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  1. UPDATE: Due to real-life emergency, all current orders have been suspended.
  2. Location: H17 in Harmony. Services Furnishing. I will fully furnish a room. Price depends on number of pieces. Bulk discounts apply. This room would be 2.5 silver: Bed + high bookshelf + coffer + bedside table + tripod table + 2 high pauper chairs. You can give me a basic sense of the room size, layout, and your aesthetic goals, and I will design and price the room for you. Or, you can request specific pieces. House planning. Prices negotiable by size and location. Currently can plan up to 7 stories. Goods Beds. 1s for bed. 5s for bedroll. 20c for sheets. Fine furniture. Most items are 25c-40c. Most requested examples: 40c for cupboards, pauper's high chair, high bookshelf, lounge chair. 25c for bedside table, coffer, tripod table, bench, low bookshelf, large dining table. Storage furniture. 10c for small crates. 25c for large crates. 6s and 8s for fully stocked crate rack (that's 51 small crates or 30 large crates). 2s for bulk container unit. Tapestries and carpets. 75c for tapestry with stand. 30c for small carpet, 1s for medium carpet, and 2s for large carpet. Animal homes 1c/ql for bee hive 2c/ql for chicken coop 70c for creature cage Non-furniture. I am primarily a furniture maker but I can make other wood and cloth goods on request at competitive prices. This includes ships and shipbuilding supplies, cloth and wood tools, clothing, meditation rugs, and wagons. Frequently requested examples: Sails: 70c for small square sail, 1s for triangular sail, 1.5s for (large) square sail. Rowing boats: 1s. Wagons: 5s Travel - all goods and services can be delivered. A few of these will be best built on site, particularly the fully stocked crate rack. Contact - PM me in game or here, name is Dunlin in both places.
  3. Clarification since someone asked: I take care of the deed rent myself. Villagers are not expected to contribute to that.
  4. Plenty of space for everyone: We are a large deed with a small number of of players. Our current size is 2,548 tiles but we only have 4 players. We are looking for up to 2-4 more players. At our maximum population, every player would have more than double the size of the minimum deed. Location: We are located east of Heartland on a large bay. There is a highway (in progress but nearly done) from Heartland to where our deed is. The harbor gives us sea access to the rest of Harmony and the other servers. Location towards bottom right. I added blue lines to show actual boundaries of deed. Beautiful! The deed extends from a mountain through valleys all the way to the bay shore. Bay view. https://ibb.co/m64fsjy. Guard tower near mountain. https://imgbb.com/kh0KkSx. Egalitarian: Everyone is given the same share of village resources. Currently, everyone has the same sized room, and everyone that joins would be guaranteed the same amount of space. Here's the room you would be guaranteed. We have plenty of room for much bigger buildings and rooms but this is what you would be guaranteed from the beginning! Here's what people's room's look like - this is what you'd be guaranteed at minimum! https://imgbb.com/BLy4hSs. https://imgbb.com/BLy4hSs. Autonomy / cooperation: Players are given the freedom to explore their own interests and skill development. We make consensus decisions about how we want to approach the village and use the space. Currently, we organize village housing around common spaces, and players have rooms inside those buildings. Our village is not organized around separate plots of land. But, people are given the freedom to make their own goals and work towards them. Example communal building. https://ibb.co/3k0jGQH Broader specialization: Because we are small, everyone gets to be involved in many different skills and kinds of work. For example, lately I've been building boats, building homes, cutting down trees, making furniture, and doing tailoring work among other things. People in the village tend to have 2-3 skills they spend a lot of time on but also spend plenty of time on other work that is helpful or interesting to them. Current skills: We have a highly skilled carpenter (60 carpentry, 45 fine carpentry, 20 shipbuilding). We have a highly skilled miner and blacksmith (~50 skill in each). We have a farmer and animal caretaker in training. What would be helpful: An additional farmer / nature-oriented skill person A chef (hot food cooking, baking, etc.) A mason / potter A paver / terraformer If there are other skills you work on, just pitch them to us, there are many ways to contribute. Message me on the forums or in-game for more details: I am Dunlin in game too!
  5. Starting bid: 1 silver Increase: 1 silver Buyout: 10 silver https://ibb.co/NxxcyLz
  6. Sanderling Priory: 934, 442