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  1. That's a very beautiful deed from the few screenshots I saw on the other thread, I hope it finds a good home! It's such a lovely spot as well, I've sailed past many times, hope whoever wins it takes good care of it. I'm not looking to own it, just commenting!
  2. Or, yknow, our lib and fo are able to summon, if Baeo's still paying for my 2nd Fo alt's prem
  3. Hiya, I'll take 1k mortar delivered to K25 on Cadence (Lakeside) if you still have it in stock. Message Pingstery (or Baeowuf, mentioning me by name for the order)! Sorry, found a seller.
  4. Arno can u cod him like 25kg red instead (and the blue as well), A5 for red please!
  5. Hiya Rev, I've been trying to catch you online with no success. Would you be able to sort me out for 4 horseshoes, woa ~80-90?
  6. I keep trying to catch you online haha, no success. Try contacting Baeowuf as well maybe, but ultimately we'd need a fair few tiles done at K25 on Cadence!
  7. What a disaster, bit of a laugh. Cheer up and try and see the funny in it. Riding a horse while leading a black rooster was quite funny haha.
  8. They do not, you can make a new character, but you can not transfer items across.
  9. Hi, I'd like to hire you for some grass enchanting, would be a longer term prospect, if you're still offering this service! Feel free to contact me @ Pingstery in game for further details!
  10. Sure, hit me up on Pingstery
  11. I don't understand, is the bid on all of the sprouts, or like one set of 600 sprouts? Can you bid on different ones or will there be another auction for remaining Im just so confused
  12. That's fine, no one expects people to be on top of anything 100% of the time, it might help to have more people willing to edit and update though Also I must have made a mistake somewhere in my long notepad of coords - [3505, 1808],[3570, 1808] stretch is a bridge not a highway! In fairness, Im not expecting my mapping to be super accurate anyway, but gets people the idea how to get place to place. I'll get some more highways mapped, primarily focused on the main East coast highway this time around.