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  1. New highway in south Cele, red one https://imgur.com/xALfnQq
  2. Got my shovel, can close
  3. Want to buy supreme shovel, clean or imped/casted. Post here or PM Lordzmielot in game.
  4. 2023 Roadmap

    I love you devs! Is there any chance that "ride" keybind will be added? That would be so smooth to jump on horse together with "start_leading" bind.
  5. Deed - Tower Of Darkness - https://celebration.yaga.host/#893,1944
  6. Got my pick, thank you. Can close
  7. I am interested, i probably f*** up in best possible way lol Send pick to lordzmielot please
  8. Want to buy blank supreme iron pickaxe, paying 50s, Pm me or post here.
  9. When next map terrain update? 😆
  10. 904, 1839 - (canal) Holton Canal 962, 1768 - (deed) Whitefall
  11. I want to sell various 4 speed horses, highly traited. Different colors. Over 60 in stock! 40c each Contact Lordzmielot in game or here. Pick up close to south Celebration coast. https://celebration.yaga.host/#841,1765