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  1. Sorry guys been logged out on the PvP server last couple days. Buying another 2500ql then that'll be it for me!
  2. Paying more than the rest, send your gems to the best!
  3. Still looking, likely will be for some time! Archaeologists out there keep me in mind and message to work out a good price for the hard work.
  4. Hey Pingster! I'm not sure whether they were yours I received or not as I haven't received anything after your forum message but if they were thank you! ..3minutes after sending this forum post I received them Thank you!
  5. That's a lot of gems. Thanks to everyone that sent them through.
  6. I'm looking to buy statue of Libila fragments, preferably 10x at a time at least. Pm on forums or in game 'Lissandra', thank you.
  7. I had some custom requests, many tools and a far away destination that it all needed to be delivered to, yet it was all done super quick (including a jewellery smithing grind of 30 levels just for my request) super happy with the result! Thanks a lot Jamoose!