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  1. It is unfortunate that you feel this way. But try looking at this from a different perspective. Not for a game, but for yourself, because it seems like you're quick to blame yourself and feel bad as a result. First, some people are just semi-afk watching something on a second/third monitor while grinding. Tis within the nature of this game. Second, not many people enjoy interacting with people that much. Silent chat may be a detriment to you, but others might just have it collapsed at all times and not think twice about it, meanwhile making you upset. Honestly, coming from modern MMOs sometimes I feel like Wurmians are a bit too talkative, but to each his own. What I can recommend to you is either look for a social game of some kind or look for people to talk to in other places. Good luck.
  2. [19:43:37] The items silently disappear from the spirit mansion. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  3. Batch sold out. Thank you everyone and enjoy! Hello. Got some good QL Fire Protection rings for sale. PM me in-game(Griselda or Darcelle), here on forums or just leave a post in this topic if you're interested in any of them. ~All Rings are 60QL. Ring, silver FP81 - 1.3s Ring, silver FP81 - 1.3s Ring, silver FP81 - 1.3s Ring, silver FP83 - 1.4s Ring, silver FP84 - 1.45s Ring, silver FP85 - 1.5s Ring, silver FP86 - 1.55s Ring, silver FP88 - 1.7s Ring, silver FP92 - 2s Ring, silver FP101 - 3s "Why Do I Need These?"
  4. ARISE THREAD Really liked the optional suggestion there. We literally have a god dedicated to knowledge, but priests are too scared to tamper with books.
  5. Didn't healer get the first place on today's massive rift on Harmony?
  6. Yes. Exactly what I said in the other thread a few days ago. I am not sure about "Have higher faith increase prayer difficulty." part. You probably know better than me, though. Honestly I think just removing faith impact altogether would make it more bearable already.
  7. Auction is over. Congratulations Stimpack!
  8. Starting Bid: 10s Min. Increment: 1s Buyout: No Buyout Sniper Protection: 1 hour Reserve: No Private Bids: No Free Coastal Delivery included, or pickup from P-11 (Gondamon)
  9. I like how not only it's difficult to get because of how easy the action is - there's also a chance to decrease intoxication level by praying, as a final "screw you". I am not sure how often that happens, though. Mostly because my game window is minimized to the same size as "Golden altar of Vynora" window so I can spam click one button for a few months, all the while paying for this toon. Please remove faith impact on difficulty. I am not sure why am I punished for getting 100 faith before I learned about this entry. I don't mind bashing my head on an altar for a while, just not for this long.
  10. Why though? As much as I am bothered by my ballistae affinity on a pve priest it might as well just be there. Now you know what would be cool? Some wunderwaffle ritual that allows storing and trading of affinites. Although probably unbalanced and not very fun in the end, not sure. But sure does sounds cool in my mind.
  11. If it's so small then why defend it so... As of know it's literally there just to bother people with a minmax mentality.
  12. Makes sense to me. It is indeed a milestone for many skills as you described. One thing, however. A lot of Journal entries have a requirement for X number of titles. Wouldn't be much of a challenge if amateur tiltes were a thing.
  13. I believe runed mailboxes can be used to send logs already. If you're on NFI you'll just have to wait untill rifts will be a thing.