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  1. @PvtPile, I'll be back tomorrow and then contact you. @SweetSerenade, Estimating that is not simple, I can keep you on the list and contact you as soon as we have one for sale available
  2. Let me know ingame (on Saitra) if you need additional faith (100) for the cast, I can hop over on short notice by boat.
  3. Update on horsies and added a bunch of bisons
  4. I was work related not available in the last days, try to contact both of you
  5. [22:01:53] As the Holy Crop ritual is completed, followers of Fo may now receive a blessing!
  6. please contact me ingame, I might can make something happen for you
  7. Good to hear, I'll be there
  8. As this is somehow not pushed, I'm inviting again to Katzenkorb K8 to cast Holy Crop. I'm aiming for late EU so that also people form US can join to get the journal entry. I've 100+70+60 Faith available with a maximum of 50ish channeling so we need at least two additional priest with 70+ Faith. As I have already the journal entry I'm happy to replace my alts with new priests that need the entry.
  9. In case you want to have something else delivered just give me a message ingame.
  10. They are available, I'll reserve them for some days. I'm generally available between 20-24 EU-time during the week, longer on the weekend.
  11. Sure, I'm normally available on a daily basis (EU timezone in the evening)
  12. we currently only do costal delivery, if I don't get it wrong L20 CAD is land locked
  13. @HeddWyn , I'm going to contact you Ingame for details, he's still available @Leolakis: that one has been sold during the night, I'll contact you ingame