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  1. Edited paint suggestion to help lessen the blow on the dye market as paint would probably end up being easier to make.
  2. Yeah, just kinda threw those on at the end because I know they have been suggested before
  3. Despite Darnok's suggestions for drastic changes in the game he did make a point of certain skills or activities being less useful or nearly useless. These are just some suggestions that won't completely gut a skill but adds a little variety to already existing items (except for potions). Furs - Fur lined armor. Basically just add fur as an optional ingredient for leather and Studded Leather Armor. Provides a use other than rugs and would just be for appearance (to add a little more variety) Animal Parts - Potions (this is a bit of a bigger change). Combined in small container, Fish Oil as a base, animal part as an ingredient, berry as an ingredient, and favor to finish the process. This would give Priests something to do while leveling Channeling instead of just spamming the same spell over and over for skillgain. Potions could include - Barkskin (Increased armor), True Strike (Increased hit chance), Healing (Heals some health based off QL) Edit - Maybe even add rift hearts for more powerful potions to help drive rift participation. Fishing - Trash loot, occasionally when fishing you will bring up a random item (kinda RNG lottery type deal) and fish oil (potions) Berries - Paints (alternative to dye). This would admittedly hurt the dye market. If it could only be used on structures/vehicles it would lessen the blow as well as having the paint decay (if that is even possible) to have it "fade" over time. And potions. Slate - Statues, ovens, forges, fireplaces Marble - Ovens, forges, fireplaces Sandstone - Statues, ovens, forges, fireplaces Just some minor additions (some of them just requiring a reskin) that add additional uses for materials in the game. I don't really care if they actually get added to the game or not as I enjoy Wurm the way it is. Just throwing them out into the world. And I'm sure some if not all of these have been suggested before
  4. Welp, I'm tired of this. You're right, everyone else is wrong. So excited to never leave my deed when this is implemented.
  5. No, improving the hundreds of passive storage items on my deed would be torture. But apparently if I don't do it I'm going to lose all of my stuff so hey, that's cool I guess. Because you're suggesting that the greatest blacksmith in the world is going to stick his bare hand into the forge, do you not see how stupid that is? I do carpentry in real life. Do you know how many times I've cut myself on a saw or smashed my finger with a hammer? None, because I pay attention to what I'm doing. Do you know how many times I've gotten hurt in a fight? Every time, because getting hit hurts. Fighting hurts, crafting doesn't. If you're still wondering about this problem than you do not have the ability to read. Weaponsmithing - In demand because it takes forever to level and most people don't want to do it "Hunting" - Not in demand because farming and AH Natural Substances - In demand due to dyes First Aid - Not in demand because pve isn't dangerous Masonry - In demand because most people don't enjoy making tens of thousands of mortar/bricks but people gotta build I'm sure you don't get the point still but I'm not typing out more examples for you.
  6. Just gotta bring this up. You really have no idea how capitalism works, do you? With your logic, if you're the owner of a local chicken restaurant you should be making as much money as McDonald's just because they're both restaurants. You almost seem like a Socialist rather than a Capitalist
  7. Okay? Still takes way longer to level Weapon/Armorsmithing than Butchering. What's your point? I'm a Carpenter and that honestly sounds like torture. People buy food and potions all the time, wtf are you even talking about? You're requesting that the repair option be removed from all armor and tools unless they are in the process of being improved. You're also requesting that crafters take random damage while performing actions. Why? Just to waste everybody's time? The demand is based on how many people are looking to buy the product in trade chat/forums and how much they're willing to pay for it. Seriously, have you ever even logged into WO or seen a thread outside of the Suggestion section? The skills new players gravitate towards are based off of their own personal interests. Just doing the basics of survival will introduce you to Woodcutting, Carpentry, Farming, Cooking, Mining, Blacksmithing and typically if someone enjoys one of those skills, they'll continue to do them. If those skills don't hold their attention they'll look at the massive list of crap to do and pick something out that interests them. And yes, some of them will gravitate towards Masonry. IN FACT, Masonry is a great skill to earn money with on NFI (the cluster you apparently play on) because the prices are still outrageous (4s/k Mortar, 4s/k Slate/Marble Bricks, 3-4s/k Sandstone Bricks, 2s/k Stone Bricks) which is actually how I am paying for premium on mine and my wife's account plus buying a bunch of random crap I want. You want to know how I learned it was a useful skill? I big brained it and looked at trade chat. Simple as that.
  8. If they can find a way to implement any of your ideas they can find a way to ensure people don't use alts for voting
  9. I mean, you have already stated that there is no risk in hunting unless you're fighting a unique on pve soooo yes, weapons/armor should be more expensive than meat/hide as those skills take a massive amount of time (up to a year in some cases) vs fighting which can be leveled to 70 in a week. How is destroying a new players armor, if they made it themselves, going to get them to continue playing the game if they don't want to level armorsmithing? Generally players start with the easier to level skills (carpentry, farming, cooking, etc) as they're pretty much required to stay safe. So if they don't want to level armorsmithing to make their own armor they will probably use those skills to earn money and buy a set. So please make some suggestions on how new players can earn more money via these easy skills since they'll be spending way more on armor with your system than they would with the current system.
  10. +1 This is much better than what I was going to suggest which was taking the ability for certain usernames to create threads Which is a bit harsh lol
  11. You sure you're a capitalist? Also, if you truly feel this way you're basically requesting a rework of the entire skills system. At least the ones that generate resources and products. With that being the case, don't suggest it until the entire idea is planned out. As in, don't suggest to butcher just one skill as a test without all of the other changes that would need to be put in place to support it. Suggest the changes that need to be made to ALL of the skills in order for your idea to work before submitting anything.
  12. Gotta use strawman arguments when explaining to the Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz. You're basically wanting to have less useful skills be able to generate a decent income is what I'm getting from this thread (and you haven't said anything to prove otherwise). If I'm a plumber making $25/hour I'd be pissed that a grocery store clerk is also making $25/hour doing a job that takes less training, less commitment, less work, and less skill. Edit: Actually, I guess I wouldn't be pissed. I would just go become a grocery store clerk and the world's pipes will just become clogged as all plumbers quit
  13. So Puppeteering should generate a similar income to the likes of Weaponsmithing and Armorsmithing?