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  1. Clean for forges/ovens/smelters...
  2. I just hope that my pet one day stop being a target magnet from aggressive monster when I go out with it. It's so annoying when a player runs at you with hell horses hitched to it's large cart and kills your pet, I wonder if devs really thought about this stuff... it just makes me want to smash my keyboard. Same for monsters that completely ignores you and focus on your pet from miles away.
  3. Auto climb

    By default turning auto climb on and if the older players like the old system then leave it as optional, that should solve this dilemma.
  4. Hello, why not add an exp gain in Mind Speed upon successful focus while fighting a monster, limited Mind Speed exp per mobs and the exp gain based on the difficulty.
  5. How many times have we seen those message "why is my stamina not comming back fed and watered only 50 weight in pack" "My stamina is not refilling what would cause that?" "hello! Any idea why my stamina remain 0, when my food and drink levels are ok and I am standing still and not working?" "has anyone ever had their stamina run out and not regenerate at all" "My stamina is not renewing. What could be the reason?" It's very confusing for newbies anyway and I think it's about time to add auto climb and get rid of that toggle option. So basically upon walking slopes that are too steep it will automatically drain your stamina, I would like to see a new animation when climbing as an indication like the combat UI.
  6. Hello, I have just noticed that even thought my combat sound is deactivated i still hear the monster dying sound upon landing the last hit.
  7. Is this related with Animal Taming, it really needs more love.
  8. That's true when you succeed you don't lose the rune so i was wondering could you also check if this is abusable towards the Journal quest Going to Distance "Use 50 runes"
  9. Hello, I was recently trying to attach multiple Rune of FO, copper "Charm Animal" to an item, in this case it was a mallet, and I got this message after failing multiple times You start to use the rune on the mallet. A small rune created from resources on Jackal and infused with the spirit of Fo. It is glowing from the heat. It will activate the charm animal effect one time. You try to use the rune on the mallet but fail. And after wasting in total 3 Rune of FO, Copper "Charm Animal". I finally managed to succeed but in fact it was in vain ... You start to use the rune on the mallet. You can't use the rune on that. So basically it was impossible to attach it on from the first place and I lost my Runes of FO, I didn't know I had to use it directly on a pet.
  10. This is exactly what happened in another game i have been playing, uniques or boss will always be camped/taken by hardcore players no matter what you do and others will complain. The developers of the game introduced a random spawn timer for those unique and yet it didn't fix the issue till they made boss invocable after paying a certain price in your house did the trick.
  11. Hello, as the title suggest please remove the condition required upon trying to giveaway pets via "/invitations" for the taming skill to another person which requires to be high enough to keep the animal.
  12. WTA Fantastic recipe "foot and mouth stew" A flat piece of papyrus made from pressed reed fibre. This is a fantastic example of the item, with fascinating design details and perfect ideas for functionality. It has a recipe on it! It appears the recipe "foot and mouth stew" has something written on it. The author appears to be someone named 'Da Wife'. Starting bid: 1s Increment: 1s min No reserve No buyout Sniper Protection: 1 hour
  13. Huge axe because I can focus between 2 hits without losing swing time.