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  1. Yeah you can do that? Just tunnel in. Like they said though the ore veins run vertically from the surface to the ground.. that's how you can survey the surface rock to find metal veins.
  2. nah not very helpful. not a good reference point for boats. I did find an old wurm unlimited post with a line of caravels with different wood colors though. what's the decay reduction on cedar for boots?
  3. I'll do my best to make a path... I'm pretty bad with a dredge though.
  4. Anyone have some pictures handy of caravels with different wood colorings? or perhaps even normal boats. I think i've only seen lingon and thorn. I'm trying to decide on the wood type for a caravel someone is building me. Does anyone know how much cedar slows decay on boats?
  5. Can you pack a ship transporter onto a caravel? Since you can only push/pull until the 35 strength for drag, is the ship transporter the only means to get the caravel over land bridges and things of that nature? Thanks
  6. had no idea that was even a thing. thanks
  7. Just as the title says. Any color/wood type should be fine, but I do have a thorn peg I'd give if I could choose the color. Lmk thanks.
  8. I was just wondering if there was anyway to download the map files from worm online to use in wurm unlimited? I've had a pretty terrible experience so far in Wurm Online and i'd like to just play on melody without the toxicity.. Or maybe on Harmony. Is there a way to download or import these maps into WU? Also is it possible to sail to different maps in WU?
  9. astronomy, more clothing types, more toys for toymaking pls
  10. Looking for catseyes just let me know a starting price. need quite a few
  11. what is "good quality" ... 40s 50s? or like 70s 80s
  12. i sell dirt for a lot more than that if you are interested pm me
  13. i can make you square sails
  14. wait is the rare large bone different than just the rare bone?