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  1. Aha, thanks for clearing that up for me! I had no clue - and first assumed one of the citizens let him in (but learned they had not). The troll sure wasn't happy about being in there, so maybe next time he will think twice about where he spawns (grin)!
  2. I have a fully enclosed 4x3 pen made out of chain fence with a LOCKED iron gate. The entire pen is on deed - none of it is on perimeter or off-deed. This morning, I found a venerable troll walking around in the pen and checked to see if the gate was still locked (it was) and checked to make sure no parts of the fence was broken (none were). He went into combat stance when I got close to the pen, but he couldn't get out until I unlocked the gate. Just curious how this could have happened. Is it possible he could have spawned in there?
  3. Not sure it's possible, but perhaps it could be integrated with the community maps (maybe those who want their deeds to be on the registry shows up like a symbol on the map). Was just thinking that I've seen so many deeds in decay, so someone would need to keep the list up to date. The fewer places to maintain active deeds that may help. But either way, it's a good idea since it encourages folks to get out and travel.
  4. Thanks Wulfrock - I enjoyed it. You have a nice calming voice, which is great for a streamer. I look forward to watching your further adventures! 🙂
  5. Indeed, fun to watch! The comments are entertaining as well (happy to see some of the active players contributing to them). Couldn't help wanting to correct him throughout the video, but realize that his perception is the reality for a brand-new player who doesn't know you can simply bring up the crafting window, etc. Don't think the Steam achievement percentages are relaying the full truth (ex. many folks just quit the tutorial without actually leaving the game itself), but I can see how they could be interpreted that way. Either way, I bet it brings a few new folks in to at least try it...
  6. Hi - if possible, please send the following COD to Cynara: 4 Thorn wood shafts 2 Grape wood shafts 2 Thorn wood pegs 2 Thorn wood tenons 42 Mountain Lion fragments (if you have more at this posting, will take 46 (smile))
  7. Hello! If possible, I would like the following sent COD to Cynara. Dredge: QL 90 BOTD 102 - 7s 50c Dredge: QL 70 BOTD 91 - 2s 30c Thanks!
  8. Received, and they are awesome! Thank you Sinnjinn!
  9. Hello Sinnjinn - I would like to repeat an order you fill for me earlier (late Christmas present for a couple of Alliance members). If possible, I would also like to have TWO 90+ QL silver staves w/ LT+NIM+COC@90+ & MS@80+ along with monster demise. If this is possible, please COD both to Cynara Thanks so much!
  10. Hooray - so glad to hear this, and perfect timing!