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  1. WurmNode

    This, but I also won't ever upload to Wurmnode unless its anonymous. I used to really upload every few days to Niarja just to measure my progress in game as it's one of the few utilities to measure progress over time. I've sadly lost that history and I can't measure it going forward without effort due to having to upload secretly.
  2. Taking a bulk offer on 20 maps.
  3. Found for cheaper sorry.
  4. Thank you for the compromise.
  5. This Celebration has ended.
  6. There are already a number of priest spells that are available via rune. Also I don't see a down side to players having pets. As well as trolls would be quite a bit of effort to keep with the bashing wall feature.
  7. We have charm as a rune but not dominate. Hook us up dev overlords
  8. Hey, I'd like to buy; 1x Body Str 1x Body Stam 1x Body 1x Body Control 1x Soul Str 1x Soul Depth 1x Mind Logic COD to KarlFranz or BalthazarGelt if I am too far.
  9. [15:50:04] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to reach Nieustraszony in less than ten minutes. Ty friend and enjoy