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  1. hello deed name is Svijanov canal name is Cold Beer;
  2. New canal open

    Hello, i just want to inform you ladies and gentlemens we finished canal on our deed. Its open for all ships. So now biggest lake on west is connected to ocean. You are all welcome PS: we are still under construction so sorry for ugly piles of dirt and sand
  3. CZ/SK

    ZdravĂ­m nejde presne o nabor, mozna kdyby jste opravdu chteli. Nas hraje ted 5 na jednom deedu + dalsi clovicek na jidem deedu kousek od nas. Jde spise o to aby jsme vedeli kolik hracu cz/sk hraje a kde jsou at muzeme, obchodovat a popripade si pomahat. Ve hre me muzete kontaktovat na nick Sveterka a nebo tady. English Translation (Via Google)
  4. Starting bid: 15s Minimum increment: 1s Buyout: 50s Location M10 Harmony