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  1. You people are handily ignoring the most obvious reason to play on the new servers: you can have a career there as a new player. You can make your mark as a trailblazing crafter, a road builder, etc. People will gladly buy your QL 40 tools and your 3-speed horses.
  2. Now selling many horses with the rare coats: 0-speed, 1-speed, 2-speed.
  3. There is no way Carbon or anyone could know if a horse was the first 5-speed born on the servers. Of course she is auctioning this as the first 5-speed horse ON SALE, that is obvious. Carry on please.
  4. Meditation rug, Cotton, 61coc - 1s Meditation rug, Cotton, 75coc - 2.5s Send to CistaCista please
  5. Grooming Brush, Oak, 79coc - 2.5s Can you COD this to CistaCista please.
  6. Purebreds now has a Fo priest! All horses will be sold without negative traits. Some on the sales island still have a negative trait on them right now, but they will be cleared during processing.
  7. As you can see on the map in the first post, Purebreds is now connected by highway to the canal in N14! And from there further East towards Harmony Bay.
  8. So, I have finally seen some females pass their rare coats. Out of 25 cases, 3 have now passed their rare coat. That is 12 %, still a far cry from the expected 33 %. I will keep counting. EDIT: For anyone reading this later, I now have counted 50 births. Out of 50, 10 females passed their rare coats = 20 %. These 50 were both mated with "old color" coats and new rare coats. They were never mated with their own coat color, and never with grey stallions. It's definitely more likely that they pass if they are mated with another rare coat, and I now mate them exclusively with rare coat stallions. Looks like this increases the chance of them passing their coat from less than 10 % to over 20 %.
  9. Same here, horses on my 2 deeds did - again - not get any help from Fo. One of the deeds is an island where there are absolutely no other altars within distance.
  10. I am on Harmony and was talking with Zera today. So far I have had 15 pregnancies of rare coat females. None of these pregnancies resulted in passing the rare coat. My neighbour though had an appaloosa female pass the coat, so it's possible. I have had many instances of a male with rare coat passing the coat, just not females.
  11. Now Purebreds can do deliveries to all servers! Fees: Harmony: 1.5 silver Other servers: 3 silver
  12. Today we have opened protected highway to the Great West Lake, as is indicated on the map in the OP! It is the "Sect" deed on the lake that is the connection point.