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  1. wait is the rare large bone different than just the rare bone?
  2. wait like a chair? can you post a pic?
  3. hi i can try to help i'm booked pretty solid for a bit tho
  4. i think on xan it's like 50 here it's like 10. yeah if you do hit rock pls drop 1 dirt down on it so trees and whatnot can regrow. been trying to dig sustainably so we don't end up with a barren wasteland, so far all the islands look pretty awesome.. cad, mel and harm
  5. yeah the dirt level is lower on the whole cluster didn't you know this?
  6. nevermind.. resolved itself right after i posted.
  7. Anyone else having issues like this? Is it maybe something on my end I should check?? Anyone have the server IP so i can tracert? maybe a node is on the fritz and I can call my ISP
  8. Welp you guys will be in my prayers. Maybe someday I'll become a priest and can help out. Hope to hear it pops off this weekend.