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  1. thank you for letting me play with your big playmate, i was so stoked when i saw that i actually landed a hit
  2. okay we have gotten the canalway reopened
  3. I would like to let everyone coming to this slay know that the canal between the lake that shackport E-13 and the lake that is west of jadewood canal has been blocked by a bridge that has not been cleared yet so please take alternate routing by sea if you had planned to use this route
  4. the canal located at 814, 506 has been blocked by a bridge, the bridge creator said they made a mistake and it needs to be bashed before the canal is traversable again, the bridge is at the south end of the canal This cuts off any traffic between the lake that Shackport sits on and the Jadewood canal area lake. If i get some time i will attempt to bash out the bridge asap the canal is partially re-opened and will allow ship traffic through again
  5. yay i had customers, but seriously back to the front page
  6. hurrah glad things worked out for you and kudos to the chap that had them for being nice enough to return them
  7. thanks for the heads up i might show up if i am on at the time of the event
  8. it will go away eventually Breezzy unlike the stupid stone 1x1 in the perimeter of our deed that has not gained any damge in the 5 months the person set it up to block our expansion (2 days before we had the cash to expand too >.< ) and they have yet to do anything with the area that they took over
  9. they would not show up if they were on a different server because when animals cross servers they are like they are wild and need to be tamed/recared for/branded again
  10. hee hee i applied the skin to a seryll longsword
  11. oh i love this idea +1 in my book
  12. Bludscythe Smithy of Melody presents the following auction rare seryll ring Starting bid: 10 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve:no Buyout: no Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: not accepted
  13. Thank you very much for letting me come claim that dragonslayer title i been wanting Traipse, Owner Fir Retreat