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  1. 25 full weight lumps at 99QL! 10 full weight lumps between 80 & 89QL 1 Satchel included with your purchase for free! Starting bid: 100s Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: Hidden Buyout: Make an offer (Message me through the forum.) Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: Accepted
  2. Thank you for my full Seryll set! Amazing service as always!
  3. Staff, iron, 71ql, 90nimb, 65LT, 95coc, 72ms - 11s
  4. CoD the following to Craft pls: Huge axe, iron, 71ql, 75nimb, 94LT, 95coc, 62ms - 14s Large Maul, iron, 71ql, 84nimb, 91LT, 72coc, 100ms - 16s Staff, iron, 71ql, 85nimb, 74LT, 78coc, 83ms - 11s If you could also make the following with 90+ casts of Nimb, LT, CoC, & MS (70+LT will work but prefer 90+ if possible): Iron Small Axe Iron Small Maul Iron Short Sword Oak Long Spear Iron Halberd
  5. Been seeing this happen a lot lately. (Or should I say not seeing this?) I bet it's sooo much fun in PvP!
  6. We started experiencing invisible animals on our hitching posts since the recent hitching post change. (Resolving hitch location not being saved) Unhitching all via the hitching post causes the animals to reappear. Logging out and back in seems to cause the issue to reoccur. Needless to say, it's a bit difficult to work with the animals when they are invisible.
  7. Sounds like a great rework which will promote and reward exploration. Will take some time in game to see the actual results of course.
  8. lol @ server

    lol SmeJack You just gained several levels in Necromancy.
  9. Found the info I needed. Thanks
  10. Long time player yet fresh newb to all the WO changes that occured since WU came out. I'm wondering what is best with PvE combat now. 1.) For example: I see we can jump on a cart during combat now. Does that mean that fighting from foot is better for Combat Rating and therefore in general now? Is there a difference in fighting from cart and wagon? 2.) Is a small shield better for PvP than a large shield? There used to be statements that the larger shields slowed the character's swing timers and didn't offer any advantage over a small shield. What's the argument for or against shields and the varying types? 3.) Is it safe to assume that the two-handed weapons are still best for uniques? I believe huge axe was the better two-hander choice for damage. Is that still the case? 4.) What's up with so many people using staffs now? 5.) Anything else I should know that I may be missing? 6.) I see they made some fantastic metal type properties. Is Silver the best standard metal type for weapons. Is there a situation where lead would be better than silver weapons? 7.) Oh, one more... Are special moves and traps now viable in PvE? I see kill a creature with a catapult is a thing. Assuming that can be done in PvE? Thanks for your time & input!