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  1. I'm trying to make a tool calculate creation success. I dislike "it depends" answers. It is possible to inform of skill level and tool qualities need to get the 6% creation chance. I'd like help understanding code rollGaussian(). I want to use Python's optimized methods to roll random values from a normal distribution. I can include a mean and standard deviation for the roll. But I don't understand how Wurm is arriving at mean and sigma. Here is the code snip from Skill.rollGaussian() final float slide = (skill * skill * skill - difficulty * difficulty * difficulty) / 50000.0f + (skill - difficulty); final float w = 30.0f - Math.abs(skill - difficulty) / 4.0f; ... result = (float)Skill.random.nextGaussian() * (w + Math.abs(slide) / 6.0f) + slide; Here I think "slide" is mean. Is this sigma "(w + math.abs(slide) / 6.0f)? I'll include in the simulation that Wurm rolls again values which fall outside the cutoff. Don't worry about this part.
  2. There are ways to lower ql. It's just they are all convoluted. Using the right ql tool or item is essential to getting optimal skill gain. It seem strange that such an important mechanic hasn't been given more attention. All the ways we lower ql are essentially meta-gamming hacks. I'd go as far as to say Wurm should give us an option to automatically use the optimum lower tool ql as needed to maximize skill gain. The reduce value would just be for the skill gain roll. Although, it can't raise ql since game balance depends so much on progressing skill to make higher ql stuff.
  3. Please give detailed instructions on how to get 1ql materials.
  4. Lower ql tools are useful for optimal skill training. But making these lower quality tools can be convoluted. It shouldn't be so weird or hard to reduce the ql of a tool or item.
  5. Choose a weapon and stick with it. Weapon skill helps a lot. If your constantly switching weapons you won't have as high weapon skill. Once you get 70 in say huge axe, sure try something else. Best weapon to me means which one will make it easiest for me to win. In Wurm PvE you can actually fight with almost anything, even silly choices, say a saw. But that saw (and many other sub0-optimal choices) will be less effective then say a huge axe. I know I want the best and it seems the OP does too. In my experience best is to focus on dps. Defensive style play is sub-optimal. This means metal staff or huge axe in aggressive and aim for head. Note it's possible my bad experience with defensive style play are explained by my lack of fighting knowledge. I currently approach mob, aim for head and wait. If I knew how to aim optimally, flank optimally, and block optimally it might be a different story. enchants: except for woa/botd they don't change anything. They just give you an extra boost. There is a swing speed minimum cap of 3s (apparently with gilmmer/adman we can go slightly under 3s). Slower two-handed weapons can fully benefit from woa and stay above the 3s cap. Many faster weapons won't benefit from woa because they are already at 3s.
  6. What fight style where you using? What weapon? I'd think a long reach weapon would be easier to use in a flanking horseback attach style. Horses are difficult to make turn in a tight radius. This also asks the question of whether to take the distance penalty so it's easier to flank opponents on horseback. "Finally, the CR will adjust by -1 if you are between 1 and 2 meters outside of ideal striking range for your weapon. It will adjust by -2 if you are over 2 meters outside of the ideal striking range for your weapon." (Sindusk's - Wurm Combat System Explained)
  7. @Sinduskcombat explained post is nice. WU is the best thing that ever happened to WO. Regarding my question about where to switch aim when mob blocks the following chart is exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for. The post say defender's lower center and upper center soft spot aren't working but I'm going to operate on the assumption that it does. This only affects critical chances but every little bit helps. +------------------------------------------+ |Defender Stance|Attacker Stance | +------------------------------------------+ |Middle Center | Upper Left, Upper Right | +------------------------------------------+ |Lower Center | Middle Left, Middle Right| +------------------------------------------+ |Middle Left | Upper Right, Lower Left | +------------------------------------------+ |Middle Right | Upper Left, Lower Right | +------------------------------------------+ |Upper Center | Lower Left, Middle Left | +------------------------------------------+ |Upper Left | Lower Right, Middle Right| +------------------------------------------+ |Upper Right | Lower Left | +------------------------------------------+ |Lower Left | Lower Center | +------------------------------------------+ |Lower Right | Upper Center | +------------------------------------------+ Using this chart, mobs start out defending middle center, so the first move I should make in combat is aim upper left or right. The next big question is whether to pursue flanking. I can run through the mob and turn to face it right after it moves. The combat doc indicates mobs turn to face attacker on first swing of the turn. Also, all calculations are done at the start of the turn. So moving right when the mob turns should give me time to get into position. But does that count as moving for the calculations? I know I won't be able to do it mounted on a horse/vehicle. Not sure giving up a guaranteed height buff (mounted on horse) for the chance to get a slightly better flank buff is worth it. Right now mobs don't try to flank nor do I often encounter groups of mobs. Tho that may change this summer after the encounter update Wurm's been hinting at.
  8. Thank you Thorin. I do appreciate that you took the time to write all that up. But I'm looking for less Wurm boilerplate generalized advise. For example...I'm on foot, with a two-hander, in aggressive and targeting mob's upper parts. The mob goes to defend high. Where should I switch my targeting now? Or should I just keep attacking high because head shots do extra damage.
  9. Difficulty indicator isn't right. I tried fighting an Aged sol demon with 50 skills and 30 characteristics. 50 ql steel chain, 50 ql two-handed axe, mounted on horse. Using Auto fight. I got killed while mob had around 80% of life left. I'd try testing auto fight but I dont' understand how to use manual fight system nor are there enough mobs around to do so.
  10. I'm under the impression that proper use of combat gives big bonuses. I suppose I could just run away from trolls till I got 80 fs. But what is the hurt in explaining how it works?
  11. You sure we shouldn't try to flank? I guess that is facing the opponent. I'm wondering if this is a dumb question, people just don't know answers, or maybe they do and dont' want to reveal PvP (even know I'm only interested in PvE) advantages.
  12. I'd like to understand combat better. Can we make a list of simple action and reaction situations? So, If opponent does X you do Y. I'm doing this list based on what I've seen of the combat revamp. For the most part the combat system isn't changing. Besides words in event we are also getting picture indicators. One change I'm most interested in is that mobs will try to find optimal attack combos. Some mobs won't be good at it I suspect. my questions: I'm confused about where to swap aim location when opponent is blocking where I'm aiming. These things confuse me: fighting style, damage boost location (head, eyes, crotch ...), flanking. I'm curious if blocking has to correlate to the toon's target to get benefits. Can we attack one mob and set our block to give optimal defense against another mob? I'll start here: * Block wherever your opponent is aiming. If fighting opponents block wherever either the most opponents are aiming or the most dangerous opponent is aiming.
  13. huh, so I dug into WU code because I didn't believe that inbreeding would not add new negative traits the potential pool. ( Creature.mate() and Traits.calcNewTraits() ) I'm still unsure because the code isn't clear to me but it does seem like it's true. But this doesn't change things. I not worried about it now. I'm worried Wurm is going to nerf things when they change animals. I want to make sure there is no first generation inbreeding period.
  14. I use WA. It doesn't tell me the fewest animals I need to avoid inbreeding. WA is very useful to quickly see potential breeding partners.
  15. Is there a better way than the following? 1. Start with 2 females and 2 males. 2. Pair up dedicated M and F to breed only males and a pair for only females. 3. Breed 2 male and 2 female new children. 4. Now I'm back to the start of the cycle. I could keep repeating this cycle and never have inbreeding correct? notes... 1. Killing parents doesn't remove inbreeding chance. 2. Many breeders relay on that more traits may not be added to the potential pool if it's full given a toon's skill. For example, one can mostly ignore inbreeding with 43 skill and 5 speed horses. I'm concerned (I fear nerfs) about upcoming animal changes and I'd like to remove inbreeding chances.