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  1. While techincally sniper protection should extend the auction for 55 more minutes the reserve wasn't met in 72 hours so I choose to end the auction without selling. Sorry guys.
  2. Aye, it is. However, you can just push your ship as it only 2 tiles wide. Also, the bridge is named "pls destroy me" or something. I decided not to, but I guess seeing how many people will pass there today someone should grab a maul. It's not that high QL either, I did 13 dmg with a huge axe in one action. The real difficult part fore me was to find that highway near the shore. Melody's infrastructure leaves a lot to be desired
  3. Starting Bid: 10s Min. Increment: 1s Buyout: No Buyout Sniper Protection: 1 hour Reserve: Yes Private Bids: Yes
  4. For repair skill - how can one learn item's difficulty? Is it determined by weight, related to creation difficulty, or just something completely artificial and has to be looked in WU code? A somewhat ghetto(at least compared to the proper way described in the guide) way of grinding repairing I saw people doing in the beginning of NFI - was to make a bunch of clay items and never fire them. As clay items decay rather fast it's a somewhat lazy way of doing it without too much hassle with setting up lava and such.
  5. Oh gosh PTSD from Mordhau's messer kicked in
  6. Hey Smokes! I wasn't sure if you want both bloods or just one, so Im gonna send them as 2 separate mails. Just return the second one if you don't want it. Thanks!
  7. This sounds really great. I've never been to impalong myself, though. So, I had a couple of questions about common etiquette. 1. Any limitations on how many items can I bring? I was thinking 29 items. But I think that might be a bit too much. 2. I see there aren't any shipbuilders(for ship imping), is it uncommon for impalongs to have one?
  8. I got 2 each. Price is listed per one item. Green Dragon Hatchling - 3s. Kyklops - 4s. Red Dragon Hatchling - 5s. Red Dragon - 4s. Goblin Leader - 6s. Forest Giant - 3.5s. PM ingame: Griselda or Darcelle
  9. I cannot for the life of me get a neck wound. It's always the the arms or body(If I target Upper Left/Upper Right), or a head wound if I target Up. Could it be due to my low staff skill? The only time I got a neck wound was with an axe, my main weapon. But that was a cut. You maul Darcelle deadly hard in the neck and damage it. Only took me like 50 attempts, after which I had to sit there and heal. The gains are really good and despite all the pain(quite literal for my poor Darcelle) - it was worth it. I still wonder if skill had anything to do with it, but I doubt it . Just RNG, probably.
  10. I hope you figure out how to do a "claim" button. Im not a very active player and doing journal is pretty much a waste of SB for me because I have too much of it usually. Exciting
  11. I think VR is a waste of development effort. While Wurm is a very pretty game at times, the main advantage of VR isn't the ability to look at pretty things. It's the interactivity, it's the ability to DO things. To touch things, push them around, get in NPCs faces. The less UI there is - the better. The less buttons you have to push - the better. For example - Instead of pushing a button to chop a tree you swing horizontally. Instead of clicking a LMB to swing a weapon you swing your controller. So on and so forth. Now look at Wurm. While I do think that it would be cool to check out many glorious builds that people have built over the years I cannot imagine a game that would be more unfit for VR than Wurm. VR is interactive, Wurm is an Idle game. VR tends to UI less, Wurm is all about cluttered UI(which we love, btw) VR is about physics and "getting there", Wurm doesn't even have physics. So unless you're planning on soft, "tourist" mode VR which shouldn't be as massive of an undertaking I really don't see how or why VR should be a thing. It will also not bring new players guaranteed, unless you're planning on actually making it a proper game with all of the features I've described above. In which case that... is a bit too much, don't you think? I cannot image the development effort that is required. It is not too late to back down, instead of making a feature that will be available to ~30% of a playerbase, bring no new players and get abandoned in time.
  12. Starting Bid: 10s Min. Increment: 1s Buyout: No Buyout Sniper Protection: 1 hour Reserve: No Private Bids: Yes Free Higway Delivery on Cadence, 1s delivery fee(coastal only) for other servers. Otherwise pick up at i14(Solway Firth)