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  1. Now I have 3 black ram: Mature, Young and lamb Please send me message in wurm to buy (Nessime)
  2. Harmony, i 8 Send me (Nessime) a private message or write here your proposal. 1500 in stock -> 1k / 4s Meat different types 30-40 ql
  3. I bought a beautiful raspberry corbita. Best service as usual! Thanks a lot!
  4. Welcome to Sunny coast! Harmony, i8 Send me a private message. Horses: Leatherworking: Carpentry / Fine Carpentry:
  5. it's like a rare color horse. You can use it to breed cool black lamb :3
  6. Looking to sell or trade for colored horse (blood bay, chestnut, ebony, buckskin), also open for offers. Harmony, i8 Please send me message in wurm to buy (Nessime)
  7. Wellfleet (484, 448) Frenchman's Bend (481, 454) Rodnoy Bereg (480, 459) Forgotten In The Woods (478, 465) [18:06:41] You enter Wellfleet. [18:08:09] You enter Frenchman's Bend. [18:10:49] You leave Rodnoy Bereg. [18:14:49] You enter Forgotten In The Woods. [18:15:17] You enter City On The Coast.