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  1. I'll take the 83ql brass compass. Also, what are your prices on the corbita and knarr?
  2. These guys made the effort to contact me in game and get me taken care of. Ended up buying a bunch of stuff. Good folks and good prices. Thx Resser!
  3. Came to buy, only 2 empty traders. Pm'd 2 people on deed, no reply.
  4. 11s Timer showed 1 min 32 sec and was actively counting down when I posted my bid. then this popped up, interesting. Guess I'll just post sooner then in case of - whatever that was
  5. Thunder Bay 1302, 425
  6. Requesting courier cast for Thunder Bay. On the shore of the island H24 in the little bay. Spirit cottage made and Zheals added for casts. thx!