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  1. My helmet is also on a different cluster than I would've liked it to be. Why not just allow it to be redeemed from token?
  2. Yeah, I haven't played since any of the changes to interrupting came in so I'm not sure how much of a difference it makes. I do think that in general, PvP would be better if AoE heal spam wasn't so strong ( even though they're at a historically weak point at the moment ). I'll let other people provide input on if a slightly increased cast on them would be better or worse, but I think if people are complaining that priests are too much of a deciding factor in fights still, that's the best thing to target.
  3. If people feel priests are too much of a determining factor in fights, consideration towards bumping the cast time of AoE heals from 15 to 20(or more). It's kinda wonky as it is now anyways that casting a AoE heal takes about as long as casting a single target self heal (focused will/cure light) I think "everyone should be a priest" idea is always stupid though. If the other team committed more to priesting/caring about pvp, kudos to them. Everyone knows the advantage priests give, and everyone has access to priest up if the pros outweigh the cons. With account sharing rules, the majority of pvpers choosing to priest could still have access to someone's crafter anyways if you're too lazy/didn't think to have your own crafting account.
  4. I do think it would be cool to keep the skin in the game. more fitting would probably just be make it the zombie horse skin realistically
  5. or at least rework the skill to provide something impactful instead of just gate keeping benediction. For one of the hardest skills in the game, it gives you essentially no benefit right up until you get your +cast power. Could even just remove it from being a part of the journal and make the additional cast power you get scale based on your prayer skill. i.e 50 prayer = +5 cast power flat 70 prayer = +7 flat or remove the modifier that cuts your tick size in (1/3rd?) I strongly doubt the difficulty modifier from alignment being changed is going to be make or break for anyone doing the grind personally.
  6. For most of us, two months in with an average formup of about 8 for MR and probably not much better for JK at the moment isn't a very good sign that Defiance is in a good spot going forward, especially when the downward trend continues. Just being real.
  7. why? that's their entire point. Do you know how often shakers are actually used? not a whole lot, why do they need to be basically removed?
  8. yeah, that's not good for the game
  9. I think it would be best suited for a kingdom office role, like Poste said.
  10. it clearly means non domestic, non zombie for those that don't understand
  11. I think affinities should be rewarded more than sleep powder, as they will further tie characters to staying on PvP, instead of grinding on PvE. With sleep bonus rewards and a merged sleep bonus pool, it will still always be more efficient to grind on PvE, to sell your stuff for more SB. With an increased chance at affinities, either through actions, or through rewards tied specifically to the server, you'll see less people flip flopping I believe. Sleep bonus is nice, especially since playing on Defiance generally inhibits your ability to get it as easily as PvE players - but I can come over and try to farm my daily SB to continue my freedom grind, as opposed to having many more affinities on PvP, that are also easier to get on PvP + (they go around during pvp), and by using these affinities while grinding I also have a much better chance than on PvE to gain one. My proposal to that would be: globally double the chance of gaining affinities, and double it again for Defiance specifically. It's way too hard to gain affinities, and most people get 90 in a skill before getting a random affinity in it I'm about 99% sure. Edit: also, increased QL gain should be limited to non seryll, glimmer, addy items
  12. I also don't think original hota should be added. Would be nice to see a weekly event that promoted pvp on a larger scale, but original hota was bad and really defeats this whole "land control" style of gameplay like Chaos used to be. On chaos it meant that a good 85% of the map was useless to deed, hold and live in. Slap a hota in the middle as is, probably not so bad. Slap a hota in the middle and then decide a year from now you're going to allow PMKs, when the server has developed, and there's no room on the edge of hota, because the meta is just deed the edges, then you have a pretty stupid problem that's already happened before. Oh, but except instead of making established deeds almost not removable without overwhelming numbers, it's completely impossible without it.
  13. I don't really see any reason for the system to be changed in any way that isn't just allowing mayors to have less than 5 tiles of perimeter personally.