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  1. 80ql set please with a basinet helm Greatly appreciated! 10/10 would buy from again!
  2. Sniper Rule in effect. 1 hour. Starting Bid: 10s Minimum increments: 50c Good luck!
  3. Starting bid at 50s 1 hour snipe rule 24 hours.... 10:10 GMT +2 November 4th ending time. Screenshot here
  4. For the community, not for personal gain in my defence.
  5. I have no idea what you're talking about. I have not posted or even looked at D's merchant page. That is not my responsibility.
  6. Take a REALLY good guess to why that is.....I'll give you a few minutes.
  7. Naw. Mostly just to see that he was in it just for the sleep bonus. The way he was acting. He could have just got someone else to cast and him as a battery and he would have gotten a free 5 hours since that is what he was hungry for. Too many risks for that deal to go down. Why I stopped it y when I thought about it. I was too busy trying to figure out how to get through the "wall". What threats? You mean opinions and pretty well assumed facts that we all know happen in Wurm. Reputation of merchants gets spread by word of mouth just like in RL. Ever heard of Yelp reviews for RL restaurants? Should have one for Wurmians in general.
  8. Oh he had every right to cast. We are not arguing that. "Judge someone on the content on their character" - Martin Luther King Jr. And now we are discussing with the same rights as you as community members. People can also "Judge myself on the content of my own character" if they wish. And judge, we are doing.
  9. Thanks for the info. But I don't want people to be drowned in SB that is already hard to burn. If it is sniped, then oh well. Planning on spending the today and tomorrow with the wife anyway. Was SUPPOSED to come back Sunday to do the RoS on Cadence like I was trying to plan. But of course that fell through Thought Monday would have been good given the weekend and people having time to burn that SB.
  10. Being rude to a chunk of a population that is more than 90% positive to planned community events will leave an everlasting scar on his sales/shop. He will forever be known as "THAT" guy. He made his choice when that casting timer went down to 0. And we have to live with it either way. His market/shop will fall under because of his new reputation as "THAT" guy. The rest of us merchants will get some benefit from it. Not in the form of SB, but silver
  11. To each their own. When does one person who already had the journal entry and just wanted SB get to dictate the work of something on the forums planned. And that a server worked forward. If he did all the praying, all the saccing, and all the sermons....Then I wouldn't have a problem with it. Trust me, more people are NOT happy with the sudden SB. You can see more people complaining that they have so much to burn in such little time now. The server worked for the SB, not just him because all of a sudden he didn't have any.
  12. This was the outcome of our conversation screenshot If he casts, he casts and there is nothing we can do about it. If he doesn't, hats off to him for reconsidering. But if it is casted early, you know why.
  13. Having a word with him now in-game
  14. Got your name written down Pokter I am EU based as well. But we will see the timing for everyone and hopefully average it out.
  15. Hoping it doesn't get sniped. By making the forum post, it would be something planned by the community. Therefore the person sniping would be highly looked down upon by the community. With the new system in place we don't know when the next will be. And this is the perfect chance to get people into the battery to get it for their journal entry. But RoC and RoS are for 2 diff deities as well. Not everyone has one for each religion.