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  1. you're joking right? Yeah, they should just open for enemies allowing them to walk right in. /s Did you actually go to that deed with 40 people with this sort of gamesense?
  2. Why do I keep seeing this posted by JK and MR? I must be missing some inside joke to hear it echoed so many times. this is drain health damage on a horse. it has a 3 second cast. if this spell is losing you fights (its not), try shooting a horse with a bow and decent skill and compare the damage. if 5 seconds isn't justifiable for the damage done compared to drain health, try throwing some 50ql weapons(++if they are RT) at a horse and see how much that does. (instant) you'll quickly realize this is a non-factor for the argument it's being used for. Definitely a top spell, but I don't know why people are complaining about it being used on horses. WL's single targets (shard of ice does like 25-35%) are arguably better in most cases in the situations that people are whining about. Thank you for listening to my Ted Talk.
  3. If you read my post, it's literally "nerf lof and scorn cast time equally so fights aren't hinged primarily on "who has more aoe heals"" but i guess i'll give you the tl;dr since you missed the mark. As it is now, the only fight where the team with more AoE heals lost was the one in local of your capital, correct me if I'm wrong. I realize he was probably talking about the OP, not my post.
  4. The man can't even bind his spells to a keybind and he's pretending like it's player skill. Based on spell list alone it's hands down the best pvp priest, you're inexperienced if you can't just look at the list and tell that. The reason it wasn't on top since the update is because all the chaos kingdoms that have had more than 5 active players since patch have been WL. I don't know why you try to pretend libila isn't the strongest priest to try to gain an ingame advantage, but hey man whatever strategy works for you.
  5. i think anyone who thinks fights being decided almost based on solely the amount of aoe heal priests isn't looking for "good pvp", but it's not a surprise you're against a nerf on the strongest PvP priest. I am not sure why lib is a jack of all trades with access to almost all the important pvp spells, as well as doing it all just as good or better. one of the best buffs best aoe heal, scaling better at both base and especially better in group fights an aoe WL doesn't even have something comparable to drain health, a spell that WL doesn't have an equivalent to lib has singletargets as well as AoE heals, we gotta choose easiest priest to channel grind unconditional+conditional CR It's hands down the best priest, called it before the veteran zerg went BL too. The fact is, even if it's 5 fo's vs 5 libs, the libs have a distinct advantage anyways, because they're the lovechild of fo+mag, plus tools that nobody else has. This scales distinctly harder in the favor of BL the deeper you throw more numbers into the scenario. If you're going to stack a priest as a jack of all trades balance wise, it doesn't make sense for it to also be better in every way than any of the WL options.
  6. -1 drain health nerf neutral/no comment on phantasm nerf since rework aoe heals should be bumped from 15 second to 20-25 second range. Scorn's damage could probably be nerfed down to "just slows" instead of "does 5-8+ damage to everyone on the enemy team" I definitely think there could be consideration towards the maximum amount healed. I.E even in a perfect scenario a player will cap out at healing 50% of their HP at any given time from aoe heal I'm not sure the current interactions with healing resistance and AoE heals, but it feels like healing resistance is kinda weak. From my understanding of it, if I throw out a LoF that heals 5 1-damage wounds, I'm going to get minimal resistance build up. My proposed change is if you're hit with a AoE heal regardless of how much health it heals, stack 50% healing resistance timer on everyone effected off the bat first heal. Have LoF/Scorn not target full HP players at all. This will mean players that don't need the heal (at all) don't eat the first-cast healing resistance, while still effecting dying allies as well as anyone effected by aosp/scorn/painrain/pillars eating (50%) resistance even if they're topped up on health.
  7. You guys aren't still roaming in one big large group still are you? That would probably not help find pillars. If the issue is finding them / replacing ones that are in bad spots, changes could be made to add a new pillar every 30 minutes after hota start, with all previous ones taking a 10 damage tick, unless captured, where they would take 5 or 7.5 damage? Obviously the biggest team is going to want locational info on anyone that's off deed. I think that would be better tied into removing locate soul from the "useless spells nobody casts 90% of the time" category, even though it was annoying to first hand experience getting located quite literally almost every time I left deed at one point, the spell is borderline useless unless someone stealths infront of you. The locate soul range needs minimum doubled, maybe even tripled with a guaranteed range that isn't "a stones throw away", the minimum range could literally be the (200?)tile max that we have currently. I do think players being more able to gather their own intel instead of having to blindly guess would be a bit better, even situations like us sitting outside of BL's capital, they couldn't even locate names if they wanted to to get an idea of who was there. Plus to me at least it feels a little bit better if people need to work for enemy locations a bit instead of getting spoon fed the info from the game, plus the potential to realize someone's after you by paying attention to your ring, and either getting safe or arranging a counter gank. There's at least some way of knowing someone's after you even if it's a 1-in-5 on your ring sort of thing. tl;dr hope the game moves away from situations with minimal counterplay to literally anything that adds more depth to the game or gameplay.
  8. My helmet is also on a different cluster than I would've liked it to be. Why not just allow it to be redeemed from token?
  9. Yeah, I haven't played since any of the changes to interrupting came in so I'm not sure how much of a difference it makes. I do think that in general, PvP would be better if AoE heal spam wasn't so strong ( even though they're at a historically weak point at the moment ). I'll let other people provide input on if a slightly increased cast on them would be better or worse, but I think if people are complaining that priests are too much of a deciding factor in fights still, that's the best thing to target.
  10. If people feel priests are too much of a determining factor in fights, consideration towards bumping the cast time of AoE heals from 15 to 20(or more). It's kinda wonky as it is now anyways that casting a AoE heal takes about as long as casting a single target self heal (focused will/cure light) I think "everyone should be a priest" idea is always stupid though. If the other team committed more to priesting/caring about pvp, kudos to them. Everyone knows the advantage priests give, and everyone has access to priest up if the pros outweigh the cons. With account sharing rules, the majority of pvpers choosing to priest could still have access to someone's crafter anyways if you're too lazy/didn't think to have your own crafting account.
  11. I do think it would be cool to keep the skin in the game. more fitting would probably just be make it the zombie horse skin realistically
  12. or at least rework the skill to provide something impactful instead of just gate keeping benediction. For one of the hardest skills in the game, it gives you essentially no benefit right up until you get your +cast power. Could even just remove it from being a part of the journal and make the additional cast power you get scale based on your prayer skill. i.e 50 prayer = +5 cast power flat 70 prayer = +7 flat or remove the modifier that cuts your tick size in (1/3rd?) I strongly doubt the difficulty modifier from alignment being changed is going to be make or break for anyone doing the grind personally.