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  1. Hi Pantha. Thank you again for the commission. Motec is not online. Please advise what you would like for me to do. Laziris
  2. Welcome to the team! Would love to see glass and more furniture added to the mix.
  3. 19 more fragments to go! Please PM me with any offers.
  4. 50c each. It takes 80 frags to create one.
  5. Could I please purchase 10 of the 91ql paper please? It can be sent to Laziris. Thanks!
  6. WTB Unicorn Statue or Unicorn Statue Fragments - Please PM Laziris. Thank you!
  7. Great service. Rapid delivery. Will definitely buy runes from Oversixiii again! Laziris
  8. Churly, thank you so much for the gorgeous set of glimmer chainmail! It is perfect. Service was light speed and friendly. Was a pleasure to work with you. Laziris
  9. Hi Could you please enchant AOSP a set of glimmer armor? I'm on as Laziris.