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  1. Ebonies are now priced at 3 silver. And the Daily Ladder is gone!
  2. More horses have been added to Treasure Island!
  3. I am just curious about which items have been sold over the years at the highest price. In EVE, the most eminent sandbox game of the era, the most expensive items are old legacy ships that were made to be unique. In Runescape and other similar games it is also old legacy items. But In Wurm we have the rarity system, so a fantastic item from today could become the most valuable of all. The most valuable old item in Wurm is the MBOK, which have been sold for around 2g / 200s each. But fantastic items have sold for more. Right now there is a fantastic bone being sold for 3g on auction. I saw mentioned a fantastic pickaxe had been sold for 4.5g. Is it true? Which other fantastic items do you know that have been sold for more than 2g? Some of the sales prices have been confidential, but you can reveal them now many years later! SO here are some items from Freedom/Chaos: Fantastic strange bone sold for 5.6g in 2021: Fantastic strange bone was sold for more than 5g in 2017, reportedly 7g: A Fantastic pickaxe, runed and imbued, has been sold for around 4.5g Smoke from Sol charges sold for 3g in early days on Freedom A Fantastic carving knife was sold on auction for more than 2.5g On Epic: Valrei charges reportedly sold as high as 8g at first
  4. The Ladder is on its last leg...
  5. 5-speed Ebonies still at 4 silver fixed price.
  6. Now ebonies and appaloosas for 4 silver each.
  7. Finally have chestnut and black silver 5-speed available again.
  8. Could you share anything about how to get the information about age of deed? I made a request regarding that here earlier.
  9. 5-speed brown horses now for 50c, and Blood Bay for 1 silver!
  10. This is not an answer to your question, but once you have a Fo priest you actually want negative traits in your horses. An increased chance of adding a negative trait to the draw pool means you have a reduced risk of adding a neutral trait to the draw pool. Therefore you end up with a larger number of clean horses in your herd, and this gives you more 5-speed horses over time.
  11. Great information! If I understand you correctly, I can let the reports stay put in my journal until more information is added, EVEN IF it tells me that my report is now finished.
  12. Deja vu: I'd like 2 more arch journals QL70 mailed to "Cista" please
  13. Any chance of buying saddlebags and a bridle? Mail to Cista again
  14. I mailed you the book. EDIT: I better get the good QL paper, someone said it may have influence.