!!!!!
  11. Hey wolfish. If you want to try Melody, Dunvegan would love to have you. We are very new player friendly and have a very large land holdings. We are working to have a Scottish/Celtic/Norse slant. If that interests you send me a message
  12. I would love to see my yellow Macleod!
  13. Looking for members for our mountain stronghold. With 3500 tiles we have plenty of space to grow and with a Celtic/Nordic flavor, plenty of interesting gameplay. See our current recruitment ad for pics and descriptions. Check it out!