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  1. Hello! o/ I am looking to order 90 Large Crates delivered to Erith (H9) on Harmony please
  2. Would that not encourage people to join and stick around? Like, if it's suddenly more profitable to craft anything, I'd imagine more people would come around just to capitalize on things. Supply and demand is weird like that, you'd think lower supply means lower interest and incentive, but that's not necessarily the case. I certainly recall the vested interest when the Steam servers first launched and there was a low supply of everything, labor for nearly anything was quite profitable. I think I made 15 silver just chopping a forest for someone. Good times. That sort of profit and ease of profiting was what appealed to a lot of people, and no doubt a good many just sort of left after prices stabilized and supply of things was plentiful. Why would driving the cost of materials up cause more people to come to the game? Not like Wurm is going to start advertising that people should play because in-game materials are higher priced. You have to get people to even install the game before the price of materials matters at all. I can tell you that within the first 6 months of Harmony being opened we sold a crap ton of bulk materials (17,000 planks, 12,000 mortar, 9,000 small nails, 8,000 large nails, 7,000 shafts, 5,600 mortar, 3,000 pottery bricks, etc) . The materials being higher priced in no way made it any less miserable to do and it burned 5 of the 6 of us out to where they no longer play to this day. I can tell you if I logged into a game after installing it for the first time and saw that it cost $10 for 1,000 Slate Bricks I would immediately uninstall the game.
  3. They kind of are already. That's what the depth limitations are for. From what I've seen it's usually players that make the path accessible for the large ships which is what a sandbox game should allow. Edit: On Harmony I went from running two Corbitas for deliveries to running a Caravel. Eventually had to step down to Knarrs just because so many people don't bother with deep water docks.
  4. If someone wants to pay $80/month to make bricks faster, let them. Killing off the usefulness of alts isn't going to bring more players to the game, only increase the prices of items due to lower supply. This coming from a player that doesn't use alts (including priests)
  5. wta bulk tar

    Name is Kellen in game. I should be on fairly late tonight (maybe midnight CST) and probably all day tomorrow (8am-midnight CST)
  6. These boats already serve a purpose. A large cargo hold ship that can be built at relatively low skill level. If anything, lower the cargo capacity of Knarrs so people will start making proper harbors/canals. Doesn't make much sense for a Knarr having more cargo space than a Corbita anyway
  7. As Homestead said, if it has price ranges it shouldn't make people too angry. If it doesn't have price ranges, get ready to make people angry I personally wouldn't mind having a copy either way
  8. Kinda meh on this one but have at least one of the other decoration skins released this year. Not entirely sure what this skin is supposed to be. What is an avenger other than the Marvel junk? Is this a creature that's actually in the game?
  9. +1 I'm in the same boat as I've never been able to see how many actions are left in the queue. Have always just had to keep track manually or wait for it to stop.
  10. I'd like the Skull Mask and one Light of Hope please CoD to Kellen
  11. Sooo this is still broken btw. Can use the Focus button in the UI until Focus Level 3. The eye then closes and you cannot use it to go to Focus Level 4. If you use the Focus keybind while you're at Focus Level 3 it will allow you to go to Focus Level 4 at which point the eye will open up and allow you to use it to go from 4 to 5. Edit 73 Fighting Tested on nearly every mob (passive and aggressive)
  12. Saaame. I usually struggle to remember what year it is then math it out from there