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  1. Moved on to another forum account to match the in-game name after the unfortunate mailing situation, as in-game Vessel is not actually me.


  2. I did it!

    From one traveling mason to another - congrats!
  3. 1.18s Send to Griselda please. Thanks!
  4. Minecraft also got that issue so I assume it's a java thing. Especially frustrating because some minecraft modpacks can take like 15 minutes to boot
  5. Grrr I hate yellow potions All my homies hate yellow potions
  6. This is sweet. With Vynora you can pray in water, though. All you have to do is locate a tile right below you(which may take some fiddling) and pray. You can pray while swimming no problem. Your thing is still very useful for libilla and mag. Their pray tiles are a bit complicated
  7. Heya. Got a bunch of 90ql Mortar&Pestles. 1s each. PM: Griselda or leave a message here if you want one.
  8. How about "Summon steed" spell? Cast it, get a popup message with the list of cared-for creatures. Maybe restirct it to rideables.
  9. Yeah can confirm - I did that too and asked people to double check. Other journal entires work just fine, or at least one that I tested(Basic Training: Pottery)
  10. I think this is also broken. "squares of Q12 and ." The intent was to have another square there, yes? Or is it like map smudges, intended to throw off? Also would've made those guard towers clues ever so more tolerable becasue as it stands right now these are incredibly difficult. (on test, on live those should be way easier)
  11. I think this is a bug. Spamming "forage" repetitively on the same "picked clean" tile still awards the casket. Seeing how on live this will be tied to rare rolls will probably not work there, but Im not sure, so Im reporting this anyway. Either way for now it's a decent way to cheat yourself some maps. You welcome, fellow testers lol.