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  1. Could you please COD an 80 ql plate set to Xehtran please? Thanks much!
  2. please cancel request for Med Maul, silver, 71ql, 76nimb, 76LT, 74coc, 74ms - 10s intended giftee already received one. You may make it available to Kelebeth. Sorry for the trouble. I am still very much interested in the halberd, however!
  3. COD to Xehtran please? I'm also keen to buy a similarly enchanted halberd.
  4. Please pm Xehtran here or in game.
  5. cod to Xehtran, please? also would like to order a medium silver maul w/ LT, NImbl, and coc if possible. Please pm me here or in game. [update] axe received. many thanks!
  6. Teaghlach (has merchant, trader, and mailbox) coords: 1189, 1009 Rosebush Meadow coords: 1186, 989