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  1. I should probably post about my tunnel I finished some time ago. It's currently a shallow boat tunnel: [1721,1170] to [1774,1170] [1774,1170] to [1774,1227] [1774,1227] to [1833,1227] And I guess I will refer to it as Hwesta's Folly.
  2. Would have prevented my problem, but it still has 0 effect on the container.
  3. I created this thread after accidentally shattering a FSB full of thousands of ingredients when I meant to cast on the loom next to it.
  4. So WoA doesn't do anything on a storage container, right? Seems like this is just an opportunity to blow up containers full of thousands of items with a misclick (in this case I was trying to enchant a loom next to it and not paying enough attention on my second screen). Most enchants don't work on objects that can't benefit from them. Also tried CoC on a BSB on purpose this time and the game will let you cast that for some reason?
  5. These will count for the journal entry that requires a complete almanac. All reports are guaranteed to be over 60 QL. I still have a handful. Post here or msg Hwesta in game with the name you'd like me to COD it to.
  6. It's totally understandable. I just was concerned I'd end up waking up too late then spend two hours sailing against a light breeze and missing out. edit: although I guess with that location I'm probably not sailing at all.
  7. So will the killing start at that time, or will the location be announced at that time. I'm concerned about travel time to the place.
  8. Ok, so I'm not the only one that sees this discrepancy.
  9. Sickle, steel QL 43 BOTD 63 - 1s 48c Please mail this to Hwesta
  10. Order: Rake 53coc - 35c Scissors 53coc - 35c Trowel 51coc - 30c 1s - 3 item discount = 90c COD to Hwesta please
  11. Other than wine, what are the other possible things? It's looking like the affinities I get from white wine and are... not great.
  12. The type of wood scraps definitely give the wines different affinities, but it looks like the barrels don't So that's still 10 varieties for each color of wine. I wonder if barrel rarity matters as that would further increase the variation. (Wood scrap rarity almost certainly wood, but there's no way to get a bunch of those, whereas the barrel can be re-used.)
  13. I thought the barrel the wood scrap wood lead to different affinities for wines? That should be 15 * 10 combos, right (not counting rares)? Or do all wines come out the same.