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  1. Can I get a 80QL Hatchet please? Cod Krepid Thanks
  2. Looks like somebody just jumped the gun anyway
  3. Hi, I'm looking to have my 61QL full plate (iron) set that I bought from you originally, upgraded to 81QL. The QL has taken a bit of a battering so it's actually sub-61QL now! Could you confirm the price please? Would it be 4s (difference between 61QL and 81QL) Thanks IGN: AncientTides
  4. Is the investigation still ongoing on this one? Are there updates at this point you can give us at all? Thanks
  5. rake, 70-79 cast, iron meditation rug, 70-79 cast Low ql is fine Cod to Krepid please thanks!
  6. On Hiatus

    8.75QL needle, iron CoC78 - 1.15 silver Can you make a CoC75+ scissor for a similar price? Thanks AncientTides
  7. Huge axe, iron, 70ql, 97nimb, 97LT, 70coc, 69ms - 16s cod AncientTides Thanks
  8. Hi, spoke earlier today. I'm the guy that was looking to upgrade my 30QL plate set to 61QL. Thanks IGN - AncientTides
  9. [13:11:36] A rope making tool, a small handheld spinning wheel with three large nails. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is made from walnut. It could be improved with a log. COD or pickup from L23 Bid Start - 6s Bid Increment - 1s Buyout - 10s