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  1. *anything taken without exploiting isn't breaking any rules* While this is true, taking something that does not belong to you and which clearly has an owner is stealing. Not against the rules, but still stealing. I think the personal attacks on this thread are also definitely not appropriate in a "common courtesies" thread...
  2. @Evening, have messaged you. And thank you so much for your generous offer. @Platyna, thank you as well. I am the proud owner of a lovely knarr and some creature cages, so I am able to go myself, but I am very grateful for the offer.
  3. If you are the person who took my two silver black mares from my perimeter deed stable, at Oak Grove (the old Nysa deed) then please would you get in touch. I know officially you haven't broken any rules, and it is my bad luck that I hadn't quite had the chance to brand my new mares, but they are an important part of my collection and I would really like them back. If you would consent to return them (maybe via a GM so your identity remains hidden?) then you are welcome to keep the other stuff you took, and I will replace them with a pair of adolescent black 5 speeds I have... Please.
  4. Take part in a rift. That'll do it. Though if your fight skill is actually 8, then I think you need to work on that first...
  5. Do you have any examples of your work?
  6. Yes, but ?I am not talking about just having a delivery method. I am talking about having a merchant who is portable, and can set up in different places.
  7. I would love to have the ability to create a travelling salesman/merchant. It could take the form of a merchant ship/wagon, and should be able to sell anything that you can put in the inventory of similar vehicles (forges/crated animals/things the current merchants can't carry). But most importantly, you can move it to your customers . It would be even better if you could move it between servers in a cluster.
  8. I dropped by your market a couple of days ago, and I just thought I would post to say how lovely it looked.
  9. This fits really, really well with something I want to build in Wurm... I wish we could do it...
  10. https://prnt.sc/ur8vn8
  11. *waves* Maybe I should take this opportunity to go to the loo...
  12. Argh - just realised this is northern cluster. Will you have any bison on Inde any time soon? sorry.
  13. Thank you for selling me the bison - very pleased. They go like rockets!
  14. There is a rat corpse on the North Freedom Highway Bridge - at the top end. It has been there since 25th August. I think it should probably have gone by now, and am concerned it is bugged... and not by spies, wanting to monitor who is crossing the bridge...
  15. I am a fairly new player, and I don't know if this is coincidence, but I have had more connections issues/lag since the upgrade to the new cloud server than I did previously. Just saying.