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  1. this sucks i absolutely hate leaving my toons outside when logged
  2. we still have several spaces that are available to folks that want a nice place to build their homestead sheltered within protective walls just 5 min north of Sonata, looking for friendly sorts that enjoy working with others and being part of an active community.
  3. is there something going on with Cadence my charactors and my alliances charactors all locked up and everything is not working did something go down?
  4. still have several areas open for new homesteaders contact in game or here more likely in game though
  5. i got locked out after lagging out and crashing and i was being chased by a troll O.O
  6. at least it isnt just me i am hoping i am safe and alive cause i was being chased by a troll when it went down
  7. me and my village mates just dropped from the game and now i cant even load the game client
  8. that makes me so mad, i cant find even 1 wild bison
  9. we have 3 spaces currently open for homesteading in Apple Hill Overlook, we would encourage those interested in being part of a community of friendly people to come take a look and see if the open locations would be a fit for homesteading. Speak with Narvolbludscythe(mayor) or Stantonbludscythe if interested in becoming a part of the community. Apple Tree Overlook is a preserve for Apple trees on the west side and has planned tree and berry farms throughout the east there is also Iron, Copper, and Marble readily available as well as a nearby Silver mine has a planned community crafting center and warehousing will also feature a guard tower and pristine marble wall enclosing the village for safety and peace of mind. Close to dangerous desert for those interested in hunting violent critters. Location is NNE of Sonata on the North Highway leading west past the peat. Mayor Narvol Bludscythe
  10. As of today the borders of Bludscythe steading are no longer open to the general public, the highway will remain open because it is an important waypath but all th egates to the village and its perimeters are closing because the actions of 1 person has made me decide the grief is not worth the time spent to make my place a beautiful spot, A member of the general public came into the fenced areas of my village perimeter today and chopped down all the trees and bushes that my gardener had painstakenly planted, then bragged about it in local chat while she was online. She scolded him before knowing the full extent of what he had done and hours later discovered the damages. So it is with some regret and a whole lot of anger over this, i have made the decision to lock all fences to non citizens. I appologize to the general public of Harmony server for denying them the ability to escape to the snactuary of my walls from dangerous opponants but my village and the mental health of my villager come first. Again i state plainly to all members of the harmony general public, it is not nice to enter a obviously well kept area and destroy things. this is a heinous act and will only lead to alienating people that may be able to help you when you need it. Mayor Kordeth Bludscythe Bludscythe Steading