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  1. I really don't care if people are casual or what they want from a game. To each his own. I care that casuals come to this game that I play, demand changes and then leave. Destroying sailing as a trading profession with insta-teleports has brought how many more players to Wurm exactly? None. Continuing to demand Wurm make even more Second Life-style instatravel options is not going to bring any player boom either, I guarantee you.
  2. There's navigating. In this thread people talk only of exploration, but forget about the art of sailing. Countless people, myself icluded on a couple of occasions, have gone terribly lost on sailing trips. Mastering navigation in Wurm for me is a great satisfaction in itself. There was also the trading profession, I used to spend days sailing sprouts and logs through 4-5 servers and making good money on it. Also in this thread people appeal to think of the poor souls that only have 1-2 hours of playtime each evening after taking care of job and family. To this I say, there are thousands of games that are catering for the casual, and there are only few games that appeal to players that really want to invest their time in it. Wurm used to be a game all about rewarding people that wanted to invest themself in it, like EVE Online. Not so much anymore.
  3. Reminder that they already destroyed traveling in Wurm by making ships magically teleport to any coast on any server you want. EVE Online or DarkFall this is definitely not, more like Second Life's convenient sim-to-sim teleports. Want to go there? Just say the magic word and you are already there.
  4. The Steam launch of NFI was a huge succes with higher player numbers than ever seen in Wurm before (like 1500 online at the same time on Harmony). Most of them left soon of course, but nevertheless, the remaining population of NFI is quite different from the population on SFI. In my experience, most players you talk to have still never seen SFI, they've never heard of PMK wagons or banners, player gods etc. Since PMK and the whole server histories are not found on NFI, it's a little more dull IMO. The plus side, as mentioned, is that economy on NFI is leagues better. You can/could pay your subscription by doing any choice of profession really.
  5. I did offer 4s for the New Year box in private. If ok, mail to Cista (not CistaCista)
  6. That is a great review. The right people (for Wurm) will realise they must absolutely play this game after watching it.
  7. Those were just appearances though? I strongly hope that the goblin camps are an infrastructure.
  8. Never live on Xanadu Let it be for weirdos. (I love it)
  9. Technically you are incorrect, as these servers are all conncted to each other. This is how it was intended My own personal opinion is the two clusters must be united, but maybe one year from now. The economy of NFI is still youngish.
  10. This will break the game for sure lol. Quite ambitious!
  11. This is great news, since I already lost a few skinned items due to decay Plummeted - why?
  12. Gorgeous flowers. But I join the other commenters in asking, how has decay on pottery jar been taken into account for this skin?