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  1. Trolling

    I know ignore is useful thanks for the feedback everyone
  2. Trolling

    I suppose it is easier to rely on the players to try to sweep it under the rug than make sure your have chat rooms that only allow healthy interaction. It will not have a good overall effect on your game where people have to constantly ignore well known trolls that prey on whoever they like without repercussion. Thanks for the "help" the moderation reputation among Wurmians whispers proves to be true. There is no worse way to grief in this game besides maybe deeding resources and even then you have to literally pay. If what was done to Holydragon is not enough to take action then it is impossible to get banned unless you flood chat with hate speech in this game or hack from what I am seeing as a new player, it's not my call though but with normal moral concept anyone can see this is and was wrong.
  3. Trolling

    A ) You may not post to purposely disrupt chat in any way or by using such actions as excessive trolling or derailing. - Excessive is defined as more than one instance in a short period of time, or in such a way to be annoying to most players. The subject of his message was to recruit and help. Players with names mocking his and others would immediately say NO and try to derail his topic or belittle his efforts to helps. This is ok? B ) You may not post with the sole intent of upsetting other players or staff, or to cause unrest. What they said had nothing to do with helping only to TARGET HIM it upset that they tried to stop him from recruit that he quit after helping dozens of people start playing and PAYING for this game myself included and more or less made experiences this game couldn't have offered without his welcoming heart. He would be PM'd replied to on his ads badly and was followed in game extensively. None of his harassers and trolls were banned or muted. I could dissect how the exact situation I explained regarding a former player, mayor and friend parallels every single thing in your Wurm Online rules that has to do with trolling, harassments and more but you as a moderator should not have to ask me what about this situation is wrong I would hope, if you just wanted to see my perspective of how this bad situation is bad I can continue.
  4. Trolling

    My question is on trolling to seek further clarification after reading the link you provided about Wurm's Online Rules. Holydragon was ridiculed for trying to recruit daily, whenever he talked people with intentional troll names such as Holyjuicebox and others would immedately seek to stifle him by saying no to his offerings to help new players at his village. In Wurm's place of business is it okay to make mocking names and provoke people soon as they speak? If it's not ok to do that at Code Club AB since these people were never muted and allowed immunity is your website definiton of trolling and conduct in Wurm out of date or is that acceptable for people to troll others until they quit? My friend is gone from this game because players turned the game into a nightmare. Those players were reported and this behavior was still supported. Please tell me how that is acceptable for someone to do that to another person at Code Club AB? If this is not the proper place to place this question apologies and will move it if give a link to the proper place
  5. Remember he also said he wanted this as an additional function to pick not making it the default. They'd have to agree to the fact that the owner of this deed they are becoming a citizen of has full access to the containers and what have you on it so it's not like you wouldn't know beforehand.
  6. Having the option to do this would be so nice, if it's a relatively easy feature to add I think everyone would be glad to see more customizable and interactable content in Wurm when some of the coolest features have been stripped due to imbalance. I can't imagine a downside of adding this function that helps your paying players.