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  1. "we haven’t had a proper summary to the Steam launch yet" Its been months... You guys have been on autopilot too long. The gaming community is going to leave you guys in the dust AGAIN if you dont manage to pick up the development pace. People from our village are dropping like flies.
  2. If cheaters got an 11 day advantage then suspend them for 11 days. They can return after their unfair head start had been leveled.
  3. Its even better than I imagined!! Thanks alot Arno!!!
  4. I got a hold of Arno and he was able to help me! Thanks Dona!!
  5. 60ql tools - 60c 1xNeedle 1xScissors 1xLarge Anvil 50ql - 75c CoD to vedalkin please!
  6. Black cloth set - 40ql - 2S CoD to Vedalkin please!
  7. Hello Dona! I am curious if you can make the Black Belted Vest / Black Cloth pants / Black cloth sleeve? I am looking to buy 3 sets.
  8. [20:22:43] The items are now available and you have been charged 8 silver and 55 copper. Thanks Davih!
  9. Why so long to get back up? Thought it was 30 mins?
  10. QL 11 Shovel Blade, iron c42 (1.7s) QL 41 Carving Knife, Iron w34 (95c) QL 39 Carving Knife, Iron c33 (90c) QL 70 Mallet, oak c45 (3s) QL 4 Grooming Brush, Oak c31 (75c) QL ~5 Butchering knife blade, iron c32 (80c) QL 1 Huge axe Head, Iron c28 (50c) If it is possible to have the butchering knife completed I would greatly appreciate it! CoD to Vedalkin Thanks!
  11. Rare huge axe, iron (40ql) - 20s CoD to Vedalkin please!
  12. Huge Axe - 74 LT 13.78s - 50ql COD to Vedalkin please!
  13. stone chisel 50ql 37WoA 1s46c CoD to Vedalkin please!~