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  1. Hey there. Id like to attend this however I might be just getting home from work as its starting, any chance on a summon from one of the attendees would be appreciated. will pay 1s for the trouble. Many thanks Oct
  2. Buskes Cove has a kitchen that gets regularly stocked and a few farm fields. We have also some Fo worshipers wanting to start sermons soon. We are at E19 and findable on highway. I am also working on Beverages so if you want I can help you setup a coffee farm to work towards it.
  3. hmu Octetsefune#8117 on discord. send me the base print of your village on DP and il have a poke
  4. Taxi is available on WU with mods so its doable for sure, im not sure on the backend coding for it but if a mod can be made its probably not extremely difficult. But as well it would be nice to be able to utilise the other insect. There is already graphic in place for butterflies, fire flies. even birds. if its there in the world visible we should be able to interact with it :)
  5. that looks suspiciously like a higher definition of someone's deed
  6. I have an idea kind of group inspired. Ento :- introduction to more insects than bees and the ability to keep them in terrariums/hives etc. with the added produce of larvae and other by products like beeswax for instance to make candles, use as fishing bait. beetles etc for another source of cochineal. collection of different insects for use to catch different fish etc. for instance grass hopers, butterflt which would be a better influence on blooming crop germination (increase in yield at the cost of some ql) with the existing bees (increase in ql at the cost of yield) crickets/grass hoppers (decrease in yield and ql for a spawn of larvae usable in fishing) Beetles (attack on sweet crops medium cost on yield but produce cochineal) buildable insect enclosures that act similar to the beehives in that they can help with certain crop growth. Taxidermy. Its already done in WU but it would be cool to taxiderm the insects for display along with certain creatures like ones from slaying. its a nice prestigious display to have a dragon stuffed and mounted on your tavern roof. it would also be cool to have displayable taxidermised insects. along with preservation of things that you want to keep. for instance that one rare item youve made and kept but you dont want to lose or sell it. you could preserve it (in beeswax) for all time. obviously you wont be able to use it ever again thereafter because its now too slippy from the beeswax. But the collectors and archivists out there can love their items forever. Cheers for reading ❤️
  7. I suggest a snack stand with noodle burgers. 🤣 Bump
  8. i will bring my alt across when rift is done
  9. +4 at least with my fellow deed folk. thanks for posting this
  10. Hey, The Canal to the Dvergfjall mountains is complete, as is a preliminary road to be catseyed for a highway to the Small Steppes Alliance area and beyond, I will plot the Highway accurately then send that later. Canal is as follows It can fit a knarr and will be dig deeper and wider. From 3517, 1478 To 3517, 1572 Kind regards,
  11. thanks Bakhita, sorry didnt realise id posted it elsewhere