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  1. Hmm, not too reassuring. Anyways, for some reason my Auction Timer is not working. All I see is timer_1630955426.svg - Lame AF
  2. Hello, I can't even finish a gaming thought because i have no gaming skills. Hurt in irl and my kids ruined me by buying me a pc (gtx970). Anyways, do i have to be a certain lvl to finish the vest? 16s
  3. Alright, so for some reason, my timers are not showing up in my auction bids so I have no idea when they end or ended. WTH, disappointed ~ 77s
  4. Hello, off work. Did I win this impressive fast hitting rare huge axe?
  5. OMG, that cat is looking tasty! Dibs on its heart. 40s
  6. 2.30g Why are you waiting so long to post? I have to go to bed. I hope I wake up in 59minutes from now if you decide to post again. Hope you fall asleep, sleep, sleep, you are sleepy, tired, you sleepy-head. Good Luck :O)