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  1. I registered for the alpha test. And I'll play and test it if I get picked. I like the idea of the game. But I won't give exuberant amounts of money to them. A standard 30 or so USD is all they'll get from me. I've been burned too many times by alpha-Kickstarter-gofundme-patron-steamearlyaccess games that promise so much and then fail spectacularly.
  2. Frist off, you can pretty much google something like "keyboard automation". I had hopped a result of this thread were more choices for players looking to acquire useful tools. I wanted to level the playing field so all player have access to these useful tool, not just those with programmer skills. I think most of the things you'll find on the google search require some programing knowledge. Another issue is that most of the automation programs that will send a couple keys to the client will let you do many other things that wouldn't be allowed. I'm worried inexperience won't lead to knowing what is okay and what is not. Unfortunately, based on what I've seen in this thread it seems it best to say nothing. And it all reaffirms my lack of faith in Wurm's moderation.
  3. You need to be in a position to prove your attending. Just saying your attending isn't good enough. I'd advise you get a wireless keyboard and mouse to use from the couch. Making up rules again. The rules do not say we have to be at our desk.
  4. @NicrolisIn my opinion, your making up rules. Frist...this in no way says we can't use a voice initiated key send tool. "or other similar product" (to me) means a tool that will send a sequence of keys to Wurm. Second...The attendance rules by no means say we have to watch the screen 100% of the time. It just says we need to be watching the screen when sending commands to wurm. For example, if you could queue up four of thirty second actions the player here would only to look a Wurm once every 4 minuets and only for long enough ( a couple seconds) to verify that everything is working right. Lastly, many here don't seem to want to acknowledge that the allowed "G" keys tool folks are currently using is in fact automating the process of selecting the right improving related action. The player just has to press the button and the tool figures out the rest...it automates the process. The scan and construct key sequence tool I suggested does the same thing. In sprit they are exactly same thing. Interestingly enough, the scan-&-string construct tool I suggested requires user interaction for every time a player wants to fill ML queue. Thus it doesn't fall into the macro definition in the rules.
  5. @Oblivionnreaver In spirit the scan-and-construct idea is the same as 1-key ML thing. They both automate the process of selecting the right imp tool. It does so as a result of the player pushing a key and only fills up the action queue. Just as a clarification, I didn't actually make it but I could. Also, that cm is totally wrong on the other two points. This is one of the issues we have with wurm. Moderators saying things that are wrong and are hurting player's ability to acquire useful tools.
  6. @fencejumperEverything you've said in this post is wrong. What I find interesting is doing the 1key imp thing with ML que is in spirit automating the process of selecting the right improve tool. It's the same thing as I pointed out with the event scan, construct imp string, and send that when the player pushes a key. Here the que is filled up when the player physically pushes a key.
  7. Even at 20 ML a player could do the simple imp. You'd make multiple imp string keys. At 20ml is 3 total actions. I could combine 1ir into 1i2ir for this but then your left with the last being 5ir. May as well just do 5 keys. 1ir 2ir 3ir 4ir 5ir now I set those up to 5 buttons and I just push those 5 buttons slowly each time. You need to push them slowly so the que can error out ( wrong tool or not damaged).
  8. It is okay to make tools that data mine logs to do things with as long as that program doesn't interact with wurm. 1. Make a program to analyzes event which writes a string of letters to a text file. 2. Make a second program that open that file and send that string when the player pushes the action button. Here the program that interacts with wurm has no logic, no loops, no waits.
  9. boy...so no loops or delays and we can use other automation programs? It's possible to make something that scans event log and constructs a improving related string of keys to send to Wurm. The keys would be sent when the player next pushes the ONE button again. I have no problem with others using something like this. What I don't like is the confusion about what we can do and that such an advantage is only available to the few.
  10. I like challenge and it's what makes Wurm fun. But what is not fun is trying to figure out how things work. I'm confident there are many players who want to feel like they are being efficient. Fishing, In my experience, the number one problem with this is failing to communicate to the player important things. This could be why things are going wrong, "jump the hook". It also lacks of hints about what will lead to good skill gain. Another issue with depth is when Wurm makes things convoluted as a short cut to depth. For fishing this is the difficulty in storing and stockpiling baits and floats. Allowing baits/floats in bulk containers should have been common sense. Further, making the random spawning mechanics limit certain bait/float collection is more convolution. Moss float and wheat bait are good example of how it should be. Worms, twigs, birch bark are examples of the bad. Archaeology, I've never done it.
  11. Sadly, development isn't player driven. Regardless of what the naysayer will say about community controlling development, it would work. imo the problems are two fold 1. Overbearing or heavy-handed moderation. 2. Developers who won't submit to the wishes of the community majority.
  12. Can this be moved to community assistance > game guides?
  13. It's not just time. Do note, I'd have a hard time grinding mining to 93, finding a 93+ ql vein, sweet spot grinding WS to 90 all within 4 months. I don't have access to coc or money to buy sleep powder. 1. Wild breeding-animal supply is limited on Cadence. Maybe it's fine on other servers. Basically only those who already had plentiful stock can progress and benefit from the system. 2. Pay wall, 100 animals on deed and still have good ratio is about 3s upkeep and 15s land buy. I wants to spend 1s in upkeep and only had 4 horses before the change. With those two things in mind I can say it extremally difficult to produce even mediocre results with animal husbandry.
  14. Getting top of the line mounts (5 speeds) was too easy in comparison to getting most of everything else at top quality. Way too easy. Is why horse breeders went extinct. I think they should not touch the AH patch and leave it as is but people grew to acustomed to their maxed out mounts and they cry in unison so the devs backed down to pure pressure. A maxed out horse should be just as rare and/or hard to make as a rare 90ql weapon since mobility is just as important as one or probably the most important thing in combat. What are you talking about? I didn't say Wurm should revert the animal husbandry change. I said they need to fix what they broke. I could argue how it's actually easy to make a 90ql item and how 90ql items are significantly easier to make then a end-game mount. But that is changing the subject. Wurm has said they think the animals husbandry change needs tweaking and they will "get around to it eventually". Well, in my opinion, they should drop everything and focus on fixing the broken update.
  15. Wurm has access to some user machine statistics. we can agree to send these. I'm not sure how many decided to send nothing. The stats should give an estimate of how many machines can support VR. I personally don't own VR and even if I did I sure as heck wouldn't play Wurm in it. This is not an example of a good VR game, "move arms for a second or two indicate some improve action. Now wait 10, 15, 20 seconds for the timer"... repeat for hours on end.