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  1. I just found this old thread, it has quite a lot of information missing throughout. In case someone reads it later, I will fill in a couple of bits 1) Steppe will always grow over grass, in contrast to what was claimed here. Although not stated very clearly, this is the reason why Muse had a gravel barrier between steppe and grass. 2) Dirt will turn into grass >> will turn into trees. These "evolutionary steps" are much faster than the steps of steppe growing over dirt or grass, therefore leaving dirt somewhere will never lead to permanent grass or steppe cover, it will result in a secondary forest on most of the area. 3) At has been indicated, a tree can spread its sprout exactly 10 tiles. This also goes for the diagonal direction. 4) Any barrier such as sand will keep trees away if it covers these 10 tiles, or a barrier of 9 steppe + 1 sand will also do it. 5) Another, more pleasing option is to enchant all the trees in the barrier range, this will reduce spread of trees to near-zero. I have actually done this. You can cut down some of the trees if you know what you are doing, because a tree will not plant itself next to another tree.
  2. The ladder is gone, again! From now on there will just be simple categories of horses to buy from.
  3. I must disagree there. This would mean there would be no actual breeding of the animals to build better animals. As it is now, you can get any of the desirable traits at very low skill, but the art of the profession is to combine the right animals as you build your herd. Your suggestion would take the charm out of animal breeding, reducing it to another weaponsmithing grind that I would never ever touch.
  4. Bump for a great market and my new business partner!
  5. My deed: Wurm Museum - at 992, 134
  6. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEWS!!! Purebreds is now selling horses on Cadence, at the brillant Eckywecky Market in i24 (Destined Spirits deed). There is already a bunch of horses there including draft horses and 4-speed ebony blacks, available from self-service pens In addition, you can have any horse from Harmony delivered to the market place for free, where you can then pick it up at your leisure. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. Thank you for auctioning this. Honest questions;: These are from 2015 or 2016 I think? Any idea how many dioptras were given out?
  8. I'd like to buy 5 rectangular marble tables, and 5 low bookshelves with books. Is there colors from woodtypes on bookshelves?
  9. Can you mail one "remove clay" and one "remove tar" to Cista please (not CistaCista)!
  10. Two new horses with *rare* draft traits.
  11. I don't get these, maybe your skill level is over 70 or something? I am thinking the times listed (96 hours) are Wurm times and not RL times.