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  1. It is nice to see people building bridges to connect the world / area they are in better. A concern I share with@Kierkegaardis: can you travel with a boat through there? If I were to live in that area it would be nice if you could not only physically but also visually fit the boats through there.
  2. WMADD LatLng(427.627893, 422.625)=Zwergenbucht ; A German Settlement
  3. Sadly people like this person exist, but I hope you still keep playing and don't lose the fun the game (hopefully) brings you. Greetings from Zwergenbucht around the corner
  4. Hello, first of all: Great idea with the website! Sadly it seems the website does not send me a confirmation mail to my mail-address. I tried hitting the resend button yesterday and a couple of minutes ago, but there is no mail to be found (yes, i checked all folders, including spam). The mail address is an address, so maybe either they block your mail address or the other way around. I would appreciate it if you could either tell me which address the mail will be coming from (so I can add it to the whitelist) or verify my guess with the mail being just not send / returned.