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  1. yey another one. ty for posting. il be there
  2. NIce. Ty. il join too
  3. Hi Achillis. Good evening! I would like your help imping the following weapons to 85ql (All 3 weapons) pls for me and my friends. We hope to join rift tom. 1. Silver Staff - 73ql (Nim71 LT73 Coc 80 MS 74) with Staff Dragon Skin 2. Silver Staff - 72ql (Nim90 LT74 Coc 86 MS76 and Monster Demise) 3. Large Maul Iron - 70ql I sent them to your mail ([23:21:30] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to reach Achillis in less than thirty minutes.) You can mail it back to me once done. Thank you very much. Have a nice day.
  4. This is great! thank you so much
  5. thank you for sharing. hope to see you all.
  6. Category: Place of Business Server: Harmony Welcome to Appenzell Deed L13 Hi All o/. Its been tough but i made it just in time. Thank you Mayah, Andrewmw, Ostria, Krucia and the rest of alliance for the help. Truly appreciate it. Feel free all to visit. I hope u all like it.
  7. Thank you so much 😄 Great service! Fast and Friendly. Till next time. Tc
  8. Hello, I have 60ql silver staff that i'd like imped up to 85ql. Kindly message me how much and when are you available for me to send. Thank u My name here is same as my ign: Blueskies