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  1. 1. There are cooking recipe lists out there on the web. 2. You can use WU playing as a GM and it will reveal all the recipes included with WU. From what I can tell they are very close if not the same. 3. A modder could likely change WU recipes so they are by default known to all. herb tea is a good beverage for affinities cooked in oven or campfire with a pottery bowl or cauldron. required: water + chopped herb zero or one: sugar, maple syrup, honey zero or one: lemon juice, any milk I'm positive folks would help you figure out affinities, for free coarse, for your skills if you provid details on the specific recipe.
  2. It's possible to make a breakfast so complex with this technique that it breaks the ccfp/affinity system. It's called an overflow error I believe where values used to track complexity are exceeding whatever memory Wurm has assigned to keep track of that. Here is a pic of something I made that broke it. https://paste.pics/aab3e1a26c57429cce97c2cd23cb905d
  3. @gnomegatesyou need to chop/cook everything and add all the optional ingredients. Cooked fries and fried slice have optional things you can add that greatly boost it. Fries can included oil, mayo, vinegar, and tomato ketchup. Fried slice can include tomato ketchup and mayo. I didn't do this but it's possible using fresh fennel might give better cooking oil and consequently also mayo. With the ketchup ingredients need to be processed: 1. The veggies (tomato, onion, and garlic) can be processed twice. With theses you chop or mash them. It doesn't matter which. Next you cook them and the cooking methods are fry (fry pan), roast (roasting pan), fire roasted (campfire), steamed (sauce pan + water). Again, it doesn't matter which cooking method. 2. Chop or grind all the herbs/spices so chopped basil, ground ginger, chopped fennel.
  4. I went to WU and made some food to test and found some things. The cooked fries and fired sliced aren't good for ccfp. They are very complex and great for affinity timer. I wanted to find good food that is made form just stuff I can fish, farm or garden. I wanted to avoid ingredients from forestry or hunting. But it seems I"ll need sausage materials so I'll work on mass sheep breeding.
  5. I'm looking for either 1.28kg of bladder, which is 64 bladders from bsb combined ,or 5kg of bladder if that many can be combined. Quality doesn't matter. To be delivered by mail COD and I'll pay the 1c (it should be just 1c per wiki's 1c per 5kg statement). Please provide your price.
  6. I'm trying to make a breakfast that give 100% ccfp and many hours of affinity in one bite. I got a combo here that does give a lot of calories and protein. It is about 10h affinity in archeology. What I don't understand is how this food can be zero fats or carbs. Here is a pic of what I last made: https://paste.pics/20489da9c8b2806a44b8a7245cd6a07d note that the fried slice and cooked fries are made of combinations of: mayo, malt vinegar, cotton oil, tomato ketchup.
  7. Please add the current volume setting for a measuring jug to its name.
  8. With cooking we can make food so complex it breaks the affinity/CCFP features. I'd like to see these two added. 1. A round max function to bring values down to where they don't exceed whatever memory value is being used. although, silently rounding down creates potential waste for the player. 2. Have the lore message tell that the food is too complex and will result in no affinity/CCFP bonuses. After all, this is what happens when it's too complex. A message informs the player of the waste beforehand. Here is a breakfast I made that gave nothing: https://paste.pics/aab3e1a26c57429cce97c2cd23cb905d (The cooked fries and fried slice are made with oil, tomato ketchup, mayo and vinegar)
  9. I spent about 8 hours wandering around Cadence and traversed a distance around 5 or 6 map grids. I killed this stuff: 1 black bear 4 scorpion 1 wolf 2 mountain lion 7 wild cat 3 brown bear 10 spider 3 crocodile 3 pig 1 pheasant 6 hen 7 dog 1 deer and got NOTHING! I killed everything I saw except a few trolls as I can't kill them. Why does it matter if the Halloween drops are common? Only issue of matter can think of is it will devalue the things. But they should be for people to have fun with, not make silver from selling.
  10. This combat business scares me. I like Wurm's casual combat. I know the skilled button-mashing (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twitch_gameplay) players will demand they receive advantageous rewards for their perceived superior performance. This means those of use who want casual combat will have to play the twitch gamer's way. I perdict this: old school wurmer "I want an auto fight so I can just stand in front of mobs and kill them like before." twitcher "Hey I work hard to push the button just right and it just isn't fair that you can get the same rewards as me for using your lazy auto-fight system." old school wurmer "hey if you don't like the auto-fight no one is forcing you to use it, do what you like playa. If you find the challenge of manual fight fun, the fun should be reward enough." Twitcher "why in the world would I disadvantage myself like that? Sorry but in order for a mmo to be fun we all have play the same way." ....yada yada yada ...folks contune to argue about stuff that doesn't really change
  11. By leveraging remote gaming technology and making a custom Wurm GUI designed for phone/table (yes, a challenging task) it would be possible to do this today. We wouldn't even need to wait for Wurm devs to do it, at least I'm pretty sure this type of setup would be fine as long as your controlling the toon. Downside with this is Wurm would have to be running on a machine somewhere and have access to good upload/download internet speed. Although, many tasks in Wurm are slow. I'm pretty sure a phone 3G connection would be enough to click create every 20 seconds or so.
  12. considering recent events, 10h SB would be 30,000 marks. 1. I think even F2P get the SB now. So the alt problem would be significant as folks would stack up the alts so they could get things like small magic chest and rod of transmutation for free. 2. 30k marks seems excessive for every single player. And especially so for every single F2P as many are alts. 3. I'd rather see a choice of more premium time if you've bought premium at least once or x-number of hours of SB.
  13. I like this as it doesn't complicate the system. KISS solution rule!
  14. Remote desktop would likely at least let you do it. Tho the user interface on the phone would be awful (lots of zoom scaling and panning).
  15. Please add any fish fillet to breakfast, the one or more group, recipe. Or make it so fish fillet works with any fish. Fish fillet not being considered "any fish" doesn't match how meat fillet is an Any meat item.