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  1. Bump as all pending orders fulfilled and accepting new orders
  2. Melody and Cadence are down. Supposedly Golden Valley is having issues and the Devs are aware.
  3. Melody is down too. Supposedly Golden Valley is having issues and the Devs are aware.
  4. Rose Respite Shipwright Rose Respite Shipwright located at E9/E10 Melody offers a wide range of nautical craft. Rowboat (3 in stock, taking orders) Time to build is 1-2 hours 2 Cedarwood 1 Cherrywood 2s Delivered 1s Pickup Sailboat (2 in stock, taking orders) Time to build is 4-5 hours 2 Cedarwood 5s Delivered 4s Pickup Corbita (2 in stock, taking orders) Time to build is 2-3 days 1 Lavenderwood 1 Lingonberry 10s Delivered 8s Pickup Cog (1 in stock, taking orders) Time to build is 5-7 days 1 Cedarwood 14s Delivered 12s Pickup Knarr (0 in stock, taking orders) Time to build is 8-12 days 1 in progress 30s Delivered 28s Pickup Caravel (0 in stock, taking orders) Time to build is 14-16 days 36s Delivered 34s Pickup There is currently 0 order(s) in progress, with 0 pending. Overland transport/delivery is possible for an extra fee Please contact Opaveus to see if coverage is provided in your area Accessories Creature Cage 75c Blacksmithing Services BotD (WoA + CoC equivalent) Enchanted Tools Pickaxe head, iron BotD 50 75c Pickaxe head, iron BotD 45 70c Rake head, iron BotD 55 75c Imp service up to 50ql for Blacksmithing, 40ql for Armor, 35ql for Blades and Weapons Archaeology 1 Raspberrywood Tenon 2 Blueberrywood Tenon 8 Thornwood Peg 1 Applewood Peg 1 Camelliawood Peg 1 Raspberrywood Branch 1 Camelliawood Branch Other Services Clay For special orders, Shipbuilding, and Other Services, Contact Opaveus in-game or leave a post below with details and I will get back to you as soon as possible For Blacksmithing items and services, contact Gorgoth in-game or leave a post below with details. For Archaeology items, contact Opaveus in-game or leave a post below with details.
  5. Hello fellow homesteader, Are you tired from the road? Tired of fighting off the monsters of the land alone? Have your spirit templars quit because of the hazardous duty? Or do you need a place to stay and learn from others? Trying to save up for that nice little patch to call your own? Rose Respite Shipwright is needing your help! We are currently looking for all roles yet you are free to choose your own path. If you already have a chosen path in mind or want a profession to strive towards to help even more, we currently need Masons, Fine Carpenters, Laborers, Leatherworkers, Sculptors, Potters, Foragers, or Farmers. About Us I started this deed as a solo player. After a little while, two new players set up a homestead near me. I could tell they needed some help and so I invited them to join my village. Together we have grown as friends and I have expanded my deed from a simple 10x11 (110 tiles) to a 43x40 (1720 tiles) deed. We are a fairly active village with 5 members and there is normally at least one player on with only a few hour gaps. We are respectful, and enjoy helping others to learn this awesome game. We are located at E9/E10 on the Northwest Coast of Melody. You are welcome to come by and check out the deed and visit with the locals. What is in it for you? As mayor, I ask that you help your fellow citizens and allies if they need help. Any money you make is yours to keep, but I ask that you chip in to the deed upkeep or give a fellow citizen a fair payment for his work if it is above the normal day to day request. I also provide you with a free apartment that is either a 2x2 or a 3x2 space with great views that you are free to decorate any way you please. The apartments are first come, first choice but the choices won't let you down. The Amenities A large coastal deed with central guard tower and 2 spirit templars with another guard tower nearby, easy access to a Trader, Merchant, Wagoner (future), Enchanted Mailbox, Community Ships, Public Mine with room to expand, Well, 2 Clay pits, and a Tar pit. We also have community carts, rowboats, and sailboats available to accommodate your trade craft. Mountains and Dense Forest with Linden, Fir, Chestnut, Pine and Linden. Maple, Oak, and Cedar scattered around the premises provide enough lumber for most crafts. There are nearby areas of untamed wilds still ready to be explored by hunters and adventure seekers. Being on the Northwest coast makes traveling to other servers a breeze as we reside about 5-10 minutes from both the West and Northern server borders allowing for quick access for both residents and customers. Sit on the beach, fish from the docks, or take a leisurely stroll along a paved mountain path (*no guarantees on safety ) Active Projects Because of starting as a solo deed, I am a little behind but we are quickly catching up. I have received a beautiful set of deed plans back from the architect and I have just finished acquiring a large amount of the materials needed to build. The deed will have a public kitchen\tavern, workshop, large docks and shipyard, and provided player housing. A lighthouse has also been added to the deed With just the few of us, it is difficult to work on these major projects while trying to coordinate trades and fulfill ship orders in order to make money to fill the coffers and pay the man. But don't worry about the deed as it is well paid for. If you are in the market for a ship, please check out my merchant ad below: The Player Housing building is complete. I am now working on the Kitchen/Tavern and the Workshop. Below is the proposed deed plan. The current deed as of November 1, 2020. My Humble Beginnings as seen in Katspurr's video below: https://www.youtube.com/embed/tQfO9-K6mrM?start=12007&end=12087 Rules Please be respectful to your fellow citizens, neighbors, and alliance members. No griefing or stealing. Act like an adult when needed. Your reputation means something in this game. I encourage you to aspire to be self sufficient but feel free to ask if you need help. I do not require payments or tithes or taxes but donations of money to the deed upkeep or materials to the community is welcome. I am fine with any buildings being constructed outside the proposed village center as long as the "Settlement may manage flag" is checked. This ensures that in the case of a player leaving for good, that space could more easily be utilized in the future if needed. How do I join? Contact the mayor, Opaveus, with an in-game tell message, look for our ad on any village recruitment board, or leave a message here on the forum. My alliance neighbor, Jadis, may also be able to give you a free teleport if you are on Melody and you have already utilized a free village teleport or you just want to check out the area. We can help you move or give you a ride to the deed, if needed, as we have a large fleet of available nautical craft and can load cargo. I look forward to meeting you and being a part of your Wurm experience! To Do List for Villagers/New Recruits
  6. Torkell was a great designer for my deed. I left it up to him and he astonished me with his idea. I also hired him to do the interior design and I think he did a great service. He was fast and provided regular status updates. He also sent multiple versions and allowed me to look it over and make any changes or suggestions that I felt. I highly recommend him and would definetly do business with him again.
  7. Silver Trading

    I am in no way advocating going against a moderators authority. The EULA states: We do not allow any bartering for out of game assets. We do not allow any "exchange of goods or services for other goods or services without using money" for out of game assets which is defined as "a useful or valuable thing, person, or quality". So...you have to purchase User Generated Materials using real world money and not in-game silvers if you are trading for other User Generated Materials to be in compliance with the EULA as in game silvers have no real world value. However, the EULA states that you can share user generated material, you just can't trade it for other user generated material for free, or use in-game silvers because they have no cash value. There has to be a monetary transaction involved. So you both have to purchase it for some amount of money from each other. You have to purchase Deed Design Plans using real world money according to the EULA but falls under selling services for silver according to Retrograde. You can not trade graphics that are not from in-game without having a monetary transaction involved.
  8. Silver Trading

    Until the Game Agreement says otherwise it is allowed, regardless of what retrograde says. (no offense, retrograde)
  9. Silver Trading

    I am curious though, is it against TOS/Rules to use in-game coin to trade for game-related (in a way) trading of say Graphics? Let me explain: As an Art Creator, is it against the Rules to offer the exchange of Graphics for Forum posts, Wurm Art, or otherwise in exchange for Silvers in Wurm? CodeClub approves of sharing User Generated Material based on video, music, sound or screenshots from our game Wurm Online. Silver has no real world value. Therefore the sharing of user generated material (art, deedplans, etc.) and the purchase of said material using in game silver is allowed. The purchasing of art with Real World Currency is also allowed because it is not for an in game service. It is for a User Generated Material. Purchasing a deed plan service with real world currency is also allowed based on this and also with silver. I am answering your question..so it is related.
  10. Silver Trading

    Also from the Game Agreement: CodeClub approves of sharing User Generated Material based on video, music, sound or screenshots from our game Wurm Online. So if I take a screenshot of my deed plan I can share this with someone else and receive something back because it is BASED ON a screenshot. Same with art.
  11. Silver Trading

    From the Wurm Online Game Agreement: Purchase of silver coins is payment for a service provided by Code Club AB. Silver coins have no real world value. If Silver coins have no real world value, then I am not bartering for anything. I am receiving a service for free.
  12. Silver Trading

    It doesn't matter what it is..it matters what is received for a service. If silver was earned it is OK (in line with Steam's TOS). If real world currency was earned, it is not (against Steam's TOS). That's it. I don't see why there is grey area at all.
  13. Silver Trading

    I feel that Deed Planner services should be allowed. The deed planner file is a game asset as it is generated from within the game using the Export Plan feature. Are youtube videos allowed? They are using game assets to generate real money by providing services as instructional videos to users. The silvers being used to pay for the deed plan service were purchased in game and can not leave the game. The whole purpose of these is to not go against Steam's TOS. You can not use real money in a barter. You can use ingame currency that was purchased or earned as it can not leave the game to become real money again. The end user can not sell silvers for real money. Therefore it is not a real money transaction.
  14. Logging started 2020-09-03 [21:15:12] <Notthebarber> i pulled in about 8 creatures from a cave [21:15:29] <Opaveus> hah..hopefully the guards took care of them [21:38:12] <Notthebarber> we had 6 creatures in that cave [22:18:17] <Notthebarber> i need 1 stone brick, and 1 clay [22:18:32] <Opaveus> theres 20 bricks in my cart [22:18:40] <Opaveus> might be some clay too [22:18:42] <Notthebarber> bring it here asap [22:21:16] <Notthebarber> i can't flatten it until i clear the area [22:21:56] <Notthebarber> here [22:23:15] <Opaveus> i need to get some clay [22:23:17] <Notthebarber> thanks for the marker [22:23:25] <Notthebarber> i got it [22:24:19] <Opaveus> brb [22:24:39] <Notthebarber> k i'll getthe well up then go to bed [22:30:41] <Opaveus> k [22:41:51] <Notthebarber> can you make a bucket? [22:42:07] <Opaveus> probably..let me check [22:42:40] <Opaveus> let me take out this fence piece and then i will make one [22:44:07] <Notthebarber> k ty [22:44:35] <Notthebarber> unless you want to build our well [22:45:24] <Opaveus> i can finish it if you are heading to bed [22:45:32] <Notthebarber> thakns [22:45:43] <Opaveus> np..good night and thanks for the help [22:45:47] <Notthebarber> i have 1 clay left [22:45:51] <Opaveus> k [22:45:59] <Notthebarber> i want a well in the morning [22:46:17] <Opaveus> hah it will be there [22:46:21] <Notthebarber> k [22:46:29] <Notthebarber> and full [22:47:32] <Notthebarber> i'm using the bed if i can [22:47:55] <Opaveus> sure (He only had attached 3 items to the unfinished well) Logging started 2020-09-04 [08:38:28] <Opaveus> morning [08:38:46] <Notthebarber> morning, i'm happy we now have a well [08:39:08] <Notthebarber> i forgot to see if it was full [08:39:35] <Notthebarber> yep, we're set Logging started 2020-09-05 [21:06:24] <Notthebarber> k [21:06:34] <Notthebarber> have my blade? [21:06:45] <Opaveus> i didnt make one [21:08:35] <Notthebarber> can you we have only one anvil [21:08:47] <Opaveus> i am tryin [21:08:54] <Notthebarber> k [21:09:08] <Opaveus> its in the forge..you may have to imp it [21:09:14] <Notthebarber> k [21:09:33] <Opaveus> we are going to need more iron [21:12:30] <Notthebarber> put the handle on first [21:13:28] <Notthebarber> you were burning a handle [21:13:40] <Opaveus> ahh i didnt see a handle [21:14:09] <Opaveus> sorry..i forget about it losing ql after completion [21:14:21] <Notthebarber> they need to be complete before improving them [21:14:40] <Opaveus> ohh well..its skill gain [21:15:38] <Notthebarber> it's not hot enough [21:15:41] <Opaveus> dont burn the cedarwood [21:15:50] <Notthebarber> i want it now [21:16:26] <Notthebarber> wtf [21:16:40] <Opaveus> i use the cedarwood for ships and i have already fueled it with a 1ql log [21:17:30] <Notthebarber> i'll try to imp my trowel [21:18:17] <Opaveus> you should combine the woodscrap into 22kg items so that you use it to start the fires..then you dont use a log..or you can use them to make paper [21:18:43] <Opaveus> you only 20kg+ to fuel a fire [21:19:44] <Opaveus> there is iron separated out in the cauldrons [21:19:53] <Notthebarber> can't do it [21:20:05] <Opaveus> you couldnt because you were using steel and not iron [21:20:49] <Opaveus> the iron lumps are separated out by ql in the cauldrons 0-10ql in one and 10+ in the other [21:22:16] <Notthebarber> k [21:26:15] <Notthebarber> i can do it easily so ql1 works [21:31:57] <Opaveus> sorry if i wasnt too clear..the house was mine but i am letting you use it until you can make your own house and be somewhat self sufficient [22:07:08] <Notthebarber> i'm trying to build huge fields, and will want a gate at the flat part [22:08:13] <Notthebarber> lots of growing areas [22:09:51] <Opaveus> where do you want a gate? [22:10:35] <Opaveus> is it the flat part just above the well? [22:12:27] <Notthebarber> wana build the fence? [22:12:40] <Notthebarber> follow the wall [22:13:01] <Notthebarber> i mean not fence but gate [22:13:22] <Opaveus> right here? [22:13:32] <Opaveus> or this one [22:13:33] <Notthebarber> yes right there [22:13:45] <Notthebarber> teracing [22:14:27] <Notthebarber> just dump some sand [22:17:18] <Notthebarber> it's right above the water [22:19:12] <Notthebarber> ty [22:19:16] <Opaveus> np [22:20:09] <Notthebarber> we need one at the top part also [22:20:37] <Opaveus> ok..i will have to start it tomorrow..i have to go [22:20:42] <Notthebarber> then people can see how to build it out better [22:21:13] <Opaveus> ok..i may be back on later but i will have to see..if you can make a single shaft you can start the fence and i will finish it [22:21:55] <Notthebarber> i can [22:22:00] <Opaveus> i will see ya later man..have a good night [22:22:04] <Notthebarber> just easier for you [22:22:13] <Notthebarber> k have a good night [22:22:35] <Opaveus> true but if you do it it makes it easier for me to see where you wanted to put it [22:23:05] <Notthebarber> can you rip up all the road? [22:23:15] <Opaveus> i will try to make a bed for you soon too..and rip up the road Logging started 2020-09-08 [21:53:50] <Notthebarber> i should just build a dredge [21:53:54] <Opaveus> i have a 38 shipbuilding skill and its best to start a caravel at 70+ ship building [21:54:33] <Notthebarber> why not sooner [21:54:47] <Notthebarber> do you have a dredge? [21:54:48] <Opaveus> it would take about 2 weeks to make [21:54:57] <Opaveus> i do have a dredge [21:55:05] <Notthebarber> k [21:55:24] <Notthebarber> deepen things that are shallow around us [21:55:41] <Opaveus> the cog took about 20 gameplay hours to make [21:55:44] <Notthebarber> steal sand [21:55:51] <Notthebarber> aww [21:56:20] <Notthebarber> about the same for a 10X5 rock area [21:58:04] <Notthebarber> i'm going to flatten the beach more [21:59:06] <Opaveus> k..i am going to start on the fence bar [21:59:48] <Notthebarber> k [22:11:13] <Opaveus> did you say that you bought a premium account? [22:11:31] <Notthebarber> yes [22:11:42] <Opaveus> nothing wrong with that.. [22:11:50] <Opaveus> i have something for you then [22:12:02] <Notthebarber> what [22:12:57] <Notthebarber> i can't use it i don't think [22:13:03] <Opaveus> i found this white horse in the water off the northern coast of melody [22:13:26] <Notthebarber> how do i ride? Local [23:16:20] <Notthebarber> i wish i had someone to do my surface mining for the giant pasture [23:16:39] <Notthebarber> ocean front [23:17:09] <Notthebarber> then we could have more livestock [23:17:36] <Notthebarber> it's probably 20 hours of work [23:17:51] <Notthebarber> not exact, but below the water table [23:23:03] <Notthebarber> we should steal all the livestock from hilltop [23:24:17] <Ulfrid> ask jump hahah [23:24:24] <Notthebarber> ? [23:24:39] <Ulfrid> jump is the mayor of hilltop [23:25:08] <Ulfrid> hilltown* [23:25:26] <Jump> think he means old Lyfjaberg [23:25:38] <Notthebarber> ? [23:28:03] <Notthebarber> what does that mean [23:28:22] <Jump> what does this mean [08:23:03] <Notthebarber> we should steal all the livestock from hilltop? [23:28:56] <Notthebarber> ? [23:30:02] <Jump> which hill were you talking about? [23:30:08] <Jump> south or east? [23:30:09] <Notthebarber> it's illegal [23:30:17] <Notthebarber> the town [23:31:00] <Jump> you can try [23:32:32] <Notthebarber> not working [23:33:01] <Jump> dude this is my village, and is not working because i didn't give permissions to everyone to lead my animals [23:33:37] <Jump> i thought you were joking but you must have no clue about how this game works or how to treat neighbors... Local (*continued) Logging started 2020-09-11 [00:00:33] <Ulfrid> you should play your way without affecting others Printscreen from Jump's view of his Local chat https://prnt.sc/ufckt0 PM from Hilltown Mayor Logging started 2020-09-10 [23:29:03] <Jump> yo is he joking or ? [08:23:03] <Notthebarber> we should steal all the livestock from hilltop [23:33:56] <Opaveus> sigh...jesus...i have to go but i will deal with it when i get back [23:34:04] <Opaveus> sorry man [23:34:13] <Jump> no worries, glad i had the setting off lol [23:34:20] <Opaveus> yeah me too Logging started 2020-09-10 [23:57:33] <Jump> dude this guy is either a troll or too .ing stupid [23:57:40] <Jump> [08:44:30] <Jump> http://prntscr.com/ufc0al [23:58:14] <Jump> i had to add him to kos list [23:58:38] <Jump> if i were you i'd just kik him off the village he doesn't seem the guy to care about anything but his intention [23:58:44] <Opaveus> haha [23:59:16] <Opaveus> yeah..i am sorry man [00:03:53] <Jump> kik him first or he will do damage lol Event Log [00:01:08] Enabled KOS. [00:01:08] Settings updated. Village Log [00:01:12] <Notthebarber> opav i had some fun with hilltop and they hate me now [00:01:21] <Notthebarber> kos list Event Log (*continued) [00:02:15] Notthebarber will receive a warning to leave the settlement. 3 minutes later the reputation will take the effect and he will be attacked by the guards. [00:02:15] The reputations are updated. [00:02:51] Notthebarber is no longer a citizen of Rose Respite. Local (*continued) [00:03:34] <Opaveus> Get off my deed. Event Log [00:04:33] Notthebarber raises the settlement alarm! [00:04:33] A horn sounds and the gates are locked. Rose Respite is put on alert! Event Log (*continued) [00:09:28] It is too heavy now. [00:09:36] You may not loot that item. [00:09:48] After you finish pushing you will start pushing again. [00:09:48] After you finish pushing you will start pushing again. [00:09:48] You start to push the tent. [00:09:49] You push the tent a bit. [00:10:35] You now ignore Notthebarber. Alliance Log [02:05:33] <Jump> can you push his tent offdeed? [02:05:50] <Jump> dang it it seems like you can't [02:05:57] <Opaveus> no..i tried..it wouldnt let me or it pushes very very slowly [02:06:53] <Opaveus> it says i am pushing it but it doesnt move [02:07:48] <Ulfrid> maybe itll decay since the guy is no longer a citizen? [02:08:16] <Opaveus> that is true..the previous tent i had to deal with was there before i deeded.. [02:10:32] <Jump> apparetnly doing a /support is the only way to get rid of it for now [02:16:38] <Opaveus> i am not worried about it..i can fix it later [02:17:05] <Opaveus> i will resize my deed so its in the perimeter and just wait it out [02:18:35] <Ulfrid> getting off for now, later [02:18:40] <Opaveus> later [02:22:00] <Opaveus> i am leaving too..have a good day man [02:22:15] <Opaveus> see you in about 4-5 hours hah [08:43:36] You Added Citizens(+Pass Mine Door) [08:44:30] You Removed Notthebarber Event Log [16:51:38] You no longer ignore Notthebarber. [16:52:45] You are no longer invulnerable. [16:53:00] The reputation for Notthebarber was deleted. [16:53:00] The reputations are updated. [16:53:04] All reputations cleared. [16:54:08] The role "non-citizens" has been updated to your specifications. PM to Notthebarber Logging started 2020-09-11 [16:53:09] <Opaveus> I will lift the Kill on Sight for half an hour for you to retrieve your tent and cart. I hope that in the future you treat others with more respect. I am also requesting that.. [16:53:25] <Opaveus> you leave my dredge here. [16:53:45] <Opaveus> If you need more time than that please let me know. [17:07:05] <Notthebarber> i'm on the island [17:07:19] <Notthebarber> i reported you [17:07:40] <Notthebarber> i'll let GM take care of this issue [17:08:39] <Notthebarber> people are encouraging me to report you for not letting me kite hostiles [17:10:13] <Opaveus> I think you have me mistaken for someone else but that is fine. I hope the rest of your wurm experience goes well. Event Log (*continued) [17:12:53] Notthebarber will receive a warning to leave the settlement. 3 minutes later the reputation will take the effect and he will be attacked by the guards. [17:12:53] The reputations are updated. (I reenabled KOS as he stated that he had submitted a support ticket but then changed my mind as seen below) PM to Notthebarber (*continued) [17:12:55] <Notthebarber> sure you do . . . [17:13:20] <Opaveus> I honestly do. [17:14:05] <Notthebarber> then why didn't you revoke everything in town for punishment [17:14:20] <Notthebarber> then give it back after logging off [17:14:43] <Notthebarber> or similar [17:15:54] <Opaveus> Because i was angry with the way you were treating my friend and neighbor and I was protecting my deed from any form of retaliation by you as I barely know you. [17:16:23] <Notthebarber> how else do you clear out a mine? [17:18:16] <Opaveus> My anger was not about the mine. The responses you gave to my neighbor and the remarks you made about stealing his livestock and the way you have treated others around you is what brought me to that. [17:18:57] <Notthebarber> it was sarcasm Event Log (*continued) [17:24:55] The reputations are updated. [17:24:57] All reputations cleared. PM to Notthebarber (*continued) [17:25:25] <Opaveus> Sarcasmism can very easily be taken out of context when in written form. [17:25:25] <System> Notthebarber is not currently available, please try again later. Event Log (*continued) [21:21:37] The role "Naughty" has been created. [21:22:28] You start to go to sleep. Logging started 2020-09-09 [22:07:25] <Opaveus> just the tile collapsed but after that its open [22:07:39] <Opaveus> but i remined the tile and the way is open now [22:07:53] <Notthebarber> k [22:10:21] <Opaveus> only mine the tile with iron that is at the very end of the mine..the tile before the end is higher quality and i dont have the skill yet and dont want to waste the iron in it [22:12:01] <Notthebarber> i see a new mine door [22:12:13] <Opaveus> the mine door has always been there [22:12:24] <Notthebarber> aww [22:13:44] <Notthebarber> it has iron [22:13:50] <Notthebarber> 2 of them [22:14:15] <Opaveus> yes..please only mine the very last tile not the one at the corner [22:14:43] <Notthebarber> what do you mean? [22:14:46] <Opaveus> the one at the corner is higher quality iron and i dont want to waste it..its 50-60ql iron [22:14:52] <Notthebarber> k [22:15:23] <Opaveus> my mining is not high enough to consistently mine the 50-60ql and i dont want to waste the iron in it with mining 1ql out of it [22:18:55] <Notthebarber> see you tomorrow PM from Hilltown Mayor Logging started 2020-09-12 [13:17:55] <Jump> wb [13:18:04] <Opaveus> thanks [13:18:42] <Opaveus> i will head out once i get my field tended [13:36:11] <Opaveus> [13:35:49] <Daemoun> ya that whole bottomless vein (*mine) came from him tryin to get me to mine your high ql iron from your mine
  15. Here is the northwestern settlements that I have explored or marked on my map so far. Settlement: Rose Respite [257, 400] This is my deed. Alliance with Hilltown, Capital is Hilltown Settlement: Cape Hope [241, 416] Mayor: Rozalen Settlement: My Little Farm [224, 436] Settlement: Ayesleigh [232, 492] Mayor: Dainya Settlement: Lyfjaberg [272, 462] Mayor: Raddy Co-Mayor: Khirakhu Guardtower in Lyfjaberg Alliance with Mirkwood, Capital is Lyfjaberg Settlement: Mirkwood [333, 458] Mayor: Ulfrid Co-Mayor: Thearbitern Alliance with Lyfjaberg, Capital is Lyfjaberg Settlement: Hilltown [356, 386] Mayor: Jump Alliance with Rose Respite, Capital is Hilltown Settlement: Kovartown [397, 319] Mayor: Kovar Guardtower in Kovartown Settlement: Kekistan [465, 314] Guard Tower in Kekistan Settlement: No Step On Snek [479, 286] Settlement: Vilethorn Point [510, 248] Settlement: Alpha Side [534, 276] Settlement: Darkshore [617, 231] Settlement: Moonbright [1175, 661] Mayor: Moons (mentioned in Freedom Chat) Settlement: Valormoore [850, 1127] Requested by Annuile Settlement: South Park [754, 1147] Requested by Holypenguins Settlement: South Port [698, 1244] Requested by Holypenguins