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  1. Add rare coin information to forage and botany pages.
  2. I think folks can play much of what wurm has to offer with mediocre qualities. If someone doesn't like grinding and doesn't want to go around showing off in global it's possible to have fun with lower skills. I say this first because it's the most important. Wurm could inform players about skill gain chance. 1. "Mining rock with the 75 ql pickaxe and 70 mining skills is very easy, and you can expect skill ticks about 9% of the time." 2. "Mining gold with the 20 ql pickaxe and 20 mining skills is difficult, and you can expect skill ticks about 23% of the time." 3. "Mining iron with the 23 ql pickaxe and 30 mining skills is educational, and you can expect skill ticks about 54% of the time." The math is too complicated for me to give exact answers between A, B and C. I can give the following obviations. As far as how much longer player A will take then C. I'd guess player A will never make it to 90, maybe not even 70. This is because if you only do what's needed you'll never do enough skilling to get to the higher levels. It's possible if player A is in a village with other players and player A does all the mining it may happen. Player C will likely have the 50% tick frequency all the way to high 90's. Whereas player A will start off at that 50% chance but as skill goes up the chance falls. Using grinder app 70 mining skill, 70 ql pick on iron is about 10% chance for tick. I don't have the math skills to give an exact answer. But that is 5x less likely to get a skill tick then player C at those levels. Thus, 5x longer to get the same amount of skill. I think there is diminishing returns curve happening here. Generally, Player C will be grinding for many hours a day doing useless tasks (mining crate racks full of ores that may never get used. In some cases, the grinder may even have an alt there to pick up the ore/shards and discard them. Whereas player A only mines maybe an hour (unless your mining ore to make ribbons for supports, one simply doesn't need that much iron). Not only is player C getting ticks more often, but the player is skilling for longer.
  3. Frist off I don't think this thread is the place to object/complain/suggest about AH. I thought folks here where just discussing how breeding works. In order to breed draft/speed mules you first need donkey AND horses. How can you not see that needing to breed two different animals up and maintaining that breeding stock is more work? I guess I can agree that the effort to do a single breed action with a horse and donkey is the same as horse and horse. But we simply can't discredit the work to get the point where one can breed the donkey and horse. Also, don't discredit the extra deed space to support donkey, horse and mules. If Wurm makes mules and horses the same, then buyers will almost always want horses. Horses can be breed (the buyer can make more) and as you point out they look better. It seems to me your using straw-man to try and justify your real problem - Mules (the mechanically optimal animal) are the best animals but they are ugly and boring looking. Plus, in real life they are by no means better than a pure bread horse. I personally don't care what the animals look like. Frankly, I'd be ecstatic if we could craft a big rolling ball that gets hitched to vehicles to pull them around.
  4. While I have no idea what's intended, I can make a couple of observations. 1. Mules take more work and in general Wurm makes more difficult things functionally better then easier alternatives. 2. (Conspiracy mind you) Wurm breeders have off and on asked for a gelding feature, most likely to preserve their income, and now mules in a way provide this.
  5. I believe the only chance I have to figure out what's going on with AH breeding is by collecting data. Hopefully I can encourage others to do the same. A standardized form for this purpose would be useful. Are any important data entries missing from the following json data object and all the values are made up for this example? { "dad id": "male1", "mom id": "female1", "name": "male2", "animal": "bison", "gender": "male", "estimate gestation": "7d6h", "actual gestation": "7d4h", "toon AH": 57, "traits":["SB", "CM", "EG"] } It's likely the "actual gestation" field won't be accurate. I'd have to leave an alt AFK by the pens 24-7 to get that value. I don't want to do that. I'll use an estimate based on when I attend to the animals. Is this estimate a data collection problem?
  6. It seems caffeine power is scaled down linearly when we drink less than a 0.2kg sip. Thus, we need 10 sips of 0.2kg Kahvesi to get 100 power. I didn't think it was too much of a bother to make 0.23 kg Kahvesi batches. That means we will need 9 batches to get 10 of 0.2 kg sips. I was considering using this for meditation but I believe I'll need to do 9 batches per a mediation. If I can do 7 mediations I'll also need to fit in 63 batches of coffee, plus grow that many beans a day. Is that right? It's doable but I'm not sure if I want to do that much coffee work.
  7. Making use of that I can get an accurate ql of 52.924474489596965671258359653198. And then with some more simple algebra I get: c=12 and cf=2.4 Actual favor is likely 67.224. When did the conversion constant change from 8 to 12? The number I got above seem right.
  8. 52.93 silver statuette of Vynora Per the wiki this should be worth (favor = c * QL² * 0.002) 44.8253584 favor. The in game get price estimate says it's worth about 67 favor. Frist, I tried using Deed Faith Bonuses for Enchanting to exclude favor calculations and find get price. Enchanting (0.96611): 0.483055%, [19:35:20] You think you can sacrifice this to Vynora for about 67 favor. [19:36:18] Vynora is very pleased with your offerings. Enchanting (1.41427): 0.707135%, Wiki gives me Irons-to-points is 200,000:1 1.41427 - .96611 = 0.44816 point change. 200,000:1 = x:.44816 x = 89,632 irons. 52.93^2 = 2801.5849 it's possible there was additional ql precision lost to gui's rounding. irons = constant * 2801.5849 = 89,632 constant = 31.993319210137090616100907739758 so 32. Silver has a price modifier of x8. The base constant is 4? So far so good. Nice round numbers that don't appear strange. get price on a rare copper twenty coin [20:01:55] Price is set to 20 copper. [20:01:55] You think you can sacrifice this to Vynora for about 3 favor. The 3, instead of 4, is likely the result of float math and an integer floor rounding. It should still be 1 favor: 5 copper 1 favor: 5 copper doesn't make sense for 52.93 silver statuette of Vynora. 1 favor: 5 copper = 67 favor: x copper x = 335c Which doesn't match the 89,632 irons from Enchanting test. 67 favor: 89,632 irons = 1 favor : x irons x is 1337.7910447761194029850746268657 68 favor: 89,632 irons = 1 favor : x irons 1,318.1176470588235294117647058824 The favor from get price is defiantly rounding but it's in that range. 1318 irons per a favor is a strange number. Am I missing something? I don't know where to go from here.
  9. During the great chopped veggie nerf, I remember there being some changes to the relationship between get price and favor. In other words, it's possible the relationship between get price and favor may not be as strait forward as it was when the get price wiki page was created. I don't know how to retrieve accurate get price anymore now that it reports favor and ends up discarding precision to round to the nearest favor point.
  10. The cordage formula: Favor = 1.25 * QL * QL * 0.002 is exactly the same as the one you gave. You can read the history part on the get price wiki page and see your preferred formula was a conversion from the original for the benefit of doing mental math.
  11. The Following is useful information. How or where would I add it? I ask because Wurmpedia has a bad atmosphere for editing (IMO) and I don't want to add things that will just get removed. Hourly rarity window. on average, once an hour a 20 sec rarity window is created for a character. This is probability based so it could happen two, three, or more times in an hour. Likewise it may not happen at all for two, three or more hours. There is no way to tell when your window is other then seeing the MOI notification. The notification occurs when an action started within the window finishes. Starting and succeeding a creation action during the window will move on to the rolls for rarity level. Starting and succeeding a improve action and passing an additional 20% chance will move forward to the rarity level rolls. The duration of the rarity window can be extended up to 10 sec (to a total of 30 seconds) by increasing village faith creation bonus. Any action that starts inside the window will generate a MOI notification when it finishes. The rarity level rolls are: rare 50.0%; supreme F2P 1.0%, supreme paying 3.03%; fantastic F2P 0.01%, fantastic paying 0.0103%. These can also be expressed as: rare 1 in 2; supreme F2P 1 in 100, supreme paying 1 in 33; fantastic F2P 1 in 10,000, fantastic paying 1 in 9708. Adding items of rarity to complex constructions. Rarity chance for these is one in the total number of parts. For example, a forge has 22 parts. Every part of rarity added to the forge will do a 1 in 22 roll to transfer the rarity to the forge. This applies to the initial creation too. Every attempt to attach a part of rarity will do the MOI chance roll and generate the MOI notification. You can fail the attach attempt and immediately try again with the same part of rarity. Simple creations that only have one or two parts don't receive this benefit. A quick way to tell the difference is simple items only have two things under "Starting items" in the Crafting Recipes GUI. Whereas complex items have starting items and more listed under "Additional items". One percent chance to transfer rarity on improve. There is a one percent chance to transfer rarity form improve material to the target item. This requires that that the improvement material be completely consumed for the action; Thus, you only get one chance to transfer. It also requires that the improve action succeed. Improving doesn't have a minimum material weight so it's common to create things with the rare material to get it's weight down to where it will be fully consumed in one improve action. There is no MOI notification for this.
  12. You achieve this by taking advantage of how the contents of a container are only destroyed for bulk containers (BSB, FSB, Crates). Destroying non-bulk containers simply dumps their contents on the ground. Frist, fill a big container full of smaller containers which are full of meat and place that on the lava tile. Lava will destroy any material so it doesn't mater what the containers are made from. The lava will destroy the big container and dump the smaller containers on the lava tile. Next the lava will destroy the smaller containers and dump the meat on the ground.
  13. I registered for the alpha test. And I'll play and test it if I get picked. I like the idea of the game. But I won't give exuberant amounts of money to them. A standard 30 or so USD is all they'll get from me. I've been burned too many times by alpha-Kickstarter-gofundme-patron-steamearlyaccess games that promise so much and then fail spectacularly.
  14. Frist off, you can pretty much google something like "keyboard automation". I had hopped a result of this thread were more choices for players looking to acquire useful tools. I wanted to level the playing field so all player have access to these useful tool, not just those with programmer skills. I think most of the things you'll find on the google search require some programing knowledge. Another issue is that most of the automation programs that will send a couple keys to the client will let you do many other things that wouldn't be allowed. I'm worried inexperience won't lead to knowing what is okay and what is not. Unfortunately, based on what I've seen in this thread it seems it best to say nothing. And it all reaffirms my lack of faith in Wurm's moderation.
  15. You need to be in a position to prove your attending. Just saying your attending isn't good enough. I'd advise you get a wireless keyboard and mouse to use from the couch. Making up rules again. The rules do not say we have to be at our desk.