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  1. On top of that, we're missing out on the Halloween hunting...
  2. Simple, the injury is that there is no mobs to hunt and there haven't been for weeks. The insult is saying that it is OUR fault for not looking far enough when it's clear it is a bug that has been acknowledged by the devs. I'll of course grant that you only wanted to help and didn't mean it that way, but for many Harmony players, this situation is really severe and a huge let down. I've more or less quit playing till it is fixed e.g. That's why even well meaning comments are very likely to be received badly right now.
  3. Seriously? Please take a look at this: and also this: https://harmony.game.wurmonline.com/mrtg/creatures.html And then please stop adding insult to injury. Thank you.
  4. As any one who works in communication will be happy to confirm, there is no such thing as "communication not happening". When you do not reply to a topic for weeks, it is also a form of communication, meaning it does send a message. Even posting something like "we are still working on it; bear with us". "we know this is hard for you, please be patient, we are very sorry" etc. does help. Of course the information content is low, but it does tell us as a playerbase that you do care about us. On the other hand, posting something only when there is new information is bad communication policy.
  5. What about creature spawns on Harmony? We are really desperate for at least news on the situation, but nobody tells us anything...
  6. WMADD LatLng(266.970614, 428.819824)=Vanguard ; Mailbox Wagoner Can get a teleport (message Faerian)
  7. If you look at the announcement forum, they'll have an update next Friday. It IS ridiculous.
  8. Great about the sleep bonus of course, but if this means no hotfix in between it is ANOTHER week without hunting on Harmony. Really, this situation has been going on for too long already.
  9. no, if you look at the creature graph linked above, it is clearly simply the amount of creatures. They dont respawn at all. To that end, when you look closely at the graph, you'll notice that whenever the server restarts, whatever mechanism spawns creatures starts working for a short time, then stops. Quite frankly, this issue has been persisting since mid of September and according to Retro, he wanted to "try to get more information over the weekend" (last weekend). So, 4 weeks after the issue started. I find it hard to believe (I do have 20 years background in software engineering) that a bug like that is so hard to find...and for a large percentage of the population on Harmony, it is a very critical issue. So, long story short, please at least let us know what's happening.
  10. You can narrow this down a bit more: have tried right clicking the tile? if it says drink, it is too low. When you place a meditation rug on it and it says you cannot meditate here, it is one above water level or so, which is also still too moist for hedges but does not allow drinking. It would allow you to construct buildings though (which is kind of weird really, the meditation threshold being different from the building one). If you drop one dirt on each corner and check, then, if it doesnt work, drop down one more on each corner, that will also help narrow it down. Reverse direction, if you dig down one corner, can you then "drink" assuming you couldnt before? Long story short, there are different data points you can gather to narrow it down, but most likely, the tile is simply too low. Now, side note: if the entire peninsula is level (i.e. ALL tiles on it are the same height) and it worked on one side of it but not on the other, that sure would be a bug
  11. Vanguard at 861, 703 has mailbox, connected to highway system, has trader, has wagoner Thank you for the great effort
  12. it's almost a week now and no official reaction. For a bug that affects everyone who wants to hunt on Harmony. Not even an we are aware of it. Welcome to wurm...
  13. I tried it once more. It does if you execute any action that gives body str. See here: Priest casts Forest Giant Str on me. Nothing happens, but I do have it listed as a buff. Then I do one mining action. And you get the buff. It also influences carry weight etc. Event tab: [21:06:45] Faerianb casts Forest Giant Strength on you. [21:06:45] You now have increased body strength. [21:06:45] Faerianb looks pleased. [21:06:54] You start to mine. [21:07:05] You mine some ore. Skill tab: [21:07:05] Body strength increased by 1.0306 to 32.0390 So in summary, the buff does work and gives Cast Power / 10 Body str. Duration also depends on cast power. But you only get it once you have done anything that gives body str. skill. Obviously, it should update as soon as it is cast. I mean, it could conceivably just give a real +0.000000000001 increase to body str. on top of the buff, that should trigger the update.
  14. More observations on the creature graph, server restart once again brought a small respawn (about 500 or so and almost instantaneously ) and now they are dropping again.
  15. I love your suggestions. That would work quite the same way and fit more into the "produce something to achieve something" way of wurm.
  16. Addendum: what it boils down to is subjective opinion, in part about what the game should be about, in part about how money is allowed to affect in-game activities. So please take that suggestion simply as something I would like to have, would be willing to pay for and don't see any harm done to the economy or other players (it's basically cosmetic).
  17. Well, that's certainly a valid point and comes down to a different opinion on what the game is about. My point, basically, is the following: 1) my playtime is limited 2) I want my deed to look nice and trees planting themselves are in the way of that. 3) Taking care of that takes time I would be willing to spend if I had nothing else to do. I prefer to spend my limited time on other things though, not what my subjective opinion marks as "chores". There's enough of that in real life, don't need that in a game. 4) So, while I understand the point that everything that can be done should be done by players, it is not something i agree with. I of course accept the point of view that with limited resources you cannot have everything (in this case, it means i will have the sprouts there because I don't care enough) but frankly, I see no harm done in making tedious chores easier for players willing to support the game with silver. There is ample examples of much more impactful benefits money gives you in game, like sleep bonus for money, levelling love to 11 then switching to knowledge, magical chests, etc..
  18. what seems to work is do any action that gives body str. So mine one time and you should get an increase in body str. of cast power / 10
  19. Honestly, this has been said before, but denying hunting to an entire server (one of the new ones even, where a good impression is even more important for player retention) is kind of in a different league than a pile where shift dragging leaves an item on the ground. It would be nice if these important issues at least receive a nod like "oh, that's important, we are looking into it". This issue is four days old now and visible in the logs for 6 or 7.
  20. I propose a forester as a buyable npc (like merchants, traders, wagoners) that does a very simple thing. Allow you to toggle sprouts planting themselves on your deed. Of course, one could elaborate that further, but for me at least that very simple functionality would be worth a few silver (could also cost upkeep like spirit templars, maybe based on deed size).
  21. A further observation, on patchday last week, there was a slight increase in aggressives, and since then it has only been going down. It seems as if there are no new creatures spawning at all?
  22. During the last month, the number of aggressive creatures actually halved, from 12k max to 6k. That cant be intentional
  23. Bump, please fix! A quick look at the server graphs shows that this is absolutely true. https://harmony.game.wurmonline.com/mrtg/creatures.html
  24. No, I tried relogging, that brought back the settlement deed, but not the sleep powder. Might have to do with the fact that the powder is not supposed to drop on death, but was in an equipped backpack that did drop on death?