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  1. awesome person and perfect prices! Keep it up :)
  2. @SunJiasent you pm. can be closed.
  3. Hi, Auctioning Everything from this FSB, will include FSB. Collection at Harmony O17 shore ( can be reached by any ship ). Nettles / Nutmeg / Sassafras are obtained by botanize only Total: 5255 start bid: 10s increments: 50c Buyout: 15s
  4. Hi. Auctioning Rare Unfinished FO Puppet Will be sent as COD to winner. start bid: 2s increments: 50c Buyout: 5s
  5. umeruri won the auction. Can be locked.
  6. I dont have the means to deliver sorry. no ship or wagon
  7. Price droped for bid and for buyout 7 hours left
  8. Hi Auctioning Forage/Botanize pickings. Includes BSB and FSB, pickup at Harmony O17 Total: 5427 In detail: 1.6k+ spices/herbs 1k+ Veggies 700+ sprouts 500+ mushrooms 400+ fruits 100 +cotton 100+ wemp more then handful acorns,woads,eggs Start bid: 8s Min bid: 50c Buyout: 12s