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  1. appreciate the hard work put into hosting this thank you Sinnjinn
  2. this rift is located in the olive forest at K14-L14 directly north of the deed Dungeons N'Flagons that is located in L14 if coming from the north of K14 it is located somewhat sw of a previous rift camp in the steppe of K14
  3. shackport crossing bridge 642, 364 the crossing has been dredged down to 26 below water line will have the rest of the area dredged in next couple days to allow passage for larger vessels please move shackport to other side of island at 697, 340 thank you
  4. thank you for letting me come play with the krazy toy you found
  5. Also the Defender's of the North Alliance would like to ask if you build a construction for this rift to please remove your constructions afterwards
  6. the rift is located 80 tiles east of Cradle at 2686, 1568 on the community map the beam is directly in the middle of the highway on top of the hill map coordinates J-20
  7. new deed Shackport 657,350
  8. the main reason i don't attend fights at rifts anymore is because of people "tagging" a huge mass of mobs then running them all the way back to the fences so that they can quickly drop aggro, it causes a huge swarm of mobs at the gates that then proceed to turn the rift into a gore fest where i end up spending more time bandaging than enjoying the fight, and i am not a slouch at fighting having 73 skill and yes i am guilty of hitting several enemies in my vacinity to up my count but i try and deal with the enemy i targeted first. There needs to be changes and i really think that one change should be if you leave the rift by going through a fence to drop aggro any tags you did should be nullified. i think that we could plan a better way of fighting with the tanks doing their job the healers healing and us dps fighters assisting the tanks like we should do intstead of rushing around the battlefield to try and hit as many creatures as you can
  9. Holme House (2247,1471) is now the deed Patchwork(2247,1471) also Bag End(2250, 1469), Bridgeport (2149, 1473), and Tidus (2052, 1470) have been disbanded by the server. Aveenos Boats(2114, 1477) had its name changed to Oakheart Shores and actual position is closer to (2163, 1351) directly across the tunnel from Bludscythe Shipyards(2163, 1351) dead smack between is DotN Tunnel Access Deed (2214, 1353), also Apple Hill Overlook runs west to east ((2137, 1567)(2271, 1569)) then comes the deed Crimson Guard Knights (2320, 1546) and finally there is Bludscythe Mining(2320, 1193) other Highways in this area are as follows, From Sonata north to Applehill Overlook's Magranon statue (2108, 1720) to (2108, 1720) Then a highway north from Apple Hill Overlook starting at Apple Hill Overlooks Vynara Statue (2108, 1720) to the T junction at (2227, 1211) the highway goes east- west from here with west going to Lakes End(2177, 1177) and then on to Glasyfryn (2177, 1177) via East Glasfryn (2113, 1237) East from the T-junction to (2325, 1199) then north to Bludscythe Mining(2320, 1193) and on to Three Hands Trading Company (2297, 1041) this section still requires some catseyes which i will work on in near future Also there is a short highway on the east wall of Crimson Guard Knights that leads to Patchwork it is roughly located (2379, 1566) to (2379, 1566) I have noted that the Ranch and Blood Guard Knights are incorrectly placed the proper places are Blood Guard Knights@(2200, 1520) and the Ranch@(2200, 1425). Sincerely Lord Bludscythe, Lord of Apple Hill Overlook and leader of Defender's of the North Alliance
  10. thank you for letting me help get rid of this nasty denizen of the forest
  11. thank you for letting me come play with your awesome pet
  12. i am here and waiting 57 priest also need journal entry name of toon is Robynnbludscythe
  13. just my opinion on this matter but during the last rift on cadence we had a guy going around with his wagon spam picking up every special ogre that was felled before anyone else could get a chance to possibly get it, do we want these character types at each rift, not to mention there are many players that simply don't care what time rifts are on other servers because they are not going to take the time to travel over there just for the sake of as the one guy says "gotta catch them all" I do agree asking people to wait is rude although if ye want to wait that is fine go ahead that means more loot for the rest of us.
  14. the smithy has moved locations to the Alliance market(about 8 tiles away from previous locale)