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  1. TBH that can get old rather quick, unless it's not that often and produced by a condition check like "if there's more than one cow within 20 tiles play moo.ogg, sleep 5m" instead of individual cow moo-ing every now and then. Cows don't moo that often IRL, they mostly snort and sniff loudly, at least in my experience. Now speaking of more sounds - the change that I am willing to pay 50s for is adding all the sounds for currently silent actions. On top of my head I can remember shearing, washing, stitching, entirety of pottery imps. Add some nice snippy-snappy sounds for shearing sheep/tailoring. Cute splashy sounds for washing things. Gross sticky-wet sounds for pottery. Calming rustling sounds of grass for thatching and picking grass/flowers... Sorry, sorry, I am being carried away. I love sounds. Can also get really creative with channeling. Some light, dingling sounds with the light wind blowing background for Fo spells. Slightly humming, lightly-resonating, with some calm ocean splashing background for Vynora spells. Echoing, crumbling, with a comfy sound of a campfire on the background for Magranon. Eeirie, uncomfortable, deeply-resonating ambient with some tormented whispers on the background for Libilla. Actually, the background can be modified according to the favor cost. What sounds like whispers and campfire may sound like agony screams and blazing wildfire for high-cost spells... Bah, here we go again. I'll shut up.
  2. Sold for 31s. Thank you everyone who participated in what should've been an auction. And thanks for kind comments here and in-game.
  3. View from the entrance. View from the back, unfinished stables/animal pens. Warehouse. Nightview 1. Nightview 2.
  4. Description: A small, compact deed with just 1s upkeep. Fair amount amount of common bulk materials included. (Listed below). Would make for a decent "hunter's respite" type of home due to abundance of mobs. Or a vacation home. Or plunder and disband, do whatever you want. General Features: -Walled out. -Extremely lively, but beatiful cedarwood forest. Loads of things to hunt if you don't mind something tougher than cows. Spiders galore! -Non-coastal, but got a road leading up to the coast, 2 developing port deeds nearby. -Can expand further south(lot's of flattening required), further west(almost flat already), further east(if you don't mind the expanding into the mountain). North is blocked by an abandoned deed, which will obviosly disband at some point. Archeology next door! -Big cedarwood forest to grind your woodcutting. Deed Features: -50ql Guard tower, Guards find their way outside the walls just fine. -50ql Altar of Vynora. -Smithy shed with 70ql smelter, 70ql forge and one more unfinished smelter(5 rare heaps of sand were put inside) -A mailbox, courier [11] -HFC Skilling area(hidden inside the mine just so not to be an eyesore), 2 forges(128 frying pans), 3 ovens(128 pottery bowls). All cookers 50ql. -3 Fields. 5x4, 2x6, 3x6 -3 planter racks, 90 empty pottery planters inside, 30-40ql all. -2 Large carts, 2 Small carts, 1 Ship Transporter. -Living quarters building featuring A kitchen, 70ql oven, empty FSB, larder(Full of snowballs still) 4 1x2 Bedrooms Misc. Clutter and various tools lying around in chests. Animals: 6 sheep, 2 rams. (1 sheep and 1 ram are cool looking black ones, bred. Black sheep is pregnant, hoping for another black) 7 Gray Horses. 3 Female, 4males. 1 Male and 1 female bred, same parents. Rest are wild. (Note. There's an abandoned decaying cart on a deed permiter, once it decays 2 more gray horses will unhitch) Warehouse contents: -50ql Kiln -6 25-30ql Empty beehives ready to accept new buzzy residents. -Spinning wheel, Floor Loom, Rope tool 20ql+ -Crate Rack, 25 small crates inside, 6 of them are empty, rest filled with what listed below. -Bulk Materials: 3191 Piles of Dirt for your terraforming needs. 1200 Rock Shards. 395 Colossus bricks. 750 Logs, all 20-30ql! 83 Heaps of sand. 13 Stone slabs. Everything else not listed: BSBs: FSB: Mine: Iron - It is of poor quality. Iron - It is of poor quality. Iron - It is of good quality. Iron - It is of very good quality. Iron - It is of very good quality. Rocksalt - It is of very good quality. Silver - It is of poor quality. Silver - It is of normal quality. Silver - It is of normal quality. Currently being offered 31s. You can post your offers here, PM me on forums or PM me ingame(Griselda) Not really an auction, but I'll wait for some offers before selling. Check out second post for screenshots.
  5. Old render, sadly. Still, very pretty. (RoS pink sky + Rainbow). Wish my potato could handle multiple clients with the new render!
  6. Auction ended. Gz Hayzues! The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to arrive in a bit more than an hour.
  7. Reserve met. Good luck everyone!
  8. Update 1: Lowered the min. Increment. Update 2: Reserve met. Starting Bid: 1s Min. Increment: 50c Buyout: No Buyout Sniper Protection: 10 minutes Reserve: Yes(met) Private Bids: No
  9. I really like this new UI element, so I don't have to look at the event tab. I made a rough concept of what I think would look pretty good and make it even more convenient.
  10. I can harvest a few satchels of lemons for you.
  11. Alright, congratulations! [19:11:12] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to arrive in a bit more than an hour.
  12. You just edited your post to 6s. If you're willing to pay 7s it's yours. Otherwise Jakku won it.
  13. Starting Bid: 4s Increment: 1s Buyout: 12s