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  1. i rather enjoyed the performance and was so nice to see so many listeners thank you for hosting this musical for all of us
  2. well my sword is nice and sharp now thanks to Sankara so i will strive to attend this musical experience, looking forward to the pie as well
  3. i dunno about you but i have huge groves of both oak and cedar growing on my deeds in both north and south freedom clusters
  4. oh a musical performance i might have to leave my deed to check it out, although if my sword is not back from the sharpening i ordered for it i will have to sit this one out
  5. i encountered this the first time i deeded but since then i have taken time to decide where to put down my tokens for deeds but it would be nice to be able to move a token within a deeds boundaries if so desired and yes it should not be free to do either for then we would just see people exploiting for various reasons.
  6. i agree this is insanity itself especially seeing not every path of power player is religious too
  7. 1251, 3185 GT Skanzar 234 (Hegyi Vadaszok) 1434, 3696 GT Evilvision 546 (Crossroads)
  8. i 100% agree with DaletheGood on this(what am i thinking) a means to be able to safely go afk and be somewhat protected by the guard towers is needed , for instance i am constantly having to afk because i am on medication that forces me to pee upwards of 2-4 times an hour and it doesnt allow me to hold it at all. this would make those mad dashes less stressful when traveling by a whole lot. i dont worry when not traveling away from my deeds because i always employ at least 1 templar on all my deeds but traveling is a bit dangerous because i am known to aggro everything.
  9. Okay things look much better now i will be able to use the site finally, now to learn how to use the tools properly is my next challenge okay looks like i have finally got this part figured out thanks for adding that how too in you first post Drogos
  10. i would appreciate more variety in rift rewards from the token and while on the subject a larger variety in the premium store would also be nice
  11. yeah i checked this out but couldnt figure out how to use it, you need to consider it being used by us people that are not IT people i am a cook not a technician this is why i liked Niarjra all i had to do was go to the website and bam i had what i needed at my fingertips without having to know anything about coding or how to find stuff in the folders on my pc. yes i know i have a pc and should know how to use that stuff but after destroying over 15 computers in the past i really dont want to destroy this one because i doubt i could afford to buy a new one again in my lifetime Kordeth = Kor(core) deth(death) whichs literally means i am death to the core of a computer and hence the moniker