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  1. Starting Bid: 10s Min. Increment: 1s Buyout: No Buyout Sniper Protection: 1 hour Reserve: No Private Bids: Yes Free Higway Delivery on Cadence, 1s delivery fee(coastal only) for other servers. Otherwise pick up at i14(Solway Firth)
  2. Rare stump. My first rare on NFI, I believe. No idea how to fix that atrocity honestly. A coin on bashing maybe, idk
  3. Want to do the whole neck wound grind. But Im having a problem where Im oneshotting my alt. I tried putting some armour on her, but then the wounds are too weak. What would be a good QL for a weapon in order to deal ~50dmg wounds, assuming she's naked?
  4. Would be pretty good if we had an ability to mount stuff on walls.
  5. As I am back to imping people's stuff and asking them to load their stuff into my ship/wagon all the time isn't feasible - Bump. And whenever that's possible - it's somewhat of a hassle due to perms.
  6. New mob

    Teleports behind you Heh... nothing personnel, kid BONK
  7. Heya. I am on the lookout for 90QL+ Stone Shards, also 90QL+ Marble Shards. Let me know if you have some that you're willing to sell(In bulk) In-game name: Griselda
  8. I know this is not what topic says and I apologize, but since you're mining high QL Iron I thought you may have some high QL Stone Shards (90+). If so, and if you're willing to sell them, could you contact me here or ingame?(In-game name is Griselda) Thank you.
  9. You don't really have to extend the season. It can work like an optional graphic for one or two days.
  10. Sweet. Will pottery items require pottery skill or masonry still?
  11. It is unfortunate that you feel this way. But try looking at this from a different perspective. Not for a game, but for yourself, because it seems like you're quick to blame yourself and feel bad as a result. First, some people are just semi-afk watching something on a second/third monitor while grinding. Tis within the nature of this game. Second, not many people enjoy interacting with people that much. Silent chat may be a detriment to you, but others might just have it collapsed at all times and not think twice about it, meanwhile making you upset. Honestly, coming from modern MMOs sometimes I feel like Wurmians are a bit too talkative, but to each his own. What I can recommend to you is either look for a social game of some kind or look for people to talk to in other places. Good luck.