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  1. Thanks for the public event!
  3. I need one more picnic basket for an alt. DM me with your cost. Thank you
  4. Excellent! Thanks Josso, Mechanicalcepac, Ikki and Yanbizarre!
  5. [22:20:31] You do a rain danec on the dirt tile and a wurm pops to the surface, which you grab.
  6. Hi Smokes, I sent my Seryll set in to be imp'd. Max QL possible if you have the time. No rush. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi Pantha, I sent a couple weapons to be imp'd. Max QL possible if you have the time. No rush. Thanks in advance!
  8. I have a Fo priest that needs credit for the cast. So if any Fo priest decides to perform the cast, please contact me. I have a sermon area setup @S18 or can come to you. Vaiperu, contact me if you are close to S18.
  9. Rift 20210224

    Thanks, I'll just remove the timer.
  10. A hunter's journey

    Know of any densely populated mob areas? PM me! Especially looking for any Greenish mob spawns! Decided to head to the new rift area today and hunt on the way there. Apparently others had the same idea sooner than me. Harmony 20210222 (O20 to Q22): Decided to head up to the North West to do some hunting. I'm seeing a trend here. I found a few sheep and cattle in the forests though. woo hoo! Harmony 20210224 (G11 to D14):
  11. Rift 20210224

    PST: Feb 22, 2021 10:50:15 AM Rift A new Rift has been reported! N21
  12. Call it whatever, as long as it's a "hunting server" with all protected tiles, no building, only tents allowed and skills transfer. I'm all in. EPIC, Valrei, Jackal, Hiena, puss in boots, whatever.