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  1. Holy crop

    Friday next week it is then! Time and location ideas? Not sure what the standard protocol here is, Sonata is quite connected these days, or if people prefer to sail over, I'm happy to have my church welcome visitors. 6pm-ish UK time?
  2. Holy crop

    ^ Agree, Im struggling to burn down my SB as it is in prep for the 23rd. Sometime midweek next week maybe? End of the week?
  3. Holy crop

    Whats the story lads, we doing it few days after the 10hr SB or sooner? I got a 75 faith and 51 faith Fo priests
  4. Current progress report on the Great Pingster Stretch of Highway. Perdurabia were meant to connect and help, but they've gone rather awol, Ghost Hollow helped a bit though. Blue is done and paved. Orange is scouted as safe to push forward through to. Lime is already done by Cradle (will do up to my side of the coast), so really shouldn't be too bad to finish this off. Cradle is already connected to Sonata from what I've heard. Just wish I wasn't doing it solo lol. Then the catseye grind will begin, luckily I've a motherload of them stocked up, enough to get to Sonata and then some, it's just a boring grind.
  5. 3721, 1863 to 3768, 1863 Loch Lionn Canal (-20 Height, Corbita+)
  6. Sermons

    Heya! Haha it's been a while since I posted this. Sadly, dirt actually digs the ground, and you wouldn't be able to cast it within a building anyhow. As it is right now, we have 6 priests on-deed, so I might need to retire this post, as for the most part, we have round the clock sermons for ourselves. One priest is gone for a few days though, so we can happily accommodate you until then! I'll figure something for food!
  7. Kumla can be removed, it got disbanded, month and half ago!
  8. Confirmed shatters are one boot and one sleeve. If I could get like 65ql replacement for each of them (Studded!!!! :D:D) I'll get those enchanted and then send the whole set for imp!
  9. Haha, thank you, yes, he rectified that very graciously, I sent out some 99ql hide in return! Got 47 aosp on it, and our priest will be re-enchanting rest of my armour, so won't be long till I need more pieces Yall are great to do business with and will keep it going! In other news, that 2 speed I got from you is doing great! Im flying all over the place now, with the saddle you made and all - 27km/h at times! Woo!
  10. 3627, 1777 Lakeside Forest Let me know when you're able to name places, we'd like to name the lake Loch Lionn haha. 3633, 1808 to 3715, 1808 - Loch Lionn Crossing bridge. Another bridge is planned for: 3508, 1808 to 3569, 1808 and will happen within next week or two! No name yet.
  11. These are current projects coming in from East, pending deeds being in the way. Further south from Ghost Hollow I'm not entirely sure on the exact pathing, but that's what I've been led to believe is to be current one! Doing decent progress as well
  12. Heeey.. Do you think it's possible you forgot to turn my jacket studded? XD Im not sure if that requires skill or what, I just noticed it's not studded lol.
  13. Planning to push west from K25, south of the first mountain and not sure yet what to do about the other mountain yet lol. Probably go around it to the north.
  14. Yes sir, Im on the way Whats your in game name so I can coordinate?