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  1. "Asking too much", that must be sarcasm, right? They already have the code to make the maps and just have to run it. It takes minuets or less for the code to do it's thing (based on the map dump code in Wu and I'm confident it's the same here). I suspect they could make the maps and put them up on a torrent in less then 15 minuets. I say a torrent because then they don't have to pay for bandwidth host them for download.
  2. The specific mechanics are diminishing returns based on how long you hold down the button. It starts at 3 degree increments and reduces down to 1 degree increments (base don WU code and I'm confident it hasn't changed). As far as align to a road goes, why can't you just hold down the auto walk key (mine is bound to x)? It sound like you want it to be opposite to how it currently is. It would turn slow at first and then faster and faster the longer a button is held down. Keep in mind that mounted animals use the same mechanics. I personally am fine with how the currently auto alignment works. And the only thing better would be away to higher a npc driver to auto follow a highway route.
  3. It's possible to further the game without puting lots of money into it. We have seen some really cool content for free from WU modders. I think the big issue is developers who don't seem to care what the majority of paying customers want.
  4. Perhaps the powers that be don't want to remind the players of this: https://steamcharts.com/app/1179680
  5. 1. individual traits common to parents do not have increase chance to pass to child (that was the old system). Only the dominate category has increase chance to inherit. 2. We also know that higher skill has reduced chance to add negative traits to the pool. This was in the first animal change tweek patch. 3. We don't know chance weighting for all the traits. Are you saying, given parents who have a common dominate category, that something greater then 4 in 5 children from them have either no dominate category (all misc or negative) or have switched dominate category?
  6. Having two parents as dominate Draft doesn't 100% guarantee a child will be draft. It makes it strongly more likely to be so. I'd argue the system is doing what it was told to do ( I'm not saying it's working as intended since I have no idea what Wurm devs intend). Wurm rolls the RNG dice and spit out results. Even in situation like above where it's unlikely that to shift from both parents being dominate draft to a child that is dominate output i suspect it could happen. It's just very unlikely to happen.
  7. I've had people ask how to figure out affinities for beverages and I deiced to post this. I don't manually figure out affinities. I use a program to run simulations so it can figure them out for me. Below is how the system works. Python program on pastebin.com >> Here is a excel spreadsheet showing the result of the simulation for unfermented moonshine. If you want to figure them out then don't look in the spoiler. - Modulo arithmetic - * https://www.khanacademy.org/computing/computer-science/cryptography/modarithmetic/a/what-is-modular-arithmetic * There are 138 skills and that is the number we use as divisor in modulo math. * The skill list starts at 1 yet modulo values will start at 0. we need to add 1 to the final result. * Modulo has behavior where we can mod the parts and the finished results while still getting an equal value to not modulo on the parts. Modulo on the parts is helpful because the affinity shift will be observed as a the modulo value. -Character offset- I figure this out with algebra. * toon offset: x * cooker plain oven: ID 178 or 40 (result of 178 mod 138). * container pottery bowl: ID 77 * ingredient raw whole pumpkin: template 33 + vegetarian 22 + raw-whole 0 + real-template -10 * "[21:09:53] You think the breakfast might give you more of an insight about preaching!" * 117, "Preaching" For me this is: (x + 178 + 77 + 45) / 138 = Q remainder 116 where 0 <= x <= 137 I'm not sure if this always works: 178 + 77 + 45 = 300 138 * 2 + 116 = 392 392 - 300 is character offset. And in Ogare's case that is 92. I chose times two because it fit well with the summed 300 value. For other toons and different recipes it might be a smaller or a larger value. Quotient or Q is irrelevant for affinity math so whether it's a 0, 1, 2, ... it doesn't matter as long as 0 <= x <= 137. -unfermented moonshine- This is the best beverage item to make for affinities. If you want other beverage drinks a similar process applies with a different container or cooker. Ogare's offset 92 oven cooker, 40 cauldron container, 75 water ingredient, 6 sugar ingredient, 47 fried pumpkin, 46 ((92+40+75+6+47+46) mod 138) + 1 = 31 or Religion. [18:08:44] You think the unfermented moonshine might give you more of an insight about religion! - Cooker- oven 178, campfire 37, forge 180, still 1178 - Container- pottery bowl 77, frypan 75, cauldron 75, plate 69 - Ingredients - All ingredients consist of this: template + material + state + real-template. Summed values can be modulo by 138 if desired. All the identifier numbers are pulled from WU code, and yes they are correct for WO. Wurm code uses -10 for real template as an equivalent for none. Most ingredients don't have real template. Given the numbers come from WU it would be useful to have a list of all food stuff already extracted from WU code. But I haven't done that and I usually look up what I need. I realize this isn't ideal for others. I've wanted to make that list and have been putting it off.
  8. veg moonshine possibility herb moonshine possibility spice moonshine possibility fruit moonshine possibility berry moonshine possibility nut moonshine possibility mushroom moonshine possibility
  9. edit...ups I used undistilled ingredients in the recipes. It should be distilled moonshine. I also forgot the any vegetable variant. Instead of changing what's below I'll make another post. I wonder if the 6 recipes in the spoiler would let us make infused booze? I used the wine barrel fermenting process to act as a infusion process. I don't know if these would work right now but someone with a running WU server could add them and test it. These recipes could server as a template to apply the same approach to all the other distilled liquors. I'd argue gin should be redone like these instead of how it currently is. The difficulties for things are just random numbers. I have no idea if that is what they should be. I'm not sure if I did the result descriptions correct. The ratio for the mandatory moonshine value probably needs to be more then 0. I'm not sure where it should be so players can still add lots of variations from the "any" category. If the ratio is too large there will be insufficient room in wine barrel. "Why all that Any stuff?" Because it's important if you want to provided players with affinity potential diversity. Using something like Any herb adds affinity diversity. Where as, specifying chopped herbs limits affinity diversity. I also added 5 entries to the "any" category. This will give players massive affinity diversity. If you want to test this, the 6 different recipes need to be put in their own file. Interesting ... https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=chanterelle+infused+vodka. I can totally see Black mushroom infused moonshine.
  10. The cooking system wasn't modeled/designed looking at the affinity diversity for various recipes. I doubt Wurm did a extensive combinatorics simulation of all recipes to make sure players had access to all affinities. no, more likely they just added many recipes and hopped for the best. One of the primary goals were to add recipes that matched with real life. I've run simulations with a python script looking for 138 unique combinations with a specific recipe. This gives all the affinities possible. I frequently see gaps and have to add or subtract ingredients for subsequent simulations to get all of them. With beverages this is only possible with herb tea and unfermented moonshine.
  11. Ekcin it sounds like your just looking at skill gain tick size. What's important is the gain frequency. Sure, do all you can to increase tick size like coc, sb. If you get the task difficulty versus skill/tool-ql optimized you'll get gains more often. This is the point of the lava tile. (49 butcher skill + 5ql knife) / 2 - 20 = approximate ideal difficulty or in this case how much damage the meat should have. So 7 damage for your setup. And remember that formula is an estimate. If your going to use the grinder app https://www.dreamsleeve.org/wurm/grinder/ use the fixed bonus (channeling) tab.
  12. Is there any skill that doesn't either directly use action time or use something as a substituent for it? Cooking for example uses the difficulty of the meal as the action time. Here are some helpful tips related to this: * Action times are hard caped at 30 seconds for skill gain purposes. * 2 of 30 second actions and 6 of 10 second actions are the same skill gain potential on average. The main difference is you need less targets for the 30 second one. But longer timers don't give more skill compared to doing more shorter action where total action time is equal in both cases.
  13. Wurm has horrible testing tools. Even the combat UI change thing was a bad test. Testing the animal changes would be very hard for players. Maybe if Wurm let us test where there where no cool downs and babies popped out instantly. Although, even then how does one test something when we don't even know how it's suppose to work? I also think, it's all conspiricy based mind you, that they aren't interested in what we want. It's the wants of the elite insider friends that are calling the shots. Wurm has been like this for a long time. Why ask players what they want or think when you have no intention of using the feedback.
  14. @FicikThank you for doing this. Maps should be based on "Hey I found something at this location". Ideally Wurm would just document it all and release a map but they don't. Thus, something like this is the next best thing. I hope you ignore the naysayers and realize they can't stop you.