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  1. rares dwindling hatchet small anvil auld land chests sold witches hat and demon helms some sold
  2. free bumps thanks all armor sold chisel shield ropetool auld land syne one sold demon helms witch hat and some bloods spring flowers sold updated current stock
  3. @Borstaskor hide sent @Tukodama reserving for you pm when online @Yondu glove sent still taking offers for rest items
  4. collect at harmony o17 Starting bid: 15s Increment(min): 1s buyout: offer
  5. dont forget to write your character name with bid Starting bid: 25s Increment(min): 1s buyout: offer
  6. Post your offers here or by pm. large items are to be collected at harmony o17 black opal 26ql star ruby 18ql star sapphire 42ql & 25ql source crystals x80
  7. buy out was met, trade done. thanks everyone for your time. Can be closed
  8. For auction all kinds of stuff from meat to vegetables, spices,herbs, fruits, nuts,cheese,eyes,hearts and many other things Total of 37,800+ Can deliver to outer coastal area. Starting bid: 15s Increment (minimum): 1s Buyout: 25s Sniper Protection: 1 hour