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  1. 5 Speed Hellhorse - 80 Trait Points Winning bid will get delivery of this fine hellhorse to any southern freedom isles server. Starting bid: 10 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: No Buyout: 75s Sniper Protection: None Private Bids: Accepted
  2. I wish I could have my alts manage my merchants. ie. add new items, take money off, etc. Setup similar to giving them access to anything else.
  3. Hooray for me! Will send to Fkaz please.
  4. Please add Fort Pitt (at Guard Tower) at 11x/12x and 7y. Please add Lonesome Dove (at Guard Tower) 10x/11x and 8y.
  5. Remove the added clicks where I can only move inventory amount when moving from a crate or BSB into a smelter (and like actions). Seriously, it is wearing out a keyboard and mouse and should not be required. I am able to move all items or a set amount when moving from inventory or a cart into a crate or bsb, why do i have to play the as much as I can carry, enter, click, move, enter, click, move, enter game? It's painful!
  6. Yes I do, please contact me in game before coming though if you need creature cages. They sell quickly (I sell 50ql for 35c).
  7. There are 99 pens full of animals to meet your needs and wants! Current Inventory can be found here: ( All animals are available within self-service locked pens and can be purchased and picked up at any time. The merchants in the middle of the deed sell the keys to the pens next to them. Champion dogs and deer require taming Dogs can be tamed with any meat Deer can be tamed with mixed grass Large Buffalo do not require taming Speed traits should be desired for animals you will ride. Draft traits should be desired for animals that will lead wagons and carts. Output traits should be desired for sheep and cattle. Ebony black horses and Molten hell horses have a speed bonus. Bison have a speed bonus when hitched to a wagon. This deed has load/unload permissions, so feel free to drop your creature cages on deed. Any issues, please contact Fkaz or Theshovel in game Traveling to Lonesome Dove We are located on the Southern shore of D10 using the in game map or 10x and 7y when using Albia maps
  8. Allow pegs to be made from wood scraps.
  9. I would like to buy tile per creature ratio credits similar to the way a company can buy emission credits in the U.S. Let me pay for additional tiles to increase this score without having to actually get more tiles.