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  1. One of the nicest players on the server. Great prices and you can find anything you would ever need at the market!
  2. Yeesh, someone deserves a ban. Also, my post did refer to the suggestion
  3. I love how the general consensus is that this is a bad suggestion yet you feel the need to link this thread in the Caffeine Feedback thread AND create a troll post in the Suggestion Forum suggesting basically the exact opposite of this. Great method.
  4. They can start by using all of the money they have gained through insider trading and the money embezzled from the governmental budget.
  5. I can tell you that I am a Player A. I only use resources when needed and do not grind anything. That being said, I am just shy of 68 Mining and didn't really start mining until about June of this year. Most of my experience came from mining for bridges, buildings, surface mining, and now mining out an underground dock. As far as how long it takes in terms of time spent in game, I couldn't tell you. Some days I can spend 10 hours working on a project, others I'll get 10 minutes. Edit: I will say my Carpentry is around level 83 and the majority of that experience came from building on deeds and selling bulk planks/shafts.
  6. I totally disagree. Drake/Scale is cool endgame equipment that is BARELY better than it's counterparts, but it doesn't contribute to any part of the game. Unless you're on PvP being able to handle yourself in combat is pretty god damn simple. Blood on the other hand plays a role in SO MANY skills. I don't doubt that after the 5th public dragon slaying there'd be less people showing up cause the market would have a stable supply of blood. That's the reason Humanoids are starting to be small. Cause we've had so many. The only reason the slaying team prefers to hurt themselves over providing more blood is because there's so much money in Drake/Scale (which is made public would never be the case), and probs cause it's a massive flex to have it. Gotta say, literally the only thing I care about from slayings is the hide/scales. Why? Because it's the best looking armor in the game. Am I going to pay the insane prices for the hide/scales you have been hoarding? No, because I have a family to feed. Unless, since you're clearly so thirsty for blood, I've got two red dragon bloods I'll trade for a full set of dragon scale armor. Not everyone cares about the bloods. I don't care about imbuing my tools as I play the game for fun, not mindlessly grinding skills and wasting thousands of resources. Btw, Hide/Scales wouldn't be so expensive if no one wanted them.
  7. I would like a mountain of gold to Scrooge McDuck my way into
  8. Congrats ShaunChadwick! What is your in-game name so I can get with you on delivery this evening?
  9. Heya Arno, I would like to place an order for 10kg of A5, I7, and O5 please. As well as 2kg of Black CoD to Kellen
  10. Heya Pantha, I would like to order an 80 QL Silver Medium Maul please CoD to Kellen