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  1. Welcome to the DeepHolm Smithy! Your one stop shop for anything made of metal! Tools and anything else blacksmithing related masterfully crafted by a true dwarf that never leaves his cave! DISCLAIMER: If i am imping any of your tools and they go rare, you are more than welcome to buy the tool back at a cheaper than market value(and the imp is free on said tool) if not i will replace your tool for you and the imp will still be free. Tools: 50ql for 20c! 60ql for 35c! 70ql for 70c! 75ql for 80c! 80ql for 1.2s! Horse shoes! 60ql sets: 1.4s 70ql sets: 2.8s 80ql sets: 4.8s Improvement: I will improve any item, even if it does not have my makers mark! This includes tools, lamps, oil lamps and so on, if it uses blacksmithing skill send it my way! All items cost the same for improvement as they are the same as improving tools. If you send me tools with enchants and they roll a rare while I am improving them, I will provide you with a replacement enchant or you can pay the current market value of said rare/supreme ect. 1-30ql to 70ql: 60c 30-40ql to 70ql: 55c 40-50ql to 70ql: 45c 50-60ql to 70ql: 40c 60 to 70ql: 25c Lumps also available for sale! Iron: 70ql: 1s/64kg 80ql: 1.75s/64kg 90ql: 3s/64kg 95ql: TBA Copper currently limited by vein QL 64ql: 1s/64kg Zinc: Only one vein remaining, come get those pristine white dye lumps while they last! 70ql: 1.25s/64kg 80ql: 2s/64kg 90ql: 3.5s/kg Gold: What would a dwarf be if he didn't have any gold! 19-26ql creation ql gold: 1.5c/kg 1s/64kg! (Bulk buy deals available!) 70ql - Prices negotiable, nothing comparable sold on market yet. 80-90ql: See above. If you would like to order from your friendly dwarf just leave a post below, Or contact GravityCat in game! Dwarf also likes to chat
  2. Starting bid: 15s Increments: 1s Sniper Protection: 1hr Buyout: 30s If anyone is interested in Smaller, or larger quantities for sale PM either "GravityCat" or "Gravitycatship" for more info!
  3. Currently i am having an issue with wagons, due to the aspect ratio of my monitor using first person is extremely broken with my view being incredibly zoomed in almost up to the first set of horses heads and being practically unusuable. Its like my FOV was set to 5 or so. But in third person everything is perfectly normal for me. So walking, large carts ect are all fine, but third person in the wagon is unable to see anything with how far it can zoom out, only allowing you to see in the back of the wagon or to the left and right, but not forward. So to ride a wagon its nearly impossible for me. This is about the best i can get currently, but i cant really drive through just a slit in the cloth. Perhaps setting the viewpoint up just abit higher would help? Just enough to be able to see over the top of the wagon.