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  1. 6s pick up 7s delivery to coast only pm on here or umeruris ingame
  2. frenzy farms r17 (1021, 1676) with a guard tower right next to my token and one south 76 squares
  3. bump the villager will get their own house and a fenced off area of at least 30 squares, upkeep is already taken care
  4. i am looking for someone to build my guard tower i have the mats excluding the clay so for mining 500clay and building the tower the pay in 5s+food and drink contact on here or umeruris ingame
  5. QL 11 Rake Blade , Iron c32 (60c) QL ~1 Pickaxe Head, Iron c35 (75c) cod to umeruris plz
  6. id like to place an order for chainmail i want the 2 10 ql aosp boots 50ql pants 20 and 16 gauntlets 20 coif, and the rest of a set normal, message umeruris