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  1. It says charge so 1 charge of 3
  2. The color addition to damage that we see as it spectrums from Yellow to Red is a helpful visual indicator for many players. Unfortunately it's sadly overlayed with green by the selected item function. Therefor it merely goes from all white(damage pending) to all green. It'd be wonderful if the damage color shows through the green as it should. Maybe include it as a toggle option for players?
  3. This, he called action override. It still works in some areas for combat. However a lot of action that can be done during combat now seem to break combat entirely. He was shield training, pan filling, mining and taming an animal all at once.
  4. Thank you for communicating and explaining the scenario. This is greatly appreciated, and I look forward to see how wurm takes Josh's criticism and uses it constructively.
  5. I'm guessing it's a routing issue. It randomly picks when I can and can't connect to WO. If I open the launcher while on a vpn it connects without fail. I can disconnect the VPN once the launcher is established and I am fine in game from there on. It's just inconvenient because I have to close everything to run a vpn. Has been an issue for over 2 months.
  6. Can close

    Both parties did not show up for the mag rite. As I don't need the rite and it's becoming bothersome to keep organizing this. I'm going to step down and let someone else take over.