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  1. This is a guild less in the gaming sense and more in the traditional sense "A medieval association of craftsmen or merchants, often having considerable power." I've been inspired to make this both by the many other carpenters I am friends with, and by the fact I'm entirely overwhelmed with orders I don't have time in the day to fill atm. To join the guild you must be a carpenter willing to take carpentry jobs. Ranks are as follows Under 50: Apprentice 50-70: Journeyman 70-90: Accomplished 90-99: Master 99+: Grandmaster Post your merchant topic here along with your rank in the carpentry skills you practice. And I will add you to the list below. You can come back to ask for a rank update any time. Carpenters Primefactor - Master Carpenter Theinnkeeper - Accomplished Carpenter Wrumdragon - Accomplished Carpenter Sarya - Accomplished Carpenter Bowyers Fine Carpenters Theinnkeeper - Accomplished Fine Carpenter Primefactor - Accomplished Fine Carpenter Wrumdragon - Journeyman Fine Carpenter Sarya - Journeyman Fine Carpenter Fletchers Ship Builders Wrumdragon - Journeyman Ship Builder Snarkymcgee - Journeyman Ship Builder Sarya - Apprentice Ship Builder Toy Makers ___________________ To make an order from the Carpenter's Guild. A. If you want an order through a particular vendor do so through their topic. B. If you want a general order post it here with the your price offered. Looking at merchant topics is a good way to determine fair pricing. If a merchant wants your order they can haggle the details and timeframe with you in PMs and then make a public post here stating they have taken the order if you reach an agreement.
  2. Oh I see Apexian was saying 15 minutes left. To be clear even when the timer ends there is 1h sniper protection meaning the bidding ends 1h after the last valid bid.
  3. I appreciate the work people put in building public roadways. The standard procedure for bridging a major waterway is to make small islands and then make bridges between them well over sailing level so boats can easily pass under. It's a lot more work but kind of the curse of settling on a major waterway. For instance this is what I will likely do over the encore river near my deed at Cadence at S23. Until i can do the full bridge I'm just going to leave it unbridged. But as I said I appreciate the work people put in on public roadways and I feel this was an honest mistake rather than malicious intent. It's a correctable mistake so no reason for anyone to be too angry.
  4. Probably in this case you would sac something then drain a gem. The saccing would mean if you fail you get favor back very quickly for a short duration. The gem would put you up at 100. This would actually result in being able to get this spell off more times in quick succession more easily than you could under the current system.
  5. +1 - I generally don't even run a spell effects window unless I am on a priest. Which is nice. The less GUI elements I need open to have access to vital information the better.
  6. Ah yes I remember hell. Had a fine meal there. It came so highly recommended by Leonidas. Absolutely. I'll PM about the arrangements.
  7. Auctioning a rare unfinished spirit house. Until the last plank gets added it can be moved wherever you want it. Also because the missing component is a plank the last plank to go on will determine wood type. Unfinished items can't be mailed so the winner will be entitled to a delivery to any coast accessible from the ocean, or be able pickup at S23 Cadence (The delta of the Encore River). -If delivered, I will add the last plank and improve it to 60QL for free, though you may need to provide the plank depending on what type you choose. -If picked up I will give you 1s in credit from my store. MINIMUM BID: 5s MINIMUM INCREMENT: 1s SNIPER PROTECTION: 1 hour
  8. Too rich for me atm. But worth the pricetag. I'd use this on a Seryll weapon (So that it can never be shattered while imping casts) or dragonscale armor. Good luck Thatguy
  9. I would be glad to do this if a spinning wheel can be mailed. I'll make one and see. If it can't be mailed it can be picked up at my current location of S23 Cadence or I may be able to deliver at some point.
  10. You should put a countdown timer into the OP like the auction timers we use. Would really simplify needing to go look up precisely what time you mean and risking a miscalculation. @DevBlog - Feel free to cut and paste the code from this one if it's accurate.
  11. Smart. I'm building a collection of 9 if I can for when we get drakescale
  12. Congrats. What are you going to use it on?