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  1. Why would you require people to keep on top of forums just to see if new maps are being made... What reason they may have for not wanting their location to be revealed is up to them and not for you to decide. They pay money for the spot, and that's their choice. If they want to be accessible to everyone, they'll connect to highway and then that should be fair game as anyone can go there anyway by using the network. If anything, it's selfish to assume that it's your right to put everyone's deed on the map regardless of owner's wishes and use a weak excuse of "they can go on forums and opt out" when you're forcing them to opt in to something they may have no idea of existing or have any interest of being part of.
  2. Bruh Im convinced GMs are just spawning uniques outside your deed just so you can go and do public slayings.
  3. This needs to be limited to only deeds that are your own or are highway connected. If it's not highway connected, you either ask the owners if that's ok or you just don't add it. There's a lot of people who wish their privacy to be respected, and you can not justify it by saying they can opt out, if they never agreed to use the service in the first place. If it's an issue of finding your way around, put landmarks instead, or an overlay of types of forests so people can navigate that way. Oh also I opt out of having The Lakeside, Lakeside Estates, For Peat's Sake, The Lakeside Farms added to this map as I do not agree with the methodology behind it.
  4. That's a very beautiful deed from the few screenshots I saw on the other thread, I hope it finds a good home! It's such a lovely spot as well, I've sailed past many times, hope whoever wins it takes good care of it. I'm not looking to own it, just commenting!
  5. Or, yknow, our lib and fo are able to summon, if Baeo's still paying for my 2nd Fo alt's prem
  6. Hiya, I'll take 1k mortar delivered to K25 on Cadence (Lakeside) if you still have it in stock. Message Pingstery (or Baeowuf, mentioning me by name for the order)! Sorry, found a seller.
  7. Arno can u cod him like 25kg red instead (and the blue as well), A5 for red please!
  8. Hiya Rev, I've been trying to catch you online with no success. Would you be able to sort me out for 4 horseshoes, woa ~80-90?
  9. I keep trying to catch you online haha, no success. Try contacting Baeowuf as well maybe, but ultimately we'd need a fair few tiles done at K25 on Cadence!
  10. What a disaster, bit of a laugh. Cheer up and try and see the funny in it. Riding a horse while leading a black rooster was quite funny haha.
  11. They do not, you can make a new character, but you can not transfer items across.
  12. Hi, I'd like to hire you for some grass enchanting, would be a longer term prospect, if you're still offering this service! Feel free to contact me @ Pingstery in game for further details!
  13. Sure, hit me up on Pingstery