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  1. I thought this thread was about a rare potato, my bad, carry on.
  2. Are you people still all here? The meeting ended a day ago? Did I miss donuts or something?
  3. It may be time for this topic to be closed, but that is up to the chat moderators. I am not sure that every single argument hasn't already been raised here, although it's good to have the clarity that Tpikol just provided.
  4. Dec, I think its a pretty loose criteria and if someone doesn't want to be on the map for whatever reason, they won't be on the map. i think as long as you simply provide any reason, it's going to be respected. I for one and really happy that we haven't been dealing with the Cuban Missile crisis here.
  5. Changes to Map Policy have been implemented. Cadence is now an Opt-Out map the same as Harmony. You're all welcome to continue to weigh in here, but it's a bit moot at this point. Even with Opt-Out, you can be off the map. If by chance, you are mapped, you can post in the Community Map thread to be removed. Once removed, you will not be added again as there is a field in the excel spreadsheet that puts your name into a "do not add" category. In previous posts, I had mentioned a compromise, but being as the vote in favor of opt out was 3 to1, the decision was made to keep things consistent and simple. No one seemed to embrace the compromise anyway. I by the way, have no official role with the map other than creating this OP.
  6. Completed Highway: Named Two Tunnels Pass (local and creator consensus) Highway [3567, 2830] to [3567, 2772]: tunnel [3567, 2619] to [3567, 2516]: Highway [3567, 2516] to [3567, 2321] Guard Tower M24 Kalrach 506 (3494, 23180
  7. Guard Towers; S23 Razielkaimbr 746 (3309, 3506) S23 Briars 50 (3237, 3496) S23 Deyjan 506 (3248, 3544) S22 Lolens 370 (3199, 3552)
  8. Okay, I understand what you're saying under the compromise and since you aren't connected to the highway system, your deed remains opt in. This means if someone inadvertently reported your coordinates to be added to the map on the forum, that post should be deleted as it would be in violation of the map rule compromise. If at some point you were to connect to the highway system, you do have to turn on a permission in your deed for others to be able to find you on the highway pull down menu. Even if you did activate that permission, and you have opted out under the highway connected deed change, any post on the forum that states your coordinates should be removed.
  9. Coach, don't worry, even with the change your place won't be put on the map. Besides, you can see it from Outer Space. 😀
  10. Or to be honest, not have chosen the most populated server in the game....
  11. 23/9 in favor of changing to opt out.
  12. I was told differently by one of the map keepers, but I'll defer to you.
  13. There is a mechanism in the actual map that once you have opted out, your deed is marked so that it is not added by accident in the future. I am not the map keeper for Cadence or any other server, however I do know the current volunteer who is highly capable of managing the maps appropriate to the server. he actually handles the map for both Cadence and Harmony which currently have two different methodologies and this has not been an issue.
  14. I've been by there, it's a really beautiful deed. Sad to see you go and I hope someone takes you up on the sale.
  15. No, but you are free to advertise. like I stated this thread will remain open for even longer than 3 weeks. The compromise begins tomorrow, and as I stated previously mass change is not happening overnight. I am not engaging with you here further.
  16. 21/9 i am not going to close this thread, and people can continue to express their opinion here while following forum rules and directives by the moderators. If at any point, the No votes outpace the yes votes, I am certain the map keepers will reconsider.
  17. Independence is the only other opt in server, To the other comments: Not everyone votes in a Democracy. That being said, the fact that only 20% of active Cadence deed owners responded, is one of the reasons for the compromise. Some respondents have deeds on multiple servers. (I do, but right now my primary deed is now on Cad) One person who engaged said they weren't from Cad and expressed an opinion here, but I did not include them in the vote count, and finally, Niarja.
  18. 20/9 in favor of opt out. A compromise has been reached that will go into effect Monday. It addresses the concerns of most opposed (definitely not all, by no means) while respecting the wishes of the majority so far. Coach, just to respond to your second comment above, the compromise seeks to address those concerns. I also saw the opt-nothing suggestion, I don't want to redirect or add another layer at this point and honestly am not sure I completely understand the proposition. This is why the compromise position will maintain opt in for those not connected to a highway (I would just say that if you have advanced enough to be connecting your deed to a highway, you probably aren't all that new anymore) but even so, for those connected to the highway, should they be online at the time of being suggested for being placed on the map, an effort is going to be made to gain their approval first. If at a later time, they discover that they are on the map and don't wish to be, they will be removed. It's a pretty fair compromise in my opinion given that 30 plus have weighed in (not everyone commenting expressed an actual vote). That 30 represents 20% of active deeds on Cad. In the end, this is designed to improve the Cadence map and player experience in using it, not just for treasure mapping, but even for new non-deeded players to find their way. It will also aid in commerce for those who wish to pick up animals and other items for sale. Cheers, Serz
  19. I know someone who had mobs spawn on every map (all 6), the map was 80QL plus. The first map spawned 2 lava spiders and a troll. The subsequent maps spawned some other new type of creature. The end loot wasn't bad. couple of rare items. (water skin/rare paper)