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  1. Just the usual griefers attempting to reduce pricing by false claims about rarity and other aspects of the economy. Grats on the bees, seems like a fair price until a Bee-Keeper gets a lot of hives going. I know a lot of people were asking about them this last week.
  2. thanks. appreciate the post. Yeah coming from a lot of other e-sport type games, or competitive pvp survival games.. I've seen pretty much everything. Aimbotting, ddosing, maphacking, account hacking, admin interference, etc. etc. It's frankly so corrupt and toxic that's part of why I settled into and love wurm PvE. Now I get that everyone is going to try and be welcoming and encouraging, just like they were initially on Wurm PvE.. but i've seen pretty much non-stop griefing/drama near me on PvE. I had to expand my deed a ton and KoS countless people just to be able to chill and do some forestry. So my question is, what are some typical situations, like on PvE, where griefing occurs (because i'm sure it does) and how is it handled by you guys there? Do the kingdoms stick together? Like how are the dynamics?
  3. made-up magical abilities? lol. Ok i will mail mine i suppose.
  4. I just watched this and was curious what goes on nowadays to prevent this type of thing from occurring, and also if it is safe at all to partake in PvP.
  5. I get these random frame drops as well with normal client.. every so often just drops to 0-7fps for like a millisecond. I wouldn't mind it using more memory if it ran smoother. Also wouldn't the current ram use depend on the assets in the area of the person? Maybe it's using RAM instead of VRAM for textures? I have no idea. Not a progammer.
  6. Yeah I want more stuff for the toy making skill like maybe some type of game. I'm returning from 2004 but still crochety. It's all good man lol.
  7. Nah it worked out fine I built a fence in the way, Enk removed their grief deed, I deeded the area around my structure (even though it removes new players ability, and my neighbors ability to use the land, you know, because i was being polite) as per his recommendation, and now they're trying to tunnel a thousand or so tiles past the 3 or 4 deeds in the way. I was chatting with Michio earlier he seems to agree that they should decay as well. Everything should decay if it isn't deeded or used. Also just to clarify still haven't seen anyone actually use the highway and I'm here daily. Funny enough the group that was greifing and advocating for it, DIDN'T WANT, and DON'T HAVE it near their village, and just today disbanded their deed and moved. The argument for highways is that they somehow benefit the community, if all it does is negatively impact the community in that area, then it isn't beneficial. I'd further the point by saying not only has it negatively impacted the most active players in this area, it caused a huge argument, neighbor disputes, griefing, destruction of usable resources and terrain, destruction of my forestry, destruction of foragable areas, and now that I was forced to deed my area, essentially the removal of the land used by the other non-deeded players as well as the neighbors i border. Why don't you go play on Xanadu since you're the one that obviously doesn't understand that manners, etiquette, and consideration are important when living so close to others? I am still living happily here with my neighbors.
  8. Yeah nevermind. Getting stable gains now. Devs feel free to close the ticket i guess. Getting stable 2x. Even scaling up to long timer actions. I dont know what was going on with the .0032s but im not seeing that now. every single action is stable per timer length now. Thanks oblivion for helping me tinker with it
  9. every 3 actions has been the same, 3 initial crafts and then letting stamina rejuvenate. That's been constant the entire time. Ship building increase of .0036 with and without sleep bonus, several times, identical.
  10. [19:49:14] Ship building increased by 0.0036 to 19.0109 [19:50:41] Ship building increased by 0.0079 to 19.0425 [19:51:08] Ship building increased by 0.0095 to 19.0520 ^^ WIthout sleep bonus and with affinity I'm looking at the numbers now and i'm going to have to double down on my original assessment here. I am on average getting *at most* a 50% gain, with an occasional outlier big gain. Even with sleep bonus active, sometimes the gains are identical.
  11. I set skill tick update further out and i am still seeing the same thing. Hang on let me do another big sample size. I'm still seeing pretty wild fluctuations, mostly at .0072, i've seen .0032 and randomly a .018, and .0100 with sleep bonus and affinity active. I'm going to turn off sleep bonus and see how it affects the gains.
  12. Welp i'm sitting here with Daxton he is not getting 2x either. He got a 50% bonus with sleep bonus active vs without.
  13. has nothing to do with it dude, i'm already listing gains in the 3rd decimal place. On my client i have set to the fourth decimal place. Please just read what i said and understand that's what is occurring.
  14. # What happened Sleep bonus is not doubling skill gains with ship building. Skill gains went from a low/minimum of 0.010~ to 0.013~ per gain with NO AFFINITY OR SLEEP BONUS to a low/minimum of 0.013~ to 0.016 with occasional highs of .021 which trailed off to a stable .017~ as a high. On average maybe a 20%-30% skill bonus, ballpark. # What you expected to happen 210% Skill gain boost, at least that's what the wiki says. I asked 2 other players who said they have noticed 2x the skill gain per gain occurrence with just sleep bonus. # Steps to reproduce I'm honestly not sure since some other players are sometimes seeing 2x gain. My character name is "Andru" in game on Northern Map, Melody Island. I can reproduce it for you right now since it is still occurring. Additional notes: I've noticed sleep bonus doing strange things or trailing off after an initial boost to the skill gain in the past. THIS IS WITH THE STEAM CLIENT
  15. No they definitely destroy it... whether you're adding a road to it or not. you chop down trees, level areas, pave over things, create impassible cliffs and it prevents tree spread. IDK I've talked to players in game they feel the same way so they are deeding areas to prevent highways now. I should clarify, one player specifically, who is in a similar situation. They deeded an area because they liked what it is. You know, payed real life money because of the scenery and ambience. Most people don't want highways in their backyard IRL either. Locals rarely want this ######, and they are the ones directly impacted. Also those photos don't really reflect this area, it is a thick area with diverse ecology. You have many many tree types, almost every one, and it is great for foraging. People came here ALL the time before this to take a tree or two, forage, etc. and because of this conflict I've had to deed all of the usable space so not only has this highway impacted me negatively, my forced deed expansion has negatively impacted countless players who came here to use one of the only good areas near overture on mel.
  16. No i think you completely glared over what I said, acknowledged absolutely nothing of what i said, including the valid points I expanded upon from previous points in the thread. I get what you're saying, some people like building roads. I'm the only person here in local most of the time besides my 1 villager. So, they come here, pave some monstrosity through the woods i was foresting, then leave.. and it's just, stuck there. I have to see it every day. So you have hours and hours of an active player finding distates with something within view range for.. what, some guys that are here for a week and then leave? Maybe a traveler here and there? Why do those roads last forever though? They should decay like everything else without upkeep or repairs
  17. Trolling

    Yeah it is trolling. You kind of acknowledge that by saying he has thin skin.. his sensitivity is now what you're using to insult him. You don't know what people are dealing with irl, you've got people dealing with serious mental stuff like schizophrenia and paranoia.. It's pretty easy to set people like that off and it can cause them a lot of grief. Yeah not cool, and the comments in this thread show exactly what I kind of feel already, there's a good chunk of insensitive people and griefers in game.
  18. Trolling

    I didn't know all this. My bad maybe my own experiences are coloring my opinion. Two sides to every story I suppose. What about the people making characters with similar names though?
  19. Trolling

    In some instances maybe but from personal experience the last 3 days, laying down and just letting them do what they want absolutely encourages the behavior. Trolling them back seems to have worked pretty well. Everybody knows you have to use fire or acid to kill a troll... that's like simple DnD stuff man.
  20. Trolling

    I'd say it's best to fight trolls, or kill them when possible, as without repercussions or opposition they feel no consequence and cause a ruckus. Fight fire with fire.
  21. Trolling

    I'm sure there are but that doesn't really change the fact that what was occurring seems under the definitions laid out, which he posted. It must be easy in 13 years, to forget what it was like to start out, and attempt to fill that need for new villagers or people to play with. I'm sorry to hear about this guy and the griefers, as there most definitely are quite a few in game. In my experience thus far it seems as if some GMs actually take these complaints seriously, try to see the intricacies of the interactions, and are capable of seeing how these actions are griefing, while others tend to defend the griefers and refuse to even acknowledge what is obviously griefing and trolling.
  22. I decided to necro this, 8 years later, as I just enjoyed reading the feedback on both sides regarding the highway rules. Some of the suggestions were implemented, but it seems as if the original arguments are still applicable. It seems strange to me that so much emphasis can be placed on "infrastructure", and while it may be nice to have roads occasionally I do think those roads can negatively impact the player experience more-so than enhance it. Someone commented about breaking highways making it more difficult for new players, but I think as it is the highways really benefit the established and veterans moreso than the newbie who really benefits mostly from an unbroken piece of land where he can cut some trees and set up a mine. I think this is proven by the general flood of new and old players to the new servers, where there is untouched land.. unexplored areas and an element of risk. While I understand why they chose to implement many of the suggestions regarding the highway, I feel in its current state the impact of highways is too severe. Also it seems strange to me that not only do Cats eyes prevent damage, my understanding is that that is permanent? So while, over time, an entire continent will regrow, trees will sprout, tundra will spread, you will still have this giant 2 wide ugly parking lot plastered across what could be a beautiful and fun forest to explore. Much of the intrigue in many games is exploring, and getting lost as you try to find a certain area... and I just wonder if highways have a tendency to make things less intriguing. Where is the fun in just walking down a pre-paved 2 wide road into an area? So far the highway plastered through this grove is negatively effecting my Fo follower roleplay, as I am not even allowed to plant trees on it. My only suggestion would be is if maybe there was some decay timer so eventually they would degrade without upkeep.
  23. Server Crossing

    yeah i hear you. it's interesting to think of i wonder what the code is like regarding there? i bet there are physical barriers to it because it maybe treats vehicles similarly? who knows.. if you did plot somewhere though it'd probablyt glitch out and your cart would sink tho lol.. you'd have to build land around the entire border
  24. Server Crossing

    well hey i appreciated it, it was an interesting thought