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  1. I'm using latest drivers and have just tested the Steam client which did not crash
  2. Since today's update I've started crashing right after game loads (linux client on Ubuntu 20.04) Specifically it seems to trigger if I press V before elements finish loading and even if I do wait but press V twice too quickly or even if I do press it slowly as soon as I try to look around it'll crash I've tried removing the files and installing fresh just in case but had same result; will install Steam client and test that one Edit: Ran via terminal and am seeing the following reported when it crashes:
  3. Howdy folks; I'm new to Wurm Online and playing as Seirvis. Currently wondering south-west from Overture for a place to settle in preferably with some breathing room to fumble around I've played a few different MMO's, mobas, sandbox games, etc. and so far this one is reminding me of a mix between Dwarf Fortress and Minecraft which has me itching to dig in and see what I can do