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  1. Greetings Ajala. I would like to place an order for. 1x Small Barrel- Mining* 1x Small Battel - Weapon Smithing* 1xSmall Barrel - Chain Armor Smithing* 1x Small Barrel - Plate Armor Smithing* 1xSmall Barrel - Shield Smithing* 1xSmall Barrel - Metallurgy* In game name is also (Ailorn) I will Poste an update when you send the taste sample. Thank you
  2. I'm Interested in the Rare unfinished forge and Pumpkin Shoulder pad if you still have them. I'm down to pay 18s if you are able to deliver (S13 on Harmony). In game name is Ailorn if you want to message me there also.
  3. Thank you! Yes this still does work. If your like me and don't have the .exe file it is the WurmLauncher64, Make that the short cut and then make the text file.
  4. Darkshire: 770,1054 We moved so Duskwood @1182,978 has been disband and can be removed from the map.
  5. Hello, I would like to order a 50LT long sword (Iron) and a 50LT Huge axe (Iron). Pleas CoD to Ailorn
  6. Duskwood (Has a Merchant) 1182, 978