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  1. Bump. Still looking for someone.
  2. Can I also get 1kg of black and 1kg of custom i4 please. CoD to Dantius again. Thanks!
  3. Can I get a 90ql large anvil please? CoD to Dantius. Thanks!
  4. Can I get 1kg of red and 5kg of white please? CoD to Dantius. Thanks!
  5. I have an iron vein in my way on my deed (Lost Peak) located at m/n20. Highway access from Overture (long journey), or shore access at Cev's Deed or Crocodile Point and follow the highway from there. The vein is literally in the mine entrance, impossible to miss. It's only good quality, so nothing to write home about, but it's free. Perms are set for anyone to come mine it, so come anytime and take all you like.
  6. Done, close please
  7. Got Lost changed name to Lost Peak 1356, 1204
  8. Great service, very fast turnaround. Will absolutely be buying from again!
  9. I would be interested in this W3 Huge Axe Silver 80 93 97 82 80 10.40 S CoD to Dantius please. Thanks!
  10. Sold

  11. Could I get an 85ql butchering knife? COD to Dantius please.
  12. Just wondering if anyone has a fix for this issue. I have two wooden plank openings opposite each other and mirrored, so both of the ladders are against the walls below them. This causes one or the other to be misaligned, depending on how I turn them. Is there a way to fix this? Other than redesigning the layout to avoid it? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2294688029 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2294687943
  13. Edit - wrong server. Ignore please
  14. Tree Farm Tunnel

    If there is still copper available, I'd be willing to come take a bit out for you. Probably won't put a huge dent in it, but I'll take what I can.