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  1. Oh, didn't know the only players who count are from the EU - Usually a game will give all Countries who play their game their own time zone before ending a once in a Lifetime Sale - Hmm guess not -
  2. Thanks for Editing my post? Next time, please just remove the post and post connected to it? Nothing inappropriate was said
  3. Thanks for the DAMAGED LT (life transfer) 100 cast on huge axe if you wanted to use it and damage it you should have kept it or at least posted it as damaged item. I bought it for 20s thinking it would be without damage or at least repaired. I guess a man's/woman's word doesn't matter in a game to some people. Anyways I paid you and missed it being damaged before I bought it so I guess it's my fault and I do take all the blame for trusting this game to watch for scams. Enjoy your 20s and glad your priest is on a roll. :O)
  4. I don't understand the these sniper protection rules and keep losing these auctions. I bid, times runs out, it says Auction has ended then an hour or more later someone else bids and I lose. Anyone have a link for sniper protection rules?
  5. Is it still going or we done? How does 30 minute sniper protection active work?
  6. Hello, Please CoD an 80ql steel Plate Set with Full Helmet to Carabinervii - Thank you can't wait :O)