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  1. If it's so small then why defend it so... As of know it's literally there just to bother people with a minmax mentality.
  2. Makes sense to me. It is indeed a milestone for many skills as you described. One thing, however. A lot of Journal entries have a requirement for X number of titles. Wouldn't be much of a challenge if amateur tiltes were a thing.
  3. I believe runed mailboxes can be used to send logs already. If you're on NFI you'll just have to wait untill rifts will be a thing.
  4. So, this doesn't work with sacrificing mobs? Because it seems like a nice thing - coming back with 500 PFavor after a good hunt.
  5. Guys I am literally shaking rn... An actual good and reasonable suggestion. Look, there's even space for that.
  6. Hey. I have an idea on how to add sort of a reward for trying out and later on consuming all the interesting foods we have in the game. Right now there's absolutely no reason to eat anything but a combination of your affinity pizzaone bite T_T+good meal, aside from the joy of experimenting if you're not spoiling yourself by looking up the recipes online. Here's what I propose. Every once in a while your character can start having a craving for a some random meal. However, "how in the world does my toon can possibly desire some lasagne, if they never even tried one?!" - you may ask. And you will be right! So, untill you've actually tried that food once before you can't possibly desire that meal. From a techincal standpoint it could work something like this - you still get the "craving for X tick", but unless you've tried that one before it's just sits there unannounced. The frequency of these ticks shouldn't be too much. I'd say you have a high chance of getting one during 3 IRL days with a 6 hour window to satisfy it? The reward could be something like this: Timer of a random affinity that you would've gotten is multiplied by X. Xm of SB etc This is the part where balancing is required, so I am really not sure what to add. Could also invent something like a "Well fed" buff, where your CCFP or hunger drops slower for a while, although that seems kinda bad to me. Might as well add some sort of a "Tried out" tab in your cooking journal. Also, generic meals, breakfasts and raw ingridients should be ignored, obviously.
  7. Darn, I'll be asleep during the last hours of this auction 35s
  8. Agree completely. Half of the time I click on: 50 Here, I made a quick and sloppy photoshop edit of how it probably should be.
  9. TBH that can get old rather quick, unless it's not that often and produced by a condition check like "if there's more than one cow within 20 tiles play moo.ogg, sleep 5m" instead of individual cow moo-ing every now and then. Cows don't moo that often IRL, they mostly snort and sniff loudly, at least in my experience. Now speaking of more sounds - the change that I am willing to pay 50s for is adding all the sounds for currently silent actions. On top of my head I can remember shearing, washing, stitching, entirety of pottery imps. Add some nice snippy-snappy sounds for shearing sheep/tailoring. Cute splashy sounds for washing things. Gross sticky-wet sounds for pottery. Calming rustling sounds of grass for thatching and picking grass/flowers... Sorry, sorry, I am being carried away. I love sounds. Can also get really creative with channeling. Some light, dingling sounds with the light wind blowing background for Fo spells. Slightly humming, lightly-resonating, with some calm ocean splashing background for Vynora spells. Echoing, crumbling, with a comfy sound of a campfire on the background for Magranon. Eeirie, uncomfortable, deeply-resonating ambient with some tormented whispers on the background for Libilla. Actually, the background can be modified according to the favor cost. What sounds like whispers and campfire may sound like agony screams and blazing wildfire for high-cost spells... Bah, here we go again. I'll shut up.
  10. Sold for 31s. Thank you everyone who participated in what should've been an auction. And thanks for kind comments here and in-game.