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  1. Category: Place of Business Server: Harmony Welcome to Appenzell Deed L13 Hi All o/. Its been tough but i made it just in time. Thank you Mayah, Andrewmw, Ostria, Krucia and the rest of alliance for the help. Truly appreciate it. Feel free all to visit. I hope u all like it.
  2. Thank you so much Great service! Fast and Friendly. Till next time. Tc
  3. Hello, I have 60ql silver staff that i'd like imped up to 85ql. Kindly message me how much and when are you available for me to send. Thank u My name here is same as my ign: Blueskies
  4. Thank you. My friend and i will be there.
  5. Thank u Zarwaddim. I am a member of Western Union alliance. We got members down the south that we wish to help link to HB. We appreciate the hard work you guys put to build the highway from templerhof to shiloh (I saw the highway! great job!). I did receive a message ingame from Bobthedigger (thank you so much!) and was told that Almus owners moved to Cadence. He only knew one player named Targum but not sure if he is still active. We will try to get in touch with him the soonest and hope to get response. If we cant reach him, a possible solution is greatly appreciated to link the south area to HB. If u have suggestion or need help My ign same: Blueskies. My alt Glissa (if u cant reach me). you can message Xerxzie or Krucia if im not around.
  6. thank u. Caduryn replied and help placed catseyes. sorry for late update. So far, we havent received reply yet from mrmanick of Almus deed.
  7. Thank u Cistacista. I had fun! Congrats to all winners \o/
  8. Thank you for organizing this event! I had a great time!
  9. can u add my friends deed too? Thank u WMADD LatLng(246.150891, 412.130436)=ShoulHaven WMADD LatLng(178.077187, 463.073149)=Ballarat
  10. Hi! WMADD LatLng(313.216696, 366.876897)=Appenzell ; Mailbox, Merchant on Deed, Inbetween tundra and sandy area but near shore
  11. hi pls cod 50 oleander sprouts and 50 camelia sprouts Ig: Blueskies will return the container. Thank u
  12. ...

    Great service! Definitely Recommend! Thanks for the courier cast Mareridt.
  13. Thank you Krivis. [22:02:25] The trade was completed successfully. [22:02:52] You Changed Owner to 'Krivis'
  14. Updated Stocks for Enchanted Items