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  1. I have a lot of silver on Northern Freedom Isles and lacking in SFI. Looking to trade at 1:1. CistaCista is my character on NFI, and Cista is my character on SFI.
  2. I have a lot of silver on Northern Freedom Isles and lacking in SFI. Looking to trade at 1:1. CistaCista is my character on NFI, and Cista is my character on SFI.
  3. Fantastic pictures everyone! What a day. After my whole city block had a power failure during the warmup races, we were then robbed of wind in the main race! I am blessed that everyone are so fantastic sports about it. 7 ships were (almost) ready for the big start. Winner: Hod, 2nd Nyest, 3rd Gryphyth, then Vikingbeard, Kirakiradesunooto, Moma and Taranisss (with a slight case of start failure). Prettiest boat was Viking's Bifrost. Thanks all!
  4. It's race day today! Join and have fun with the wind in your back
  5. Two days to the race. If you are interested in buying Purebreds horses at half price, you can now make reservations.
  6. If you are going to race in the Corbita race, you can now reserve horses you want to buy.
  7. Hey, looks like I only need 20 kg of green paint this time, can you mail that please.
  8. I see you are buying paint already rofl
  9. Hello, can you mail me 20 kg of blue paint please. And can you also prepare at least 40 kg of green paint, I am going to buy 40-60 kg.
  10. I have signed you up for the first semifinal. If you specifically want to be in the second one instead, let me know.
  11. Course map is below! You start by heading straight North from the start line in M13/M14 and make a round trip around the Western region of Harmony, passing through some man-made canals and other obstacles along the way. [1] You must go under the high arch of the bridge. [2] Here is a small sand island inside the great lake, you must go on the inside of the sand island and make a turn. [3] Go North around the Shoalhaven island.
  12. Hello from Northern Freedom Isles This is the event of a lifetime for those who truly love sailing, navigating, … and sand bars! Your host is again the deed Purebreds H, and after holding three succesful races we are ready to crank it up a notch! Be aware that since this is a big ship race, it’s also a long distance and will take at least 80 minutes. Corbita race Saturday Jan. 16 at 18:00 UCT Prize purse - 120 silver First place: 40 silver Second place: 25 silver, Third place: 15 silver, Fourth place: 10 silver, Fifth place: 5 silver Prettiest ship: 5 silver (decided by a jury of 3). Warmup races: 7 silver / 3 silver for 1st and 2nd. In addition, all the prize winners will be allowed to buy any horses from Purebreds H at half price on this day. The overall winner of the race can buy horses at half price forever! Location Purebreds H sales island “Treasure Island” in M13/M14, Harmony server. (Treasure Island and Purebreds H are separate deeds) Study the race map in the next post below! Contact CistaCista for more information. Rules 1) 50 QL is the highest allowed (50.99 QL is accepted, 51.00 QL is not accepted) 2) No rare ships or runes 3) No crew in your ship, one person only 4) No alts, you can only race with one character on the day. 5) You MUST be present at the main race 15 minutes before start, to have your ship inspected, get into race chat and get ready. The minutes before start are hectic, and we hope you will want to arrive hours before the main race and join the warmup races. How do I join? QL50 is standard for the race. It will not be fun if you have less than 50. You have two options: A ) Bring your own corbita you have imped to as much as 50 QL. We can imp your ship. or B ) Sign up for one of the warmup races, where you borrow one of our four QL50 ships. This is like a semifinal to get into the main race without a ship. Warmup races Anybody can join these races in their own corbita. Each warmup race or semifinal also has 4 people competing for 2 spots in borrowed ships. Just to repeat: a semifinal is mandatory if you want to borrow a ship, and free to join for others. Time: 2 hours before the main race, and 1 hour before the main race. (see countdown) Course: similar to Regatta #1 (see it here). They take 10-12 minutes. Prizes: 7 silver and 3 silver for 1st and 2nd. Qualification: the 2 best of the 4 borrowed ships go to the main race. Sign up now for the semifinal that you prefer! Even if you sign up as person number 5 or 6, you can be lucky and get a ship when you arrive. (people with own boats don't sign up). Semifinal 1: Hod, ... Semifinal 2: Taranisss, ... New players: remember you need 21.05 mind logic. Countdown to the first semifinal: Additional remarks: a) Please claim your ship for the semifinals 15 minutes before race start. After that, ships can go to the next people on the list. b) A person can race in semifinal 1, and afterwards can also be allowed in semifinal 2 if there is a slot. c) To have your ship improved to 50 QL, arrive at least two hours before the semifinals. d) The Race Official ship is open for spectators that want to sail along. e) *After* the start, spectators and other people on the server, can be invited to the race chat. f) The Race Official ship will follow the leaders, and gives general directions on the route, but it is up to the contestants to find the optimal track g) If you get stuck, you are allowed to drag the ship.
  13. That was magnificent! I love how nervous the brothers got when it was 5 minutes before start. The whole thing was intense! Also I must confess, I never knew there was a tunnel through that last mountain, I assumed everyone would take the way West around it. Which still seems the fastest... The worst mistake I made was clearly to wait with forming the team chat. It should of course have been up while people were scouting. I will take the brothers' advise and publish any further race I make in Town Square, and maybe in Global Chat, if the mods will allow that.
  14. Thank you all! The race went very well, 10 riders were at the start line, and noone got eaten along the way! 1. Dalden (skewbald horse Rainrun) 2. Faerran (black) 3. Gryphyth (Brown) And runners up were Hod, Nyest, Taraniss, Saphireena, Yurisa, Godric and Blueskies. Everybody had brought pretty horses and this resulted in everyone actually winning a prize Seeing the riders sprinting for the race checkpoints along a lake shore and knowing they are having fun was a great experience. Hope to see some pictures