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  1. Sharkbury Ships All our ships come with the following: Choice of wood type for the final peg/tenon Free delivery on Harmony, Melody, or Cadence (for purchases over 5s) Free lead mooring anchor Free future imping for all ship purchases at Sharkbury [Harmony K23] Help loading/unloading of your crates & creature cages We also have a selection of crates & cages available to purchase! The boats below are complete to the final peg/tenon and available for purchase now: Small Sailing Boat (Quantity: 1) Corbita (Quantity: 1) Cog (Quantity: 1) (We aren't taking future orders at this time, only selling the boats listed above, as they are ready to go!) Prices Rowing Boat: 1 silver Small Sailing Boat: 3 silver Corbita: 15 silver Cog: 25 silver Knarr: 45 silver Small Cedarwood Crate: 10c Large Cedarwood Crate: 25c Fish Keep Net: 1s (Preserves freshly caught fish on your boat) Sleep Powder: 1.5s Cedarwood Creature Cage: 1 silver Creature Cage Filled With Cute Baby Unicorn Foal: 4 silver Contact Picklelicious or Pickwicke in game to arrange delivery details. (she/her)
  2. Thank you! I have one now. Please close this thread.
  3. All above ground, none hitched. Animal Husbandry 42.
  4. I'm looking for either a thorn peg or a tenon, paying 50c for one, COD to Pickwicke. (I only need one, want quality at least 10 please)
  5. Again, We have the same problem on our deed. Since the previous cast didn't work we have imped the altar to over 20ql, moved it around the deed a little, and made sure the boundary between the nearest Vyn domain is about 8 tiles from where the animals and the Fo altar are. Can we have some official response please?
  6. We have the same problem on our deed.